Did matchmaker get fixed again?

Actually not everyone got placed in t7 most actually got placed in a lower tier and got over boosted by a glitch

Yea, and that is part of the inflation thing im talking about.

Wish I was glitched :thinking:
Got placed into t4 gold lmao

They fixed it actually. I had a glitched account in the beggining and was placed in VG silver. When it was corrected I was replaced on hotness silver. Everyone got put where they should be.

I mean I was being very sarcastic with my post title hence why I put it here lol

Yet they won’t add 5v5 VST to API data as a priority…

With the acquisition of Madglory by PUBG, they may no longer be able to prioritise anything with the API, ever again!

Wait so since PUBG BOUGHT MadGlory they cannot provide support to other games now?

They could, in theory - but unless I am mistaken, MadGlory went on public record saying they would wind down other contracts, to focus more fully on PUBG.
'makes sense, too… there’s tons of work to be done there, and they were acquired to do it. Half-assing it, the way they did for Vainglory, isn’t an option in that scenario.

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Well I guess the community needs to step up and make a good API or the devs could, and place selective ads and SEMC can makes da moneyz

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