Does Gwen have any down sides?

I personally think she’s OP AF and I’d like to know what her downside is. She has good AOE damage, excellent single target damage, she has great cc with a strong slow on short coodlown, click and point stun on ult., she has mobility and escape on low cooldown, good range…what exactly is her downside?

she can’t 5v1 when everyone is full build

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Seriously, she’s pretty crazy! She’s my main, and after a few level, a full combo can basically kill anyone who’s not a tank.
Boomstick -> Buckshot Bonanza -> Auto Attack -> Skedaddle -> Boomstick

One of the only hero that I have a hard time against is Alpha. It could be because I’m not used to him (her?). I always think that I have him, but then he revive, and I’m screwed lol.

Gwen is just bae. Next topic. :gwenrainbowbarf:


As in how it takes no skill play Gwen well? :stuck_out_tongue:

Typically if my OP weren’t true, the people who think she’s “bae” will have a lot to explain what counters her, and how I’m wrong. Which is the majority of the reason I’m asking, because I’d love to find out what her downsides are so I can utilize them. So any or does she just needs some adjustments?

Lol :haha:

Honestly, I think Gwen is really strong right now. Nivmett called her “the queen of the lane” a few patches ago, and I think she’s returned pretty close to that state again.

This WP or CP?

Assuming WP, her early game DMG is sick, and when you unlock that ult you can chain some terrible DMG in seconds.

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Think it’s the cooldown on her boomstick in the last patch. You get an early TB then chain that with her perk and people are at 50% health. It’s savage…

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Do you think she’s too strong?

She certainly in the meta now, very strong in 5 v 5 thanks to the reduction on boomstick.

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I don’t – she can be countered, like any hero, by good teamwork and awareness of how she works. But she’s definitely in the meta again, which makes me happy, as a Gwen main since she first appeared.

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Op baron could be countered too, it does not mean she is not op. Right now her main downside was the range, but they buff it a lot and now she doesn’t have any downside.

This isn’t what it means to “counter” something. Countering is more specific to taking advantage of a downside of a hero. AP on Krul is a counter, Kiting the shit out of a Glaive after you baited his AB is a counter, taking early game heroes against late game heroes who are weak early is a counter, spreading out against CP Vox COUNTERS his ability to be effective. All the above make the heroes dramatically LESS effective.

Countering a hero doesn’t mean they never lose, or are can’t be beaten when working as a team. Well designed heroes have downsides that can be taken advantage and you hint at it saying “if you know how she works” so I’m asking you, since you do. Any SPECIFIC counters that make her less effective, whether it be certain heroes, tactics, items, or play styles?

We apparently have different definitions of how to counter a threat. Lol

You’re using a word that has a place in common gaming nomenclature that means how I’ve defined it. Suggesting that there are “counters” to Gwen and being unable to say ONE kind of proves the point? I mean what counters have you suggested exist?

Ok, I hate when discussions devolve into this sort of nitpicking. I’m actually in the process of planning a funeral, so I’m going to drop out of this.

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I’m sorry you’re dealing with that. Be well.


She gets burst down really quickly. Koshka and Fortress comp where she can’t stun both will take her out. BF, Alpha, even Reza work well into her. She matches up poorly against SAW. She should be only range 6.

She is the ideal Mid Laner because her speed lets her pressure everywhere.


Thank you for this. I really like both Koshka and Fortress so I’ll be drafting them into her once Ranked comes.

Yeah WP, I didn’t try her CP at all, just because I’m satisfied with the WP lol.