Forced Microphone Permissions

Dear SEMC…

I have no intention of using the voice-chat feature. In fact, I consider it to be a borderline moronic addition to a game so plagued by toxicity - an assessment you seem to share, considering the limitations you imposed on its use.

But what is worse is the implementation: If you think for a moment that I will be coerced into granting microphone permissions, you are so wrong it is not even funny.
Every other reputable game development studio manages to keep these permissions voluntary, but yet again, SEMC drops the fucking ball.

Seriously. Get a grip on reality and step up your game.

See you, once you fixed your shit.

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are you not allowed to decline? if not, that’s pretty weird.

You are allowed to decline, of course - but then you can not run the game. “Weird” does not even begin to describe it.

try making a post on the subreddit. it’ll get more attention than posting here

I don’t use reddit myself, but I can hardly be the only one who noticed it. Everyone gets to make their own calls concerning privacy… but after checking just now, the VG subreddit by and large doesn’t seem to care.
Can’t say that I’m surprised, but I’m not even sure I care enough to facepalm anymore. I’m just out.

well, just another piece of bad programming. I just tried to disable and it won’t let you run the game, like you said.

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Sighhh… this is easily the worst feature they’ve ever introduced into the game hence it’s limited roll out; now youre telling me they can’t even roll it out properly.

Um. I kinda understand where you’re coming from, honestly. I often decline features like that on apps, so it should be possible.
But I don’t think it’ll be as toxic as everyone is saying. If anything, I believe people will be less toxic over voice than they would with text chat/pings. At least, if anyone wants to be toxic on voice with me the can have their ass handed to them with the whole team listening :stuck_out_tongue:

i would mute anyone toxic yeah, but toxicity in voice chat isn’t the point. it’s the fact that you’re FORCED to have to agree to mic permissions when you have no intentions of using it.
why wouldn’t you be allowed to play? why not just ask again if ever the decliner taps the voice call thingy?


well, the Tablet i bought to run Vainglory doesn’t even install it anymore. I guess the minimum specs have changed since the update.

it runs fine on my phone, which has above the minimum specs needed. either that, or there’s no microphone to record? and it’s bugging out.

Is this an android thing? It hasn’t requested microphone permissions on my iphone 6.

yeh I run Android. Possibly isolated to android only. Anyone else experiencing this?

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I haven’t seen anything concerning mic at all. I had to check the notes to make sure they it had even happened this patch? I reinstalled VG as usual for the update, and no permissions on Kindle Fire.

Err… good catch. I’d wager a lot of tablets don’t have built-in mics? 'not sure whether that is causing your issue, and how the OS was customized by the manufacturer…

Either way, that’s just plain annoying, and it may be worth contacting support about it, on the off chance they’ve got something useful to share on the matter.

Actually it is becoming a common thing not being able to pick and choose permissions now there are some ways to modify games to stop that but it tends to break most online games

From my experience, other apps only ask for permission at the very point of microphone use in game.

And if you click no, then it just defaults back to previous screen and won’t let you use that part of the game.

VG could easily program it to be this way, but they decided to make it part of the start-up process.

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I have been through a lot of mobile games and most force permissions on startup. Reason why i have been through so many

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i posted on the subreddit because you said you wouldn’t. these are the dev responses (+niv’s “looking into it!”)


Thank you for going through the trouble. As irritated as I was (and still am) about this whole issue, and the necessity to turn to reddit to get a response in the first place, it’s super kind of you to do that on someone else’s behalf.

And: 'got to hand it to 'em - that was a prompt reaction by SEMC. Let’s see how it turns out.


You don’t have to use microphone in game.