Found Magus's brother


Reim trained Samuel. 3030303030



Thank you, next.

:slight_smile: 30 characters


Still, she own his ass anytime


Nop? I dont agree with that, for me Samuel counters Lyra.


Sure honey. Sure

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You got me at thank you next :joy::joy::joy:

I love a up to date shishtar :mask:


I don’t want another healer, but I would love (and it would fit his design) if this hero has healing for his team. with a CP ratio.

Like CP adagio, or WP grace, he has meaningful healing, but it ties in with his kit and he can still function as a carry. In my opinion mixing utility with damage dealers, for example CP lorelei makes a far more interesting kit than any captain, or full damage dealer, because there is so much more you end up having to think about.


But… that’s a healer. Both CO adagio and WP grace are healers, even if they are offensive. For me healer doesn’t mean support, healer is any hero that can heal an ally using an ability/passive.


I think we have enough healers, Im still waiting for a captain hero that has some Fortified Healing in his kit since we only have Phinn.

And we have enough aggressive captains now Ex Cath Arden Yates Fortress Flicker. Stop semc :mask:


I think hes gonna be that hero that people will build wp on and realize its beyond broken. WP varya 2.0


His face is just Ezra miller, it really is.



I knew it!
:kissyface: :gwenrainbowbarf: :celeste:


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Let’s see… here’s our Captain roster (featuring Tony as well cause he’s essentially a Captain in my opinion, but must get a Spellsword first no matter what).

There are 3 ranged Captains and 10 melee Captains.

Out of these, we have 3 healers - Adagio, Grace and Lyra.

All Captains with the exception of Fortress have hard some sort Crowd Control abilities. By that I mean those abilities will prevent some action when they are used e.g. stuns, displacements, roots, dash prevention. Slows can be counted here, but are generally mitigated by dash abilities.

They are all decent and unique in their own way.

If we are to get a support that feels kind of new,I think we could get…

  • Stack reliant hero like Alistair (LoL).
  • Collet-o-ton hero like Bard (LoL) (A.K.A. forced roaming support).
  • Knock-up hero like Janna (LoL).
  • Simple companion based hero like parts of Lulu’s (LoL).
  • Moveable object based hero akin to Orianna but more Captain focussed (LoL).
  • Aura based hero like Sona (LoL) (I would love to have this kind of hero).
  • Terrain modifier like Earthshaker (DoTA2).
  • Tether based hero like Io (DoTA2).
  • Summoner type hero like Undying (DoTA2). ( A mix between Petal and Fortress summons).
  • Creep control hero like Chen (DoTA2).
  • Buff, heal and damage manipulation like Oracle (DoTA2) (This would be the thinking man’s Captain).
  • Death prevention/delay hero like Dazzle (DoTA2).

I think there’s plenty of design style Captains can be made.

Whether a player will like it depends on their taste, the visuals and kit of hero as well as their viability at the time of introduction and subsequent patches.


Just a thought but seeing how big his arcane circle in his splashart, maybe he has a team wide teleport such as ryzes port?


Or healing… or missle beam from the top… but it’s rumoured that his abilities are similar to samual… so… yeah


If i see another person say hes a healer when he doesnt fit the bill, imma bout start throwin my santa hat people UwU


Healer healing? Lyra 2.0. He he he healingggggg