Do you believe Vainglory would thrive if ported to PC?

Since the release of 2.12, I’ve always noticed that there’s been the discussion regarding Vainglory as a game that is either dead, or dying, and that has not yet ceased.

Ignoring the everlasting and ever-growing list of reasons to why or how some may perceive Vainglory’s strung-out death, I’d like to see how some would feel about Vainglory if it were to be ported onto the PC.

For the sake of conversation, let’s say it’s taken exactly as it is now, and placed on PC - differences being ‘taps’ become ‘clicks’, and the obvious hotkeys implemented, etc. No change to graphics, or gameplay.

How would you feel about this? Would you play it? Would you recommend it to friends without proper devices to play VG on? Would any of this make any difference to you?

Would this be good for Vainglory, and SEMC?

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Well… for PC, why play VG having LoL? Right now VG can’t compete with it… yet. Also, I don’t even recomend this game anymore thanks to that shit of MM we have, the servers (which are horrible) and the lack of progression system.


I would play on PC! I think more people would be more receptive of it if the game was for a device already made to handle these games, not just taking up ALL your phone storage (or making you buy a tablet for it). I think it would be much easier to find as well.

I’m on a team that plays LoL and other similar PC games, but none of them would be willing to play VG on mobile. It’s a bit of an awkward thing I think, because as a whole I would say that mobile isn’t trusted as a platform as of yet. Putting VG up for play on a tried and trusted platform would definitely boost the game’s numbers at least. On the other hand, I don’t think VG is ready as a game for PC. VG is The Next Big Thing for mobile gaming, and putting it onto PC would expose it as “just another LoL copy” And a mediocre one at that. People expecting PC quality wouldn’t view it under the lens of mobile gaming, and see something less than VG is.


Yes, extremely, but not yet. The game should develop a lot before this step. Doing this would also mean risking losing the game’s roots as “the best MOBA for mobile”. I don’t think it’d be good or bad for SEMC. Exposure and revenue, yes, but they could lose a lot from PC as well.


no. if vg tries to compete with the already thriving pc mobas like lol, dota, and that onr blizzard moba, it wouldn’t last long.


Honestly the day will come but not yet. Phones and computers are starting to come together. Projects Like this are becoming more common

Isn’t this PC idea already implemented? The partnership with Samsung? the answer to this question is only a matter of time.

I hope it does thrive. VG really needs it.

Even in the old forums, this was discussed.

Even found a youtube video review - - please bear in mind that it is a question of “will it take off”… not if it will be better than touch, and it seems it will be popular.

I suppose?

I was hoping for less of ‘look what’s already been talked about’ and more of our users’ own personal input, to be honest.

Edit: I wanna apologize ahead of time if this comes off rude - not my intention at all.

Very, very true. And you’re right about the rest - it would most likely be hailed as a LoL copy (moreso than it already is). There is a chance that, maybe with some growth, and a bit more faith in SEMC, we could experience such a thing.

As @Satanicsoldier mentions later in the thread;

That might be the kicker.

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No, the PC is a already taken from a few well known MOBAs. It will take something really big to stand a chance, ported mobile game is not that big thing. Even if the said game is good for mobile. Tho lately that’s also questionable… MM, lags in all locations nowdays, wait times and so on.

well, the processing power requirements for a PC is very low compared to LOL, DOTA and all those mainstream PC moba’s. So that alone should get more players curious about VG over the competition. I don’t know about it “thriving”, but there would be interest. PC is slowly being phased out as old tech.

I struggle to find any time to play anything on my PC. but that’s just me. There’s a whole world of people who’s whole lives are in front of a PC.

PC gaming in general has a very wide variety of games that only need a one-off payment to enjoy it to the fullest. The same as Consoles.

VG’s biggest selling point is it is a mobile moba. Going forward I think it is this point that should be pushed in their advertising campaigns. So, no I don’t think it will “thrive” on PC. At best, it will fill a niche market.

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Give me one (1) other device that lets you do literally anything more demanding than browsing the internet, texting or playing the latest cashgrab “game”.
You can’t code, you can’t render, you can’t simulate, you can barely even write a paper, etc etc. on anything else. PCs are the only devices that you can work on.

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Vainglory… Too complex for casual mobile gamers, too basic for complex pc gamers.

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Purism librem 5 is the first success coming to the market though the original attempt was the Ubuntu edge, but it failed to reach production due to lack of funding.

I don’t know about you, but even in some schools, it’s a requirement to have a ipad.
Nothing is printed, it’s email.

I know the difference between them, don’t be blaring it to me. Pc is still widely used in business and complex tasks.

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Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha :laughing:

No seriously …

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that’s because you work in the tech industry.

it’s the same as people saying electric cars are the future. As a mechanic, i would laugh as well.

I so hate having to agree with you.

Hero mechanics are what makes this game great. But when you lagg out of big teamfights due to a bad server no mechanics can save you.


If ported to pc, this game would be infested with game breaking bugs that will make it even worse than it is rn.

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I disagree.
The devs themselves run everything on pc not mobile…

Yes and no. They play primarily on mobile devices, but some stuff gets tested through an Android emulator on PCs.