Found Magus's brother

Noctis lul.

Anyways, he looks adorable, not daddy BF material tho.

Also they should update Bfs splashart, his is hella blurry and the opposite of HD. Like caths but hers is still better.

Not really on topic, but this has to be one of the highest quality splash arts yet. While I’m not a fan of the hero design, he feels a little flat, just the polish and composition that went into it is amazing.

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Tru i expected a hotter than BF look or a prince charming but ok i guess…


That yellow circle behind him seems like a healer… nooooooooooooooooooooo, I don’t want another healer ;_;

Edit: off topic, but talking about Magnus… Magnus>Caruana :slight_smile:

Or another CP AoE mage. Im tired of Celestes AoE ass tbh.


It seems more like a healer. :frowning:

Judging from his pose he is a battle mage. Also he was leaked as possibly a carry.

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He looks like Ezra Miller, at least to me.

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Doctor Strange for me :slight_smile:

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Happy they took away the silly looking headband.

They seriously need to update the game soon. I’m not playing until they update it.

Looks like Prince Charming with a cape.

I want another healer but like a badass Diablo monk, ya know


I wonder why they’ve never done a monk/cleric character …

Lyra 2.0


Ahhhhh lyra’ son?

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Samual oike abilities for our Gythian prince


Honestly I liked it, it added to his adorable-ness factor.

I also agree that they really need to update. The longer they make me wait (selfish I know), the longer I care less about the game.

He can’t be her son though, she is a simple mage.

Sorry honey. Lyra wrote in her diary when she was a young that she will be the strongest gythian not just simply simple


But she isnt :slight_smile:
We all can dream, It doesnt mean its true. In fact, Samuel seems the strongest one.

Who was train by ha? Samual. Lyra train samual. She owned that child ass anytime