Get to know other forumers thread

I have met many nice and friendly people on the forums with which i have developed friendships. I am hoping that this thread will bring others to do the same. to start you must first stalk the person who you wish to make friends with. then come here and ask some question about them. some examples to start this up are:

Who is @BobRoss 's favourite hero?
Is @Magmaw as grumpy as he says he is?
why doesn’t usps (here named god) like being tagged?
What colour is the fungus that grows inbetween @anon53431234 ’ toes?
what colour are Hazeleyes eyes?

i’ve always wanted to know more about @dream
who is this mysterious person? was it on the old forums? what pronouns would it like to be referred to as?

this can also be used as new people introduction page and sorry if it is in wrong topic ;_;

Okay this more of an introduction thread so I’ll do one too.

I am Pigstuffs and though i am from Australia I won’t swear like some guy says s/he would. I am reasonably peaceful and probably won’t argue about anything unless i really care about it which is nothing very much ;-; . I am 14 so still in school and trying to figure out what to do with my life. I joined vainglory in 2016 when alpha released but i had one game of jungle SAW and didn’t touch it for another few months until lyra came out. Now i play everyday and i am trying to get out of t7. I have trouble telling the difference between dreams and memories which is confusing at best but unsettling at worst. Sometimes i can’t tell if i am awake or asleep. Lifes a dream more like Why is everything bright is this person real do cat’s have only 2 eyes? anyway. currently my favourite heroes are alpha, petal and grumpjaw. I enjoy fictional books and fairy tales and dislike reality stuff. i like reading and writing stories and poetry and drawing but not good at any yet. this paragraph reminds me of my mind lol. anyway uuuuuuuh have fun and wear sunscreen.


I don’t know anyone on the forums, so I will just introduce myself. Hello I’m Nocturnal1401( My ign, SEA server). I never replied on the old forums, but I just used to read the threads in general section.
My fav hero is celeste( I like poke style heroes with cc)
I have played vainglory for quite a long time (anyone remembers when we could capture the crystal miners?)
Anyways I wont be coming to forums for the next three months becouse I have finals and college admissions going on so thats my story. I wish to make some friends here on forums and have a nice talk once in a while. I thank @Pigstuffs for this thread.


Xaldarian here.

Used to main captains now I play almost everything but mostly poke style heroes or divers.

Have been playing since the Android beta. Was on the old forum a lot, same name.

My playing time is limited but I feel hardcore still.


Whats up. I’m DarkIntent. I was Prodigy955 (or 755 cant remember which number) on the old forums.
I didn’t talk much on them but I was active enough to make a few quality threads or replies.

I am from the NA server and I’ve been playing the game since January 1st 2016. (the times of the capturable gold miner lol). I can play any role in 3v3 and every role in 5v5 though jungle is by far my weakest role in 5v5.

I often feel boosted but plenty of other people say I’m not so I guess thats for you to decide lol.

I hope I can make myself at home here in the forums and that yall will accept me even if I do sometimes seem a little whiny or aggressive with certain topics lol. Thanks!


I am Bob Ross. :smirk_cat:

I play on EU primarily, but often on NA too.

I am a roam main.

My favourite hero is Churnwalker, followed by Flicker.

I’ve played since the addition of Rona.

I was Flicker on the old forum.



Since I’m not going to stalk anyone and I’m open to being friends with everyone:

My name is Mike. I’m a 31 year old father and husband, I have been gaming since before I can remember and I think VG is pretty fun again. (post 5v5)

I’ve been an active member of the forums for years, and I started playing VG since release. I took a break for most of the last year and have been playing daily since 5v5 dropped.

There are forumers like @Vincitoria and @TConn who are registered but not active who I wish were posting about everything 5v5 and the game now.

Ps: @Pigstuffs @Magmaw is as grumpy as he says, but we love him none the less.


OK wat I’m older than you
30 char

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i might stalk some of the other people, but i guess one of the people i don’t really know much about is @hazeleyes. Were you active on any other communities before? I only remember you from the vainsocial discord.

So to answer the question about me - ye, I get super grumpy a lot. I like to think I’m normally nice - if someone isn’t being a prick and needs some help I’m usually one of the first to respond. However, I am really quite easy to outrage, and the exact triggers can shift depending on the day. So many people will see specific parts of me - people who pi$$ me off a lot will notice my angry side. People who aren’t being annoying will more often see my analytical/helpful side. shrugs

I miss the hell out of a lot of the old forummers, so many potential discussions gone :’(


Ok so my turn

Hi, I’m BiggyFoot. Everyone probably knows me as “The Adagio dude” or somewhat like that. I often play in the EU server. I main Adagio, Lorelai and Lyra. I can play all roles, strongest as a cp laner and idk what’s my weakest role honestly. I have been playing since Vox update, which is really long and I joined the old forums in August 5, 2015.

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I’m D4rkHydr4
You can find me on the NA server although I’m usually not on frequently.
I main SAW and CP Ardan in 5v5… uhhh I joined right after the day Warhorn could melt turrets. I used to lurk the old forums and post infrequently until OneEyeOpen started SEMF. Then I became join SEMF dude.

Join SEMF.


I’m… Guest_787704276 (was this the nick? Too much numbers)
I play in EU and I started playing VG since the Ardan update, I used to main roam but now I’m carry, playing mostly Vox (Vox is life). I have other accounts idk why, and yeah, I accept anyone that sends a friend request.
My favourite heroes are: Vox, Ringo, Samuel, Idris, Lance, Ardan.
I don’t know what to say apart from this, well yes, I don’t quite like 5v5… I prefer 3v3 where winning was more demanding mechanically wise.


Dude you are 31? With that huge beard? Would have guessed you were a bit older. 30 here lol

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Haha! I just shaved it a week ago ( I regularly grow a beard for months and months and then end up shaving it) and the first thing my daughter said to me was “daddy you look so young!”

The beard def ages me, which call me weird, but I like.

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I have the same with my shaved head. You have a daughter right? (In your post but I also remembered)

I have 3 sons lol


This is such a wonderful idea for a thread.

I’m always interested in learning about, and getting to know new people. Though, I’m not exactly talented at making small talk. I’m happy to share a friendship with anyone that wishes the same.

Kudos, @Pigstuffs, your intruige enough to mention me has very much warmed my heart. Thank you.

This forum really has brought together such a genuinely great community and it’s something to cherish.


I downloaded Vainglory in early 2015, but I didn’t start playing it with any seriousness until that fall, when my kids got interested in it after I showed it to them on my iPad. I initially played only Celeste, but my daughter usually played Koshka, and she looked like fun, so Koshka became my second hero. After a short while, we joined a guild and began to play regularly. After the first season in the guild, the guild leader left the game, and the guild died pretty quickly. So I formed a guild of my own, and it’s still around and active after 2 years.

A year ago, I got interested in creating a chat bot for our guild’s Discord server, and I began work on a little bot I decided to call “Andromeda.” A few days after I started that project, SEMC announced a competition for developers who wanted to work with the newly released Vainglory API. In the short space of a day or two, Andi went from being a utility bot to being one focused on Vainglory stats and information.

I play several other games besides Vainglory, most especially Overwatch, of which I am a HUGE fan (and D.Va main). I regularly watch the Overwatch League, where I am a fan of the London Spitfire.

My favorite color is red, and all my cars but one have been red. I like chocolate, strawberries, and breakfast best of all meals. I prefer coffee to tea. I am a licensed amateur radio operator, FAA certificated pilot, and former Naval officer.

I have had the same email address for 24 years.


EWWWWW D.VA #roadhogmasterrace :smirk_cat:

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I’m a 17 year old uni student REAL LIFE MAGICAL GIRL who is studying IT because it’s the only thing that mildly holds my interest BRINGS HAPPINESS TO ALL.

I’m an adamant assassin/dive player in most games, but in VG, I’ve learned how to play nukers decently well. I’m still not very good at kiters though. I’m a pretty flexible player, but it seems that’s going to change pretty soon, as it looks like I’m going to be our teams bot/mid laner. My favourite hero USED to be Blackfeather, but after SEMC gutted the complexity in his kit, I don’t find him particularly fun to play. So I just go with whatever seems enjoyable.

I play other games too. Battlerite and Granblue Fantasy are usually what I’m playing by myself when guildies aren’t on, and I occasionally play LOL for a day when I feel like just dominating some fools with Gnar or Riven.

I have a case of terrible self esteem, but I can say with some sort of confidence that when I post, I post with dignity. Some might disagree, but ehh.

Personality wise, well…
I’m a very unmotivated person in general. Making people laugh is probably one of the only things I care about, but I don’t have the confidence to persue it. Plus, my comedy is bizarre, and doesn’t hit with anyone. I’m not the type to put up with anyone’s BS, and I can put my foot down and curse at them like a true blue Aussie. Or just be a smart lad and leave. Either one.

I usually only play in teams of 3-5, and I generally expect some sort of knowledge of what you’re doing. So I beg of you, if you’re t1 and actually deserve to be there, stop trying to add me.


O hecc suh doods yuh boi Harambe2k17 my smurf back at it again with my boi RickHarrison21 AKA @DIMTI whomst I went to game design with during highschool. My favorite good boi is Fortress and my waifu is Grace. Been playing VG since Fort release and I enjoy memes


I feel so inferior when I learn more about u lol. Hecc