Has the new item changes led to new build paths for hero?

With the newest changes to some hero and items, has any of you built new builds for some heros?

I found in my smurf that these heros are pretty cool!

CP Krul: :vgitem_aftershock: :vgitem_shiversteel: :vgitem_brokenmyth: :vgitem_dragonseye: has proven to be a pretty op build. B stacks has cp scaling so therefore you manage to reach 1k damage on a fully stacked target while shiver slows down the enemy while giving additional AS since you’re not a WP Krul. Pretty Fun :drooling_face:

CP Petal: :vgitem_alternatingcurrent: :vgitem_dragonseye: :vgitem_eveofharvest: :vgitem_shiversteel:. Somewhat gives the feeling of Frostburn Petal

WP Kestrel: :vgitem_sorrowblade: :vgitem_tensionbow: :vgitem_tyrantsmonocle:x2 :vgitem_shiversteel: lil more punch on unsuspecting foes. Plus since her A has basic atk effects, it slows foes hit! So you can pretty much spam A and they most likely get hit with all four volleys of shots

Have you guys tried incorporating the newest contracts into your builds since they’ve been made more useful???


I’ve seen people build the shiversteel on vox even before the changes , but after the changes I think I saw it on Ardan and lance and they both super annoying with it , I guess you could add Lorelai to them but I didn’t see a Lorelai building it , I guess it supposed to be a good change for heroes like fortress , with the A buff and adding shiver to your build its going to be good .

I haven’t experienced any change at all in terms of builds, in your case those builds worked because you were on a smurf, but in general CP krul is garbage, Pateto needs a rework, still the weakest hero, and kestrel… WP is good, but SS?

Thanks for the quality response I was expecting. So positive. :potoo:

But on a serious note, CP Krul isnt as bad as you’re making it. Maybe you cant do but its viable. Maybe not in t10…

Well shes the weakest hero, so thats why shes gettin the rework. Nothing new, Im just showing a build that somewhat fun with the newest changes.

The build with Kestrel is just there because of how punishing the basic attack effects are to those against her.

And my private account was t8s (im not going to grind for t10 for two accounts). Prettymuch the middleground of the ranks.

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The problem with CP Krul is that his whole damage comes from his B, and stacking consistently for that damage is simply not viable due to the amount of cc available and the mobility. Also his DPS is quite bad and while it has a relatively high burst (though it takes a lot of time for it to come) he relies too much of it and in most cases it’s just not a viable strategy. If I was gonna use him I would change the BM for a tanky item, probably PW to be able to chase and keep my stacks, people doesn’t build that much shield anyways.

Pateto… i mean, i already saw that build before, so nothing changed for me, none of the times were successful, though it’s probably the best one in terms of her CP path. Idk what what were you expecting me to say, I can’t say a build works when I haven’t seen it work even once in relatively equal skill, and a difference of 2 tiers isn’t equal skill.

About Kestrel’s build I just don’t see the point in buying SS, it’s rarely the case it will make you survive an engage due to her low mobility.

Again, idk what were you expecting me to say, but I won’t lie, if I don’t see a build work ever I won’t say it works. If you want me to say it works, okey, they work, but it’s a lie.


I think what @RiseChu was expecting was something more than the initial, dismissive reply you posted. This one is much better because of the explanations.


Exactly, and now Ik the reasons behind why he said what he said in the first reply. :happy:

@RiseChu @hazeleyes okey okey, i was expecting that, but in my defence I will say that this:

Made me doubt what was he complaining about, I didn’t know whether it was because I didn’t explained why or because it wasn’t a positive response. That’s why in my second comment I decided to explain everything. Happy to see it was a better one. :oops:

The reason I jumped in was not to pick on you but to try to make the point that responses like your second one are much more useful to the folks here who aren’t experts/top tier players. And trust me, there are a LOT more people here than you realize: quite a lot of people simply read the various topics here and don’t ever post. But my belief is that one reason they return to this forum is that they’re hoping to learn how to play Vainglory better by reading what people who are top tier players write.

So it’s just a general, gentle reminder to try to support what you’re saying with explanations and examples – you never know who you might be helping with your answer!


No problem, I don’t feel like it’s personal, sometimes I forgot to fully explain things, but I generally try to do it. :slight_smile:


I typically exactly fit in the category hazeleyes is describing (this is probably my second post in two months of reading the forums). And it’s actually cute/rare to see people acknowledging this category of people ^^.

Then, I wasn’t disturbed by guest first answer, but the second one is obviously more insightful :slight_smile:

A side-note on my personal experience. I’ve noticed that there’s usually much more to learn by reading the first post of a new topic and the 10 followings, that by reading posts 35-60 which are often by then totally unrelated to the initial content :grin:

And so, by the way, to get back to the topic, the common point between all those builds and the one just below posted by DragonClasher, is that Shiversteel has become a powerful item.

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I enjoy playing CP Idris with shiversteel( AC DE BM Siversteel Def JB)

Shiversteel is a pretty good item on Lorelai, particularly against quicker enemies. Since she has good range and tends to basic attack a lot, she usually has the Shivertseel slow up on someone.

I’d imagine it would be good for captain Adagio too, for similar reasons.

I think we had a discussion in the forum about Lorelai or it could be me and other players in a party in game , about shiver steel or frost burn on Lorelai , frost burn gives you cp damage and slow on your A and buff your barrier , while shiversteel gives attack speed and health which buff your stun and slow and barrier , I used to build frost burn and clockwork on her but I changed my build to all health build with time , especially right now with captains got a strong damage building health is better for the utility .

And for adagio I agree , it could give you time to get close and apply the arcane fire on them .

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This, why some of us will perfectly well understand the first response and be good enough for us, there are others that needs the detailed explanation to improve their understanding of the game/strategies/meta.

Won’t add more to the topic as I will repeat what @Guest_78 said. His post is valid and true in t10 and while some not optimal build patch/heroes can work in lower tiers, they hardly would in the highest ones and generally the t10 builds/hero patch/hero meta is going to work even better at lower tiers. I leave the more “fun” type of experiments for the casual.

Frostburn doesn’t make any sense on Lorelai. She has only 1 damaging ability and it stuns. There’s no point to slow too. If you mean the damage over time (I don’t even think it counts as ability damage but in case it does) she has those large pools that have around 80% slow. I don’t think this item does anything but put her behind in gold. About Shiversteel, haven’t tried but probably is pretty alright.

About Adagio, Shiversteel had been a good item on him for a very long time now.


It does, same thing with Lyra too (Sigil). AND Samuels B.

The only DoT off the top of my head that isnt ability damage is Skaarfs burn on his A and Adagios heal ability.

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Good to know as it can also apply SF and proc CW then but FB is still a waste of gold on her though. I mean it would be better than not even working but with her giant slowing pools it’s honestly a waste.


Agree, if we are talking CP item, better to go with :vgitem_clockwork:

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Frost burn on Lorelai is good and I tried it myself , if you have a a Mage laner oof rip the enemy laner , I can from the distance stun him and slow him with my A then come close and drop a pool behind him , then I can stun him and slow him again , it’s supper annoying in lane , it makes Lorelai like a churnwalker .

As I said I don’t build it anymore because Lorelai banned a lot (and I keep forgetting how I built her before) and her damage is good , and I used to build it for damage and utility .

If you want to imagine what is look like , imagine saw in lane against skaarf and have full stacks and Lorelai stun him then he barely can get out from the fishfood ability then he get the pool and get slowed even more from his perk and the pool , the frost burn makes all the carries like saw in lane a sitting ducks .