EdAWACS Hero Idea: Steelshot

This is EdAWACSdenyY and welcome to the Vainglory hero spotlight, today we’ll be looking at Steelshot, a tank of a person who shrugs off enemy attacks and overwhelms his enemies with extreme firepower.

On the rise, Steelshot performs the role of an armored ranged sniper who bursts down his targets while nullifying projectiles at crucial moments.


HP: 620-1980
Energy: 250-800

Weapon: 64-135
Attack Speed: 100%-135.8%

Armor: 20-40
Shield: 20-40

Range: 5.8
Move Speed: 3.1

Steelshot has 2 Heroic Perks which we will explain.

HEROIC PERK: Modular Assembly

Depending on what items Steelshot purchases, his basic attacks acquire an additional effect.

  • If Steelshot builds 80% critical chance his FIRST basic attack will apply a 30% slow for 1 second

  • If Steelshot builds 60% attack speed, his basic attacks will SHRED 4% of his target’s armor stacking to 3 times with the armor shred lasting 2 seconds. The reload time of his Autoloader perk will also be decreased by 1.2 seconds.

2ND HEROIC PERK: Autoloader

Steelshot cannot continuously basic attack. His basic attacks are tank shells of which he stores a maximum of THREE in his magazine as displayed below his energy bar.

  • After firing his 3rd basic attack or after not basic attacking for 1.5 seconds after firing, Steelshot will begin RELOADING his magazine for 2.2 seconds.

  • If Steelshot holds his ground while basic attacking, he will fire 3 basic attacks in RAPID succession however his magazine reload time will be INCREASED to 3.4 seconds

A: Kinetic TankBuster

Steelshot takes a moment to charge up before firing a Kinetic Penetrator shell in the targeted direction The shell deals AMPLIFIED basic attack damage and consumes 1 shell from his magazine.

  • Kinetic Tankbuster counts as BOTH an ABILITY and a BASIC ATTACK.

  • The shell pierces through all targets in its path. dealing full damage to the initial target while dealing 75% damage to all secondary targets.

  • If Steelshot uses the 3rd shell in his magazine when casting Kinetic Tankbuster, the shot deals a guaranteed CRITICAL STRIKE.

B: Reactive Armor

Steelshot detonates a piece of his armor which fires a blast in the targeted direction. The blast deals damage to all enemies in a CONE and causes Steelshot to ROLL in the opposite direction of the blast.

  • This blast NEGATES ALL incoming basic attacks and projectiles in the targeted direction except Turret Shots and Halcyon Missiles.

  • The primary damage type of this ability is Weapon.

  • After using this ability, Steelshot’s armor is temporarily reduced by 40 for 2.5 seconds.

  • Passively each rank in Reactive Armor increases Steelshot’s armor by 4

ULTIMATE: Predator Salvo

Steelshot takes aim and designates an enemy hero with a laser beam, locking onto the targeted enemy hero with a large holographic targeting reticule for 1 second. After channeling, Steelshot fires 3 Homing Missiles at the targeted hero.

  • The First and Second missiles apply a brief 40% slow to targets hit for 1.8 seconds.

  • The 3rd and Final missile deals heavy damage triggering basic attack effects.

  • The primary damage of the homing missiles is Weapon.

  • The Homing Missiles impact the first ENEMY HERO or EPIC MONSTER in its path. Enemies in front of the laser designated hero can block the full salvo.

  • Upon Overdriving the Ultimate, Steelshot gains 1 bonus attack range.



seems op but thats my opinion, k thx bye

nice concept

but i agree this sounds op

Could you please explain why this sounds op rather than just saying it is op?

@Arza and @RiseChu? it helps a lot.

ult 3 homing missile with slow and massive dmg-%missing health… with only 1 second delay… that almost a guarantee to kill

also, tanky ranged hero with additional atk range and ability to nullify dmg+roll back? unless the original range is 5, it’s a big no…

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So I changed the ult a bit so it isn’t as oppressive.

As for the B it doesn’t nullify all damage only basic attacks and projectiles if you time it correctly.

Arza said what needed to be said plus having a tanky carry (i dont think u said a role) thats a sniper is quite terrifying

Yes I agree he is strong. However he cannot continuously attack which makes him vulnerable to counterbursting.

His B protects him from several types of damage but not omnidirectional skills like Helio Strike from above Gift of fire or a burning goop etc…

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he is sniper with additional attack range on lv12

he is tanky with 16-20 additional armor without defense item

with decent captain, bursting him will cost you more

The passive armor gain is only 4 per rank. And it’s only armor not shield. In order to reach 16 or 20 armor he has to be at level 5 or 7 and than 8 Plus his bonus range is only an increase of 1 meter. And it’s at level 12 which makes him a late game hero. I cannot fantom how that is op when it’s late game.

We already have ranged carries that have barriers plus his B while it does grant him (only) armor also causes him to lose 40 armor when he uses it

Also rather than thinking of what is op maybe suggest how you think it could be adjusted?

I would maybe change him from having energy to just his magizine having his abilities use up the magizine based on how many shots used along with him being just barely above Phinn’s speed

I was planning on making his ability cost large amounts of energy. What you suggested was interesting but it doesn’t quite make sense for his B ability. and yes his movespeed will be 3.1 seeing as he’s a living tank on legs.

if i map out every path he can take as a carry, literally hes the best carry in game, it kinda reminds me of kai sai,

crit path! with a 30% slow

speed path with armor shred

crystal path with 90%! cp ratio on it

i love the how u made it where u can take paths to suit and counter possible the enemy team but i personally think u should lower the ratios

A crit path with a 30% slow is really annoying of u were versing him cuz if u didnt build armor, you’re practically screwed since u would probably lose 1/4 to 1/2 of your life.
I think it should be 15-20% since it has no ratios to scale off of from like lyras health pool slow

i really dont want to type more but my change would be to lower the percents on his first perk

The crit path can definitely need a nerf since he does have a triple shot on his second passive so a 20% slow sounds perfectly reasonable. Keep in mind though that he has to reach that percentage of crit chance first before his autos can slow and he cannot continuously auto attack

I’m not going to nerf the armor shred as it only stacks 3 times and it’s only 4% armor shred without passive armor pierce like Bonesaw.

For the Crystal path, I will send you a PM when I have all the stats and CP ratios finished as the ratios will determine how good the CP path will be.


ahhh okie, i thought u were going to have a negative response but im happy its not UwU

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i think he’s more of a midgame hero tbh, at botlane, with decent farming + rotating to get ambient gold from the jungle and maybe take the enrmy’s treant, you should be able to build tt tm tm to get his crit perk up, then buy a swift shooter (to build into bp maybe? or just ditch it when you can bc infusions will give you enough atk speed) and you also get your speed perk, so that’s 3 slowing shots every 1.2 seconds by midgame (maybe transitioning to late?)

in the laning phase, being a safe laner with occasional jg visits should keep your turret/s from falling before you get your perk/s up, your A also gives you a bit of an ok clear, B is a nice escape. he’d kinda b like baron in terms of playstyle i guess?

the only problem i rly have with him is how oppressive he can be with the slows when he also gets his speed perk

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Base Stats for the hero have been released everyone

he’s quite similar to Jhin in LoL

Just wanna point out that his second design choice is lego lol

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