Defence item Nerfs

It extremely fustrating to see Armor/Sheild being reduced as a roamer this makes roaming harder and harder.

Let’s first start with the main people who don’t buy any armor these players are the worst, they are the ones who think they can play so well they need no armor at all. Dealing with them is extremely hard because timing FoR or protecting them with a last minute Crucible can be difficult.

Fountain of Renewal is one of those items that require you to time It perfectly during a team fight. Armour and sheild or lack of it can make this extremely hard sometimes. FoR target is usually around 20-25% that’s when usually when you activate it. Pro can make it even lower around 10%. Having no armor makes it it so hard as your teammates just gets deleted and you hit FoR too late.

This where the nerf come in even thought it’s 15/20 Shield/ Armour reduction the changes make it harder to calculate the damage of your opponents (which is another skill of Roamer). BM already hits like a truck on majority of mages it’s completely unfair for Devs to reduce the Defence items.

Dude defense is completely useless. Now how am I suppose to tank with any support with 4 dps trying to kill me. It’s literally so pointless tanks like Catherine or Ardan become useless because when casting their ultimate they’ll get bursted down. If anything defense needed to be buffed not Nerf. I don’t agree with these changes at all. Why should tanks not be able to tank? That literally makes no sense. Literally Phinn is the only reliable tank because at least he can single out targets. Let a fortress try to initiate and he gets demolished.

Wait wut? Why nerf them? What the reason?

Exactly I think Semc doesn’t know what they are doing they just randomly changing shit

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Buffs breaking point, nerfs defense. SEMC is trying to tell us that the best defense is offense and to just go with full crit Baron and blast down teams in under 10 seconds. Totally hate this move, makes me think twice while playing squishies and even more when roaming for triple squishies

Lmfao so basically just buy reflex block and fuggedaboutit?

If anything I could understand a nerf to the activatable part of Aegis, a longer CD so it’s more of an important choice when to reflex block something.

But flat out nerfing both static defense items is not conducive to 5v5 imo. And buff slumbering husk all you want I’m still not buying it.


Wow update out today?

Suprised to see them reduce defence, DMG output is going to be huge given the 4 carries in 5 v 5, junglers are going to delete lane carries quickly.

Perhaps they’ve decided 5v5 takes to long (games can hit half hour marks). Perhaps the intention behind the change is to make the game duration more mobile friendly?

I feel like you’re completely off base here. A roamer has in-built defense. I’ve seen WP Lance tank so well and still provide CC to the team.

I think you need to specify the squishy roamers like Lorelai.

Every other “roamer” is just so tanky. Have you been playing 5v5?

This effects carries more than anything else. Don’t be so quick to judge.

Actually, games i find are about 15 - 20 minutes, the long games are when nobody has the balls to go for objectives and just keep farming kills. its really annoying.

If anything, i think it’s to make games longer because there are some heroes that are just so hard to kill and snowball hard.

You think reducing defence is going to make games longer? Not sure I follow your logic.

But you’re right I’ve been involved in games where coordination is poor and pushing for objectives almost impossible given people’s desire to just (wander around). However I’ve yet to encounter any hero who is hard to kill, get caught out and you’ll be deleted very quickly, the DMG output from multiple carries is to much even for the tankiest roams.

Less defense means item prioritizing will be different. Team fights will dis-engage sooner and back to farming for CS and pushing Lane.

It’s because of defence split pushing is so popular. usually only needing 1 piece of armor. less defence would mean they need 2 pieces of armor to survive longer.
meaning more farming to get the gold to achieve the items they need.

Split pushing would now be a team effort ( 2 heroes and 3 heroes )… pre-launch (alpha) it’s possible to push all 3 lanes ( 2 , 2 and 1 ). Now, they would either go all damage and risk being killed, because 1 piece of armor doesn’t provide the sustain anymore… or they go 2 armor, which would take more time to achieve.

I was expecting defense buffs…

No reason to buy defense in 5v5 anymore. You get melted by focus fire one way or another.

Direct buff to cath survivability though.

Pokers will be OP with defense like this…

Not sure I agree, I think you’ll find carries get deleted quicker resulting in objectives being taken sooner. As a carry I’m not going to allow my lack orf armour to prevent me presssing the advantage when I delete an enemy carry. Pressing objectives is the team priority, so whilst I’ll try to rotate with jungle if possible for the ambient I’m going to be focused on pushing my lane.

well, I just played a 25 minute match 5 vs 4… we should’ve closed the game easily… Pre-launch a 5v4 would’ve been over in 15 minutes.

results speak for themselves.

Okay, I’m still not sure why nerfing defence means you didn’t snowball sooner but I guess time shall tell. Clearly SEMC have analysed the data and made the change for a reason.

Part of me hopes they’re going to be conducting balance changes on roams tankiness and introducing new items. For example Ive always found aegis to viral for jungle and carry as it’s a health boost, shied and armour boost as well as a reflex block. By comparison metal jacket provides no additional utility and no health boost.

Historically I’ve found little use for MJ as a lane carry, I’ll prioritise this 9/10 and the majority of the time I’ll forsake armour all together for additional DMG items.

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You have no idea what you’re talking about. @Saint7502

Yay, a defense nerf. I love this. Most of the games I play I always buy 4 offense item before completing Aegis. I so hate that enemy just have 1 800 gold shield but can reduce nearly 50% of my damage.


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Catherine is near indestructible in the endgame provided you’ve been stack all game like good Catherine’s do…

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Yup, i agree… now most people use all attack items and speed. In my place there is 3 wifi zone, there is at least 5 team play VG others play another moba… sadly when break time all team said just buy all attack item… now best defense is max offense…

The defense nerf is a really good idea. It rewards positioning. I makes Roams more tanky by comparison because only aegis and MJ were nerfed. It keeps the damage reduction of T1 and T2 to deal with early game heroes but means those same heroes now have more viability late. It encourages building 4 damage items on carries and making tough decisions on who you want defense against. Late game it is easier to build BP stacks but more difficult to live long enough to use them. 5v5 fights were rarely ending in aces which left teams too weak to take objectives.

This is a good change.