Fighting against L3oN

I saw the name L3oN on my list of enemies and thought to myself: that’s probably a copycat…

It wasn’t. He smashed through everyone…

I came close to killing him twice and had decent stats for such a skewed match.

People like him reveal how broken certain heroes can be…

L3oN was duo Queing…


Oh neat, I don’t think I’ve ever played against someone pro before but I remember before 5v5 ranked and it was just 5v5 casual I got into came with this Baptiste who Completely shredded through our team and dodged pretty much everything we threw at him. I doubt he was a pro just probably REALLY high elo.

This was ranked and I lost actual points for losing to a pro player with his pal with poa players on my side…

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I’ve met him on the update day as he was trying to instalock kensei but i beat him to it and he dodged :joy: :joy: :joy:


I wasn’t talking about your game I meant something that happened to me before. I said it was neat that you played against him.

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@Xaldarian I just played against you. I was Idris and you were Ozo. It’s not my account but the friend of mine who owns it quit the game.

You were Yassop? Thx for that… Normally you are Vainglorious?

I checked and rechecked… The stats on that account did not match the performance one bit…

You cost me poa silver.

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And this is why smurfs destroy the game

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Exactly… That Idris had a Duo partner I think namely the Grace… Am I right @Bobmax?

That account is hotness gold… i lost a ton of points…

No, BF. That Grace picked me Idris even though I told her not to. And I’m playing on that acc because of my friends rank as he hadn’t played 5v5 before. But yassop used to be VG before he quit so the MMR should still be there.

Anyway you shouldn’t do that and I wish it was still a bannable offense.

You clearly did not belong in that match…

I played there because Dark dropped because of decay and also he hadn’t played VG in a long time and almost never 5v5. Both yassop and Dark’s accounts were VG before decay so it isn’t really smurfing tbh. And also I actually wanted support not a carry. I told the Grace to pick me Cath but he was clicking Idris and SAW and ended up picking me Idris. Didn’t want to play that but I don’t find Grace much fun so I had to do that or dodge.

Happened to me a few times. Toyally fair match! :joy:

The problem is his account is hotness gold VST and that counts when counting ELO loss/gain…


Yes I know, that’s why I was playing there as Dark’s account had been inactive until recently too. But my point is if a higher tier player goes inactive and then comes back and goes to ranked it would be the same thing won’t it? How can you come back to ranked without having lower VST than MMR when your account decayed? There’s nothing he or me or anyone can do.

No, maybe it won’t. What you did is ban worthy and not right. If they where inactive and come back - fine! Either they will play good as before or drop tiers down! Up to them, but playing as someone else, going with the excuse that he was good in the past or even now - is stupid. You have your account and he has casual if he is concerned about elo. Actually I am sure in the terms is written that what you did is ban worthy (account sharing). :wink:

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Tbh it doesn’t take much to knock off the rust so again if someone is high tier he wouldn’t drop that much when coming back and soon be where he left. I wanted to play with my friend. Yes there is casual and no it isn’t playable. If I actually went against and with something other than unranked because that’s pretty much the only people who regularly play casual I would play it too. But it is so bad that there rarely is anyone playing it. I’m playing to have fun and I want to play with my friends.

Depends on why they stopped, metas always change and all that most people don’t bother researching until they go wtf happened to this hero

Yes they need to get to know the meta again. It’s not much. Pretty much everyone I know that quit VG and came back got to their old ranks almost immediately.

Oh guys… let’s calm down for a minute, and give Bob a break.

No one’s fond of smurfing - not even smurfs.

Was this a case of smurfing? No, it doesn’t fit the definition. The account wasn’t new, and it wasn’t created with the intention of abusing system mechanics (such as accelerated elo gain).
I didn’t check the match in question, but really… someone had to lose. If the only complaint is that one guy’s visual skill tier was below his performance as a player, and the match was otherwise good, you should sacrifice a goat to whatever deity you happen to believe in, asap.
All the rest of us get is non-stop insta-locking and trolling.