Did matchmaker get fixed again?

Got an amazing team. They didn’t stand a chance


Yes vainglory status tweeted about it 23 hours ago

I really wish people would stop using VGpro as a weapon against the MM.

Those ranks are all for 3v3, and says nothing about 5v5 Tier.

If you look me up I am worthy foe silver (havent played a ranked 3v3 since 2.12. Decay and reset RIP) yet I am POA Bronze in 5v5.

Point being, you cant say the match is mismatched without seeing 5v5 tiers.


Trust me my allies played like they were actually in those tiers. I could tell by how they were moving that they were low tier.

This is absolutely true. There is no 5v5 rank data at all in the API.

As I’ve said elsewhere, the Vainglory API is really in a bad state.


And even then they would have to be really low tier in 3v3 in order to end up at TIER 3 for 3v3. What kind of coincidence I would be matched up potentially with 3 other t8+ players that have not played for such a long time that they decayed to tier 3 and 4?

Its not that hard to hit that low with no play. As I said, I was put in Tier 4 Silver for 3v3 because I haven’t touched it since 2.12.

Well they still moved like t3-4 players. You could just TELL they were actually in those ranks

All I am saying is without knowing the players 5v5 skill tier you cant say it is poor matchmaking since you are matched based off of those numbers.

Yes they could very well be unskilled and managed to clumb higher through luck or parties, or they could be having some off games.

The problem is we dont know who is where in regards to 5v5 rank, so blaming the matchmaker without knowing that information is faulty.


Even then, im pretty sure anyone in high skill tiers would love to be matched with 3v3 poa silvers every single time instead of t4s.

Also, if i recall correctly, the 5v5 skill tiers are very inflated (Everyone I know of shot up to T7 or T8 in a single match), which makes it a very bad base for MM.

They weren’t technically inflated. This was all explained by surprisebirthday in one of the latest dev streams.

Essentially after your first match of ranked you were placed where the system believed you to belong based off of the highest ranking of all game modes and 5v5 casual performance in 3.0.

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gues VG is really sinking ship with the playerbase getting smaller and smaller, they have to pit us with team with big tier gap

Please, 5v5 Casual MM was also broken, Me and most others get matched with low tier opponents and teammates all the time, and steamroll them, thus boosting our teammates.

Im also very sure that you would love to get matched with players of your assumed “true” 3v3 skill rating than t4s, which our MM currently give us.

It’s quite obvious that you are just here to talk and not listen to reason.

Good day.

Well it is the salt mine @PumpkinKing666

I honestly did not realize where this post was. Haha

That explains everything.

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The “reason” you gave doesnt make sense at all. Casual matches and especially brawl has a very minute (almost zero) impact on your actual skill, and youre just salty that people with low 3v3 skill tier are blamed for our bad experiences, which is true.

3v3 rank says nothing about 5v5 skill? Who will win if you get 2 teams of different 3v3 skill tiers, with both teams having reached their max skilltiers of Vainglorious and Worthy Foe respectively, and both having a max Simply Amazing 5v5 Rank. Who do you think will win? Point made.

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Actually according to smec your elo rank isn’t the only data the matchmaker uses. They have expressed there is a hidden stat that it also uses which could be directly based on all matches not just ranked

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Maybe go watch the video where Surprisebirthday explains it.

And again, I said good day.

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That is true, however that method of determining your 5v5 rank is way flawed, as casual and non-ranked matches have no impact on how you play. Starting everyone at t7 is a mistake, as evident by the multiple complaints of bad matchmaking by people getting constantly matched with worthy foe silvers.