Please share with me music you are interested in, or have always loved

Pretty self explanatory. We have a wonderful thread made by @Pigstuffs catered towards introductions, and I’d like to see what our community enjoys musically. A finite true song to “represent” “you” is a lie, and saying “I listen to everything” is also a lie so don’t try it. I’d like to get a faint idea of where everyone’s heart is. Anything from a current obsession, your all time favorite or just an odd song you can’t quite give up.

Edit: if I reply with something very basic, I’m still on my way to listen and muster up proper replies. Hang out with me.


I am young and i dislike rock and metal and currently am favouring pop and emo i beleive? im not quite sure. my friend told me that my playlist is shameful and for some parts i agree but i can’t give them up.

my current 3 favourites right now are

  1. The Other Side of Paradise by Hayley something that starts with k
  2. Lowlife by That Poppy i beleive
  3. Colo(u)r by another person called Hayley and also don’t remeber the last name.

uuuuuh do what you will with this information.

and, what are your favourite songs? also thanks for the advertising and compliment <3

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I’ll share my two cents as the thread grows. Feel free to link stuff you like, too, to show everyone. There’s no shame in the music you enjoy. Ever.


I am a sucker for anything with a strong bass and/or a good piano. I also like feel good songs. Here are some examples.

Me and my drum, a classic I liked to listen

Smiling, feel good song, some language in it
There’s also a gun sync of it that I like

Some heavy bass songs, probably my longest list here

Env Uprise
Sorry not Sorry by Selena Gomez, I won’t put the link up for this one since you probably know the song
Are you Ready for it by Taylor Swift, commonly heard song
Pray for me by Kendrick Lamar
Sweatpants by Childish Gambino (clean version I think)
Stupidfacedd (most NSFW one here)

Why does the piano have to sound so good songs

Push by A-trak
Let you down by NF
All of me by John Legend


You ever heard of the CAMPFIRE SONG

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You don’t mean the Campfire song song?

For some reason, I feel like I have an odd song “burnout”.
I don’t know if it’s placebo, or common for people.
Simply, of I listen to a song to many times, I almost permanently get tired out of it.
I takes around half a year for me to like the tracks again.

But here are some of my favorites that haven’t been placed in the bottom of my list yet.

Edit: Added Hyperlink formatting.
Life Will Change - Persona 5 OST
Twister - The World Ends With You OST
Rainy Days (Vocals) Edit - Persona 5 OST - 5eoul
Illuminate - Yellowcard
Hellbent - Mystery Skulls
Longest Night - Alex Holowka

Hilariously enough, I do feel like I like almost everything.
Well, at one point.

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Ya know, it’ll help if you just sing along

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I’m still going to click them, but you should format those links so they read song titles. Juuuust a suggestion.

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I, however, am much more picky. I do not want to listen to tk2eUGISZpk. Sounds like a disease.

“I’m sorry Moose, it seems you have contracted tk2eUGISZpk from those caribou last night”

Fiiixxxxeeddd it.
I didn’t know formatting like this was a feature until now.

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I listen a lot to Linkin Park, Imagine Dragons or basically any song with some sort of meaning in it. And I absolutely hate the pop song about love and thast sort of stuff.

Darude Sandstorm the best :+1:

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This might be the moose juice talking, but I’m currently just listening to piano covers of all The Greatest Showman soundtrack

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You just described music as a whole. :thinking:
I grew up with Linkin Park coming out while I was in High School, I remember when Meteora dropped quite vividly and that album still moves me to this day, though I have very long grown out of Linkin Park.


My favorite music genre is probably dubstep, but not the shitty skrillex-like stuff. Favorite artist is most definitely Arkasia, here are some of his tracks:

Arkasia - Pandemonium

Arkasia - Soldiers

Arkasia - Orbit

Arkasia - Gravity

However recently I’ve been listening to a lot of alternative rock, namely M83 (like Echoes Of Mine). They also made the soundtrack of the Oblivion movie, and I find one of them (I’m Sending You Away, really recommend listening to that one) particularly beautiful.


Gospel and soul music are my most played types of music. Even if you’re non religious (like me), the harmonies and melodies are wonderful. I don’t listen to cheery music when I’m sad, they just make me seem like something I’m not, but listening to gospel gives me a good feeling. If you can accept other cultures and religion, you can still pick up and learn something from the strong messages gospel and soul gives. My favorites are:

The Platters - The Great Pretender
This is also my alarm ringtone. Makes me wake up happy.

The Platters - Only You
The Platters were just really amazing.

John Legend - Ordinary People
John Legend has an incredible voice, and gave off a strong message with this song. The music video was simple yet brilliant, like with his other songs.


My musical interests before were just punk rock or goth but now my mind is opened to other worlds that I enjoy more than Punk Rock.

If you want to see a new band that's growing too quickly professionally,

Pale Waves. Maybe, you just have to compare their concerts to appreciate their improvement. Their genre is like Synth-Pop or New Wave Goth-smth and they had the support of the singer of The 1975.

If you want something personal from the artists

Paramore’s last creation is the best. After Laughter show to the public the real actual feelings of the band about theit life-style. You can dance, but the lyrics are too sad. And it has 80’s vibes like Pale Waves and it’s cool.


About individual artists

BØRNS, Declan Mckenna, Charlotte Cardin.
BØRNS is alternative and maybe a bit spychodelic Idk, but for me, he’s underrated, starting from Candy to his last album Blue Madonna. I recommend you listen all of his stuff.
Declan is a bit different but Idk how to describe his music, although, it’s too good, and he’s new in the industry, and he’s growing up relatively fast like Pale Waves.
And Charlotte Cardin is like Jazz or something, pretty cool.

There’s a lot of artists that I love now like Mac Demarco, Muse, The XX, Three Days Grace, etc… But, for me, these are the most important now.


I listen to a wide spectrum of music genres from Gojira’s progressive metal to indie, pop and soul singer/songwriter, my current favorite is the post-change Tame Impala with their downtempo stuffs, reminds me of Bee Gees and Beatles. swore to myself not to enjoy Dutch progressive house and these big room crap, though.

Your first Hayley might be Hayley Kiyoko, don’t know your second Hayley.

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Yo :heart: Tame Impala is my (of too many) jam. Saw them live a few years back fresh off the release of Lonerism.

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