Do you believe Vainglory would thrive if ported to PC?

That and samsung dex and razer with their laptop phone etc all clearly indicate “native” pc support.

Not to mention the ability to use ndr on vainglory though it would need a lot of work

Well, if anything is actually being phased out in the tech market right now, it’s definitely tablets.
And what kind of school would require an oversized phone?

Tablets being phased out? Yes and no it is more like laptops are the thing attempting to phase out but not working out. Now foldable phones might phase out tablets mostly but they are still at least 2 years out to be mainstream with apple planning the release of theirs in 2020

I would say no.
I feel like I generally speak as a PC player when I talk on these forums, so let me explain.

The PC has a massive library. I could play a different game every day and Steam would still be able to constantly give me new experiences, although not all of them would be good. But the advantage is that the cream rises to the top, except when it doesn’t cough fortnite battle royale cough. Games generally become popular because they are good games, not because they have Batman attached to their game.

As a PC player, VG frustrates me. Nowadays, I’ll play it maybe three times a month. My ping is terrible and at any moment it could become unplayable, talents exist, the UI sucks, my favourite types (assassins) of characters to play are either boring or bad, ect. So, why in the world would I play it on PC if there are so many better games? VG drops the ball in so many different ways, and I’m sure that there’s a different game that can give me my MOBA fix. The game is only worth my time because it’s the best thing on Mobile, but it would be the worst thing on PC.


Perfect summary, especially the last sentence.

Yes and all will be on the phone soon or at least all the Linux ones with the dockable Linux phone(librem 5) now for this to become more of a niche market and see it from the big players will be awhile but apple is slowly working on a side project for devs to make iOS and Mac devices utilize the same apps(though this project seems to be at a standstill)

IMO the phasing out of the PC is inevitable.

Laptops are far more convenient; many people who use a PC for work will have to travel and you can’t lug your PC around with you. Laptops nowadays are light and compact, often cheaper than a PC, and very portable. Tablets, while not receiving the success that was predicted when the iPad first launched, are now staple education devices in many areas. And of course smartphones are getting smarter by the year.

In the context of gaming, while gaming laptops do exist, they’re often far more expensive than PCs, have low battery lives so you’ll need to have a socket handy every time you game, and can’t have their graphics cards upgradable which is pretty crucial in the gaming market. The PC is a far better gaming device than the laptop, but it’s also expensive in it’s own right - to be able to play the AAA titles which get more graphic intensive and resource hungry each year, you’ll have to keep upgrading your PC’s components which can really dig into the wallet.

But if the PC is going to be relegated to the status of a gaming device, it’s easily outclassed by gaming consoles. They’re future-proofed, cheaper than a gaming PC, often more powerful, and also have vast libraries of PC games and console exclusive ones. Also arguably the controllers are better for gaming than M&K.

I haven’t owned a PC since 2014 and I don’t feel the need to ever get one. I feel like it’s going to become a niche device for the hardcore M&K fan, or people who need it for resource heavy work like graphic designing and game development and stuff, though laptops are becoming more advanced.

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Really more powerful? Ok let me stop you right here at cheaper while getting started in the long run keeping up with new game systems is a lot more expensive in the long run. If a PS4 or Xbox one breaks after the warranty you end up spending money for a complete system while a PC if one component breaks you can replace it or when the PC starts getting outdated upgrade it.

Edit: eh or don’t, it’s no big deal. :slight_smile:

Totally agree with this. PC always seemed like the better deal for me and it’s more flexible. Also I don’t think other controllers can beat mouse and keyboard in shooters and shooters are pretty popular.

Personally, I dislike pc mobas simply because of too much mouse work and limited camera work. I tried to get into dota but the camera work was too horrid for me.

Also, vainglory is great for the fact it’s mobile, allowing you to play virtually anywhere. It’s unique.

More powerful generally speaking, PCs can get more powerful but you have to spend thousands of dollars.

Big companies are realising Mobile esports are thing so its fine as it is

Thousand since when 2010 pc components that outpreform game systems cost around 300 bucks total, this obviously excludes your long term items like ram, hd, case and cooling systems and what not but each of those are pretty long term. You ram I would give it around 4-6, a decent processor at current speed will be around 5 years, and your gpu will be around 3 years if used heavily.

Limited camera work? Mouse at the edge in dota2 moves your cam along with clicking your minimap pretty much the same as if you are playing vg.

Mouse and keyboard are way better for gaming imo, but if a PC gamer wanted to use a controller many games offer support for a game controller especially with connecting them to a PC becoming a simpleton thing

2010 PC components will maybe outperform the Nintendo switch or Xbox 360.

Let’s look at the Xbox One X. Octacore clocked at 2.53 GHz, integrated AMD graphics at 6 (!) Teraflops, 12 GB DDR5 RAM, 4K. These specs will be enough to play any game releasing in the next couple of years. And it’s all for $500 which is about as much as an iPad pro.

I found this article:
The “powerhouse PC” they’ve built is easily better than the Xbox, but it costs 8 times as much…

Maybe you need to do some more research my good sir. If you bother studying price variances in time and in retailer(all which can be done on one site I forget which one) it becomes simple to build a outperformer for the same cost as a new console not to mention most components can carry on when things like GPU and CPU are due for changing

For less than 500? I very much doubt that. Sure you can get a good rig and play this year’s releases at 30 fps, but unless you shell out a couple thousand you won’t be able to beat the One X.

Tbh I don’t even like Xbox, I much prefer the Switch. It doesn’t have the same library but the Nintendo games are amazing and you’ll never find those on PC.

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You obviously never grinded hard on PC components.
Though Nintendo games are pretty simple to get on a PC but ofc that is emulation

No, like I said I haven’t owned a PC since 2014. I do check the market from time to time though, since I plan to buy a PC sometime after I graduate.

I’m not even going to factor in emulation as that’s illegal and unethical (though I have emulated my fair share of games).