Has Vg ever been hacked?

Not in game but there was an exploit that allowed ppl to get tons of essence free and craft any skin they wanted. Not sure how it worked, tho, I recall it was on pc emulators and rooted devices.

it was during the NS taka event I think. each player was supposed to get a maximum of 8 free cards during the whole event and buy 8 more to get the skin but people had found an exploit to get as much NS taka cards as they want and they were destroying them for 180 essence each
you didn’t need a pc or rooted device. it was a glitch that got exploited. unless you’re talking about a different one.
it is explained in this video

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the only “hack” was a program that allowed playrs to get unlimited glory and ice. this was fixed by semc and everyone using it got banned (semc announced this in one of their updat notes). the rest are all bugs so far.

hacking into a server is a serious crime and it will get you in trouble. unlike hacking a game client, this is easier and it is way less likely that a company tries to do more than just getting rid of the hacked software (unless you keep doing it).
thats why you wont find a real hack for vg ever. its just not worth the time, as you would have to do some serious work just to hide your traces. anyone with the capability to do it would be looking for a worthwhile target.

Not to mention vg servers doesn’t handle the purchases directly google play or apple’s system would be targeted first

Nope this was another thing, and it was kinda recent. RoD Skye was released by the time the issue I’m talking about was happening.

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Meh… What can be hacked in this game?
I hacked it for Galaxy S8 and S9 bonus packs

that wasnt buying anything, i asume it was just a program that replaced the glory andf ice values in your app with new ones. thats a basic cheat and you can find those (probably with malware) for essentially all apps. but without hacking the server with it, its easy to detect.
no one in their right mind would attack google or apple just to get stuff in a game. thats stuff for state founded hacker groups.

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Or stuff for a group of teen who want to see how far they can reach