Has Vg ever been hacked?

Has Vg ever been legit hacked? Ive been here since beta and never seen anything about a hacker. Only asking because some dude on Reddit is saying every game has been hacked, I told Vg hasn’t and he’s losing hiss shit, calling me an idiot. So before I reply I just wanted to make sure it hasn’t. I don’t think it’s even possible since it’s on their servers?

If there’s been a hack of any sort, I don’t think SEMC has ever said anything and I don’t think any of us know about it. I honestly doubt it, I mean… That sounds really far out. I’d love to read this thread, honestly. I think he might be making stuff up.

EDIT: Would you mind linking the thread? I even tried searching but I can’t find it. I’m super curious


Probably some toxic dude complaining cause he can’t win matches. I’ve never seen the game hacked, but I have seen people complain before, and have seen a couple of glitches that could look like hacking to the untrained eye in my time playing this game.


That’s what I’m assuming, too. That either this dude is spouting nonsense, or, he has no idea how the game works and is just preaching ‘hacks’.


My god please link?? I want to read this, it sounds like a laugh.


the only “hack” so far is the connecting into another person glitch where multiple people could control a single hero back in 2.10?


that was a bug/exploit and a very funny one unless you were on the receiving end


This video doesn’t actually talk about anti-cheat mechanics, but it does talk about the omnipresence of hacking. Bonus thing in the video: some companies use cheat-detection software which also causes lag because it has to verify all information. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why vg is notorious for being laggy while also barely having any hacking?

I’m relatively sure vg has been hacked before but considering that barely anyone knows about these hacks, semc is doing a good job at keeping it under control.

A man once went to jail for trying to hack League of Legends.


Or how about the kid who’s being pursued by Epic for cheating on Fortnite?

Wow, he must have been really smart to do that lol

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It honestly also approves how the game is really addictive to children. I don’t even see how, I found the game REALLY boring when I played it for the first time. My guess is just how the game looks super cartoony in which that draws in a younger player base.

I don’t believe it’s the cartoony look. It’s the people that play it. The generations below us are enamored with Twitch streamers + Youtubers, their channels. Being a Twitch sensation is the new-age rock star. Seriously. Impressionable youths + our golden age of communications and access of information = a lot of nonsense. We’ve entered a dark time.


It could be fun to try I guess

Well another reason they use aws which only filters by location not by latency

only a couple? lol. it’s riddled with bugs.

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you are correct.

It’s noticeable in Practice mode. 1 vs bots , a mode that shouldn’t even need to connect to server’s, but still does.

edit: well i think they finally made it not needing a server connection… lol… So it is hackable in theory

In theory everything is hackable just most things aren’t a big target.

true, but a closed system is much easier than trying to hack into a server.

anytime a remote server is hacked, they usually suspect some kinda mole / spy / insider.

Very true but any server using Intel’s have a huge hole in them well any Intel running device I should say