For those who tell BF, Baron and SAW don't need a buff

I think these screenshots are quite self-explanatory

Hahaha all means nothing. According to those stats Kestrel needs a buff and Kestrel is already a monster!!!

Check t9-10


I definitely agree. The same can be said with Baptiste. He’s currently at 30/38 with a 47.8% WR, but he’s FAR from being weak as his WR suggests.
WR can have an impact on balancing, but balancing can’t purely be based upon it.

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This is the problem with Vainsocial closing shop. It was by far the best API. Right now there is no way to sort for T9-10 hero win rates. data on hero win rates is not meaningless but definitely not as useful as it could be.


The problem with the SAW and Baron winrates is not just due to the stats of the character but how easy to learn as it is tap and destroy. They are huge in the lower tiers comonly teames with celeste

T4 till t10 isn’t significant data.

For high skill cap heroes the data will look bad mostly because the higher ranks are a lower amount of people than the lower ranks…

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So this is confirmed then? Sorry for going off-topic, but I can only vaguely remember a post saying they would stop working on the project - that was months ago, however.

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They’re fine. Saw has been cancer for the entire history of Vainglory. If anything he should be nerfed more.

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Yes. The developer posted in reddit about 2 weeks about that no new data was going to be pulled after 3.0.

Vainaura is now the best option for hero meta. They provide T8-10 hero meta, but only for the top 15 heroes.


Ah, crap… I ended up really liking Vainsocial. But thanks a lot for the information.

Edit: And thank you for recommending Vainaura, too. I think that’s going to be my point of reference, from now on.

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Apparently SEMC pulled some shady stuff with vainsocial causing one of the guys to not enjoy it anymore

Vainaura? I really can’t figure out that website at all. It is highly ufriendly in its use :sweat_smile:

It’s not intuitive at all. If you go to “pro item builds” you will see the top 15.

Cancer? Have you learnt to use Celeste and Skaarf?

Yes. I’m decent with both. They aren’t nearly the noob magnets like saw. Neither have been notorious for the history of the game for people instalocking and being horrible.

Saw is literally Vainglory’s poster child for trolling and bad play.

Again, if anything he should be nerfed more so he isn’t the noob magnet he always was.

Baron is Fine. CP Baron particularly is having a good time in the mid lane he doesn’t need a buff.

blackfeather is one of the most cancerous splitpushers in VG 5v5 History. If anything he needs to stay the same or even nerf him.

Saw is suffering from the influx of Celeste and Skaarf. But it is fine because SAW has been cancer for as long as a remember. Celeste has only started to shine recently, so keep her that way.

I wouldn’t nerf BF. He’s in a good place but I miss his rose trail

Cause they don’t raise his skill ceiling. Make his skill harder to pull off but more rewarding…

His low tier players are cancerous. He’s not cancerous at all. Try him at T10 and you’ll see

You post too much. I think Baron and Bf need a buff but SAW is fine imo. Baron and Bf just need more mobility.