(Eu) Searching for Professional Team and Training

Hey Guys,

My name is Lark and i play VG for 4 Years. The Game catched me in the Beta Phase where i played it on my old iPod :sweat_smile: Today I want to try to find a professional team that has a real training plan and is serious about VG. I would like to play in the tops again and show it to everyone. Back then I was with my buddy in a pro team on his second account and we made it to Tier10. Today after I found my way back into the game after my 1 year break I want to dare it again and look for a professional team. I played a couple Ranked on my old account and made it ez to Tier7. If u guys are above or the same Tier feel free to contact me and we can play together :slight_smile: i hope i can find a Team out there in the Desert. And i hope the Game is not Dead… i love this Game truly.

See ya on the field boiis

There is no pro scene, so I don’t think you could call any team as a “professional team”. If you want to climb to VG again… well, is not hard to do in SoloQ. If you want to play with someone I’m sure you can find friends, but a professional team… with training plan… I don’t think so.

Welcome to the forum by the way :happy::hugs:

Hey thank you but Isn’t it like it was?
Back then there were a lot of people in the ESport scene looking for people with a training schedule and so on.
I am really sad that the game loses so much players… :confused:

With the lack of esports all professional teams left. However, you can search for a team to rank up.

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