Here is some idea quests in upcoming REAL event

Man, I am now grinding events just because of Summer Keys, and still 8 more keys to collect.
This is not event anymore, this is a grinding session. SEMC should have read League of Legend Dev’s blogs about creating missions and events.

Things could have been better if they create an event like this. Theme: finding a friend and play with them.

-> Announce a ping set, theme Antique (antique style, might not fit 80% people, but that the aim: for collection purpose, not showing off)

-> mission 1: play 1 bot game with a premade friend -> reward 1 ping. (Description: let’s know a little bit about your premade friend before join up in the Fold)
-> mission 2: play 3 casual 3v3 game with a friend -> reward 1 ping. (Description: time to bring theory into practice).
-> mission 3: win 1 ranked 3v3 game with a friend -> reward 1 ping. (Description: you think both of you are ready? Then head for a ranked to show that you guys are the best).
-> mission 4: play 3 casual 5v5 game with a friend -> reward 1 ping. (Description: Storm Queen needs you both to fight against the Churn. Prepare yourself!)
-> mission 5: win 1 ranked 5v5 game with a friend -> reward 1 ping. (Description: the Churn has come near. Gear up and show what you and your friend have).
-> mission 6: collect all pings from the set -> reward 1 Summer Key

Optional (if SEMC want to have more money)
-> mission 7: Summer Party Squad: play a PVP match with all your premade friends and you using Summer Party Skins. -> reward 2 random pings from set.
-> mission 8: Win a blitz match with legendaries talents only from Summer Party Squad.

Now this will make people wishing to spending money for a set of ping, not for 1 shjtty summer key.


LOVE this.

I find the current events to be very boring and uninspired.

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Those are all really fun ideas, but I just wanted to say that I really love this one. One of my favorite parts of the game is playing in lore-connected teams… Elite Force Blitz Squad: Go!, The Family, Summer Party combos… sometimes, I wish we could see what skins our teammates are using, so we can coordinate!


When I play with my kids, we do this sometimes! I agree, it would be cool to see what skin someone is intending to play once they lock in a hero!


I still want an Egyptian team one day.

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dont we already have eygptian skins?

We need one for Lorelai… We only have a few

Idris, Adagio and Baptiste, would probably work good in blitz too

I see that you are raising your children with only the highest quality mobile MOBAs.

Real talk this sounds really cute and this type of interaction is one of the main things I want to have kids when I’m older.

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Best Money Event for SMEC
Mission: Buy 100 Chests in Shop
Reward: ? Ping
It costs 1 Glory per use :slight_smile:

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