Excoundrel's video about 4.3

Hi all, just wanted to know what you guys think is going to happen to vainglory in the upcoming updates as in the 4.3 patch notes excoundrel said there is exciting news regarding vg and that he’s getting back into vg just cause of the news. I’m really hoping for the new battle pass system to be coming in the next update, there isn’t really any reason to play the game right now beside rank.


I remember semc saying 4.5 will be a big update so I wouldnt get your hopes up. According to their tweeter we are gonna get a “unique” hero so expect a broken hero xD
I wish they fix matchmaking or at very least invest in marketing, everything else is irrelevant for me but the battlepass would be sweet.

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Like most of the new heroes? It’s pretty clear SEMC is trying to release them op so…

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Should have clarified, extra op

I am generally skeptical of Excoundrel because he has a tendency to repeat whatever line he’s being fed by SEMC, just with added hype. I’m particularly skeptical now that he’s acting in some sort of official way as SEMC’s community liaison, because it’s inconceivable that what he writes/says isn’t being run through SEMC’s marketing/management for approval before being disseminated.

SEMC’s development resources are stretched very thin right now (proof: given 3 months, they were unable to fix the API), and significant effort is being directed towards developing another game. I think it’s unlikely that we’ll see any major new features added to VG anytime soon.

I agree with @ProSeven that the “exciting news” is far more likely to be a new hero than a revamp of the guild system, the addition of a real progression system, &c.

That said, I hope I’m wrong.


yess bug fixes and matching making rework would be really great

I’m 99% certain that the problem with matchmaking is not the algorithm, it’s the fact that the pool of players is too small for good matchmaking.


thank you for the clarification :slight_smile:
it really bothers me that the game i spent so long playing is dying right before me

While ALL of those would be game-changers and likely redirect VG’s trajectory, I think it’d be nice just to see a cleaner UI and social tabs, the ability to party up with a team you liked (a potential feature they touted a while back), and some form of reward system or return to some event challenges, not just event modes.

Remember when you had to win 10 in a row to get X skin? Or a series of check lists to unlock talents, and then if the entire list was complete, a skin or something more universally pleasing? Even a return of challenges would be very refreshing.

I think bringing back some of the better things they’ve already done would really help the game.

While new features would be great, I’m with you. They’re clearly stretched a bit thin. Then why not listen to the community a bit, and recycle/retweak things you’ve already done and have been successful at in the past, no?

TLDR; clean up the UI a bit, bring back some challenges/reward system (similar to BP), and deliver on the promise to clean up a few bugs. I think that’s a lot more realistic than brand new features (that SEMC would likely rush and release new bugs with said new features) and would also really help the game.



I’m not sure if I’m willing to go there just yet myself, tbqh. From my experience, I’m having little to no difficulty finding matches in every mode except the ranked matches. 5v5 simply because folks are dodging/picky in the draft (so there, the difficulty lies in starting a match, not finding one). 3v3 is where I’m very concerned. Which is sad … The mode that started it all …

EDIT: I am totally willing to conceive that the player pool is smaller than it once was, by the way. I just don’t think it’s as devastatingly low some (not necessarily you) may believe.


I would like to say that they probably have some form of improvement to the guild system since the dev talked about it in the past.

Though I doubt it would be anything huge (Xhaos rework type of huge)

I’m pretty sure the experience varies dramatically depending on what your MMR is and what time of day it is, your region, the phase of the moon, &c.

I know the last few times the kids and I tried to play VG, we were in queues for over 5-8 minutes before we gave up. We never did match. (And this was ARAM or ARAL.) We ended up playing AoV or ML instead.


I agree with everything you said. Bring back the old events and challenges would give people more incentive to play the game and will allow players to grind regularly, I really dont know what is going on at SEMC, they just seem to quiet. Compared to the hype before the release of 5v5 SEMC seems like a shell of what they use to be.


The phase of the moon!? HA! :rofl: love it. This, I will agree with. It definitely seems to be different for different players. Which is certainly frustrating!

:sob: But at least got to spend time tearing up the MOBA universe with the kids.


I think it’s something combine the old summer party skin with the battle pass , easy for battle pass and hard for free to play .


I haven’t seen anyone mention it, but just to point out… the video I believe you’re referencing was published 12 May (youtube link: timestamp 3:16), and I’m 99% sure Excoundrel was only talking about this announcement on Reddit made 10 days later, about esports, the API, his new role as announcement post author, and the start of SEMC development of other titles in the VG universe.


In 3v3 casual you can’t do that, and is just stupid. A team game were you can’t play with your friends so you rely on unknown people… Ok SEMC.

Aw alright, well that’s ittle disappointing. Thank you for the confirmation.

Yeah, it is… :kraken_sad_t1: I could always be wrong, but I think Excoundrel’s “exciting news” was more related to excoundrel and semc, rather than being a promise of new VG developments, which is what most of his audience assumes. So it’s a bit misleading, and you weren’t wrong to be a little hyped.

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