Excoundrel's video about 4.3


3v3 died the moment SEMC started listening to the 5v5 players in reddit proposing changes to the mode to make it more attractive instead of listening to the actual 3v3 players that were saying “no” to those changes. It ended up with 5v5 players not coming to the mode, and 3v3 players leaving instead of moving to 5v5, as I already predicted long time ago.
Seeing it’s curretn state (the game) it seems it was true that SEMC couldn’t afford risking the 3v3 player base, which they did despite we saying they weren’t good changes.

After all those threads asking to delete 3v3, I wonder what were they thinking about when listening to those who wanted the mode dead instead of those who wanted it to succeed.


Are you EU? I have not had 5+ min Q since the old matchmaker bugs in 2016 except in 3v3 trio. As someone who’s schedule means I go from playing very late at night, early in he morning, etc, I find it somewhat hard to believe this happened in NA.


You got me, I’m lying.



What? Just asking a question based my own experience. If it was NA that’s just something that’s never happened to me. I’ve heard EU has a smaller player base and longer searches from my friends there.


As someone in EU, if i get a queue shorter than 7 mins for ranked (VG MMR) i think the game is trolling me.


The matchmaker had the same issues back in 3.1 when the player base was at a decent size, improvements or a whole new more classical algorithm would have midigated those issues to a certain degree but there would still be one big problem with 5v5 ranked and that is the numbers of queues.
Duo q or trio q should have been removed from 5v5 ranked back then, with less queues you reduce the number of possible combinations the matchmaker can come up with, the more combinations there is the more the matchmaker is likely to screw up. 5v5 ranked has 4 queues, solo duo trio and penta q allowing for a total of 16 combinations. If duo and trio were to be removed there would be only 3, 5 solos vs 5 solos, penta vs penta and penta vs 5 solos which would almost never happen since the playerpool is way less divided.


Sometimes i really feel like you’re from an alternate universe where Vg has none of the problems that everyone is complaining about.


He is in a world where updates arent delayed since 2018, so its pretty obvious its a different universe from us.


Im in EU and i get matches within two minutes max(overall) in casual 5v5. Ranked rarely goes to 5 min. And i play at any part of day.

Waiting times arent too bad.


There are plenty of significant problems with the game. At the moment my main issue with how the game is being developed is stale itemization and lack of support for older heroes that need some love to work in 5v5.

I’m not going to project negativity where I don’t see it. I have not had issues with search times in NA, so I was curios if this was related to region, or merely my luck.


In every single game where there is a ranked, competitive experience, there will ALWAYS, not some of the time, not sort of occasionally, ALWAYS, be matchmaker frustrations, especially when it come to the highest of said ranked experience. League of Legends, DoTA 2, Overwatch, hell even games like Auto Chess will have much longer queues for those at the top. Not because the playerbase is too small, but because the number of comparable players is that much lower. It makes balancing the matches more difficult.

An unfortunate reality. If you want better quality matches don’t climb too high up. Another reason why players make smurfs. The game quality seems to improve just by being at a lower rank. If you’re high elo, expect long queue times and skewed matches no matter the game you play. It’s just the nature of the beast.


Updates are far more prompt and timely, and far less turbulent that they were in the past.

Remember 12 + hour downtimes, ghost Qs, login throttling (only a limited number of players could log in for the first few hours/days of updates). Like, are we going to pretend zero downtime fairly stable updates that are sometimes delayed a little are somehow worse than updates literally not functioning for days?


…Last update got delayed five days and some hours…


This update, the first days was umplayable for a lot of people in reddit, so…

The downtimes were at max 6h. I dont recall any update were people couldnt log in for days.

Sometimes? They are always delayed.
As i said, i dont remember any update not working for days. They arent worse, but saying they dont get delayed when they are delayed at least 2h every single update its a lie or something from another world.




What tier? I al in EU and constantly queue for 20m and more before match start (5vs5 ranked). Most of my que time is over 5mins and then comes the declines or dodges after 5+m draft. High t10 tier

Edit: will say with all the honest in the world, I que more than I play… :frowning:


So not true, bigger player base = more players at your skill level = more players at your skill level playing at the same time as you = shorter que times. Also most of us are no l3on, you know…


I think the not partying in 3v3 thing is them testing out a way to mitigate how just being in a coordinated team is such a dominating factor compared to soloq. Though 3v3 casual, and any other casual mode, is in principle exactly where you allow people to team up or not team up if they so wish, while ranked modes in principle are exactly where your ability to succeed as a team should be a tested by not allowing you to predetermine your strategies but come up with them on the fly.

Point being, they’re making an effort without addressing the elephant in the room.

Ultimately a guild/team mode, a ranked mode, and a casual mode might have been the solution. You join team/guild modes to have party vs party battles, whether guild against guild or just against a team of friends. You join ranked mode to test your actual skill and game mechanics to the limit, which I note forces you to soloq so that you have to learn to improvize teamwork and team synergy rather than come into battle with a predetermined plan, and casual mode, where it’s basically a free for all of solo, team, whatever and the focus is training, wacky ideas, and testing new mechanics. Just my opinion.


Not partying is only a thing in 3v3 casual, not ranked. Just for those who may not play 3v3 and don’t know it.


Wait, what? Did I miss something? Can you not play 3v3 casual in a party now?