Do people in sea and other region really know how much of a meta lorelai is in, in this patch?

Lol just check my stats

Captain lorelai is really scary and even in low health she still can assist and take down their enemies.

Cp lorelai is busted and beyond. Everything scales and your barriar at level 12 is just insane and inpenetrable allowing you down 2 enmies easily.

I started this patch with new rank and climbed up mostly using lorelai. And now i have 3 stars with her.

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The question is why didn’t they ban her? She is busted.

I am so glad they didn’t ban her in almost all match. And they not even picking her either.

Either they don’t know how to play lorelai or didn’t know lorelai is meta this patch.

They mostly ban churn and anka

And that’s POA… well, boosted people are in all servers and modes.

But 5v5… lorelai is pretty much banned

She’s pretty much banned 9/10 ranked 5v5 matches in SEA.

Her late game prowess is AMAZING, and it is what I personally envision captains should be: strong, but you can definitely still throw- the same goes for the other top captains (Churn, Yates, Ardad). Now I wish the same treatment would be given to Captain Lyra :frowning: She’s not potato, just outclassed.

The only thing I disagree with SEMC’s direction on Captains is their base damage. No. Nonononono. No. They should not be damage dealers besides Churn (because his kit revolves dealing damage).

Sorry for deviating the topic hehe

I personally feel that Lyra has been a meta captain for too long. I am sure she will be meta captain soon again.
It just that she is been nerfed in her captain path make her less weaker than the others

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Semc decides to increase the health ratio to 15% and brings back snare which makes her the #1 captain again


Captain lyra : girl, a real bad bi*ch is back!

Cp Lyra: Girl I…

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Lorelai is either picked or banned in Eu

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IF they manage to make captain Lyra better while keeping CP Lyra the way it is, they would have found the “perfect” (IMO) balance of decent base damage as a captain with the capability of being a viable carry when built differently.

Captain Lyra’s early base damage is good enough to harass, but it clearly falls off late game and depletes her energy quickly (ahem ahem hi, Lorelai). To be defensive or not is a distinct choice. If they don’t bring back her healing, at least buff her Bulwark. Hell, Silvernail’s tripwires are stronger and more reliable.


Whistles innocently.

Edit: I had a few games with Lorelai after this post and used her Epic Talent. Oh boy, that boosted stun is brutal, hehe.

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No stars… smh…

I am disappointed

Top pick/ban in both 3v3 and 5v5, and highest winrate in both. Shes already op last update but smec decided to buff her even more lel.


Not yet :^)

I have been busy playing the One for All Mode during weekends and being with the family for most of the days.

I must say that if the stun boosted by the pool lands, it’s nearly impossible to survive with that duration of stun she gains from just a level 6 epic Talent.

You don’t even need the talent. If you hit them with the empowered stun of a roam lorelai they won’t move for the rest of the match.

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Yep! I did that in a match where I completely forgot to pick a Talent.

Ran out of energy cause I used the default Captain build but man, they couldn’t get away from my wet slaps and bites.

The only hero that may be more op is Magnus, who is gifting penta kills to everyone. I honestly don’t understand why they decided to buff lorelai, she was already top tier.

Yep true. Level 12 and her stun is… “girl I…”


The only impression I get why Lorelai was buffed was because Celestial Shroud mitigates her pool’s slow entirely.

Though, to be fair, I think the item is overrated. Sure, it counters a decent amount of initial heavy hits of CC and/or damage, but is otherwise easily triggered.

Lorelai to me, if they ever want to make her overbearing but weak stats wise is to actually just give two charges of her B. It makes it easier to trigger her abilities extra effects.

One of the reasons I love her Rare Talent most of the time.


@TadashiN 0.5 seconds base stun + roughly another 0.5 seconds boosted stun + health boosted stun + an extra 2.4 seconds of stun duration at max Epic Talent = GG, AFK.