What would be some cool Vainglory events?

I saw Tiaan’s tweet and thought I’d toss this out there as a new thread too…

Personally, I really loved the Switch N Swap fan art contest (winners being announced now!). It was a really fun idea, and people ended up making a lot of cool art for it. I’d like to see similar ones for Fan Lore and maybe Cosplay (if there was enough time to make something, of course).

I liked a lot of the ideas in this thread too: Here is some idea quests in upcoming REAL event

What do you all think? If you could do any kind of event, what would it be?


How about one that revolves around @Smash 's “play book”

win a skin for coming up with the best solo play… duo play… 3 hero play… team play and successfully pulling it off with a video to back it up.


Is he referring to events that can be shared on social media, like the art contest you mentioned, or things that can be integrated into the event section of the game itself?

I think both, really. I have a harder time thinking of in-game event section stuff, so personally, I’m more interested in reading those, but good ideas are good ideas, so don’t hold back if you have some for either.

For a limited time party up with players to play as themes: both heroes and skins! Winning matches will guarantee you an unowned BP from the heroes you have played!

The format of the event would be set up the same way as the “checklist” events.

For example one of them would be:
Play as Vox, Ardan, and Celeste (requires trio queue):
Reward: Unowned BP from those heroes.

Another example would be:
Play as Churnguard Rona and Churntyrant Phinn (requires duo queue):
Reward: Unowned BP from those heroes.

Event will last for 3 days.

Wow thanks for the thought and mention @Ve3nNo0wM!!

Gotta admit, it would be seriously amazing to give folks a tangible reason to make play videos! I really like the idea of getting footage of pulling off a play IRL, too. If no one runs with this idea, maybe we can figure out a way to do this once I get the thing fully built!

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A skin contest where winner gets to be a skin in game. Or one for hero’s. They’ve already messed up the lore it wouldn’t hurt.