Has anyone got a blueprint from a quest chest yet?

Have been playing since the beta release, haven’t got one yet. Are there any values on the rarity of them?

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nope and I havnt been collecting any essence either so yeah the new system is bad for me.


i saw ppl on fb groups post about getting it, but i havent gotten one

got myself an epic rona yesterday

I have. Because I wanted to see if their claim is true, since 2.12 I did 97% of all quests up till 3.0.

It got me 3 rare, 1 epic, 1 legendary blueprint.

So they do in fact drop. It’s just stupidly boring and very time consuming to focus on quests. But the droprate, for me at least, was much better than I expected.
Well, they were all dupes, but you can’t get everything in life.

Hmm I’ve done all my quests and do them all daily. Am level 32 (about 30% in) and have yet to see a blueprint. I have gathered about 7k essence but not a single blueprint.

The essence drops means you got a duplicate blueprint though. 300, 400, and 750 if I’m not mistaken respectively.


I didn’t get one yet, but my friend got a blueprint for the new alpha skin

Really? Thanks for the heads up.

Dang. I just got one for 750 earlier today. I have 82/130 skins so I’m never going to get one I guess. I really dislike the RNG involved in this!


Yeah I did like 2-3 4 hour quests and almost all the bigger quests daily and got 2 rare and 2 epics.
(All except 1 epic dropped as essence)

You and me both. Interestingly enough I have pretty much exactly the same number of skins unlocked which, if you think about it, is not even that many considering they are ~130 skins. Makes getting duplicates feel extra sh!tty. Thanks, Semc.

Edit: Alright, I take some of that back. I just got the new Kestrel rare from a silly litlle blitz quest.

I miss the old skin system I wish they never changed it


I’ve gotten exactly one blueprint so far, but at least it was for one of the skins I’m missing (and actually wanted – School Days Lyra).

Nope, haven’t got a single one yet, and I can’t imagine me getting the bps for the skins I want anymore.

Atleast in the earlier system, we were able to work towards our desired skin, and not have a 1 in 130 chance of getting a blueprint…

Does anybody have the drop rates or anything yet?

I havent found 1 blueprint or have even recieved 1 single essence yet since 2.12, this is beyond frustrating.

How did you gather 7k essence?

I have about 59K essence last I looked. Nothing I really care to spend it on, even if I could, since I don’t have the blueprints for the few skins I am missing that interest me.

I have gathered about 7k essence but not a single blueprint.

I managed to get 2 rare, 1 epic and 1 legendary blueprint. I also got 2 duplicate rares I think, I may be lucky but I think it’s not that hard to get one

No blueprints since 2.12, it’s lame. I can’t even afford the blueprints I have left over from the skin system conversion, after going on a blueprint spree.