Cyber Krul coming in update 3.7


They could have made it red instead of blue because now they have an excuse not to have any animation changes.


The only way this skin will be better than the point blank pistol god that is his Corsair skin is how good his sword looks.

Can Krul get any more fearsome? it’s not enough he’s a undead? he’s now a undead cyborg?

I hope it comes with all new cyborg sounds. Alpha’s new best friend - infinite reboot krul~! (jk jk… that would be too OP… :yum:)

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get max weakness stacks to fully heal you with the skin

Hmm… between Corsair and Samurai Krul, I’m fairly happy with my choices. So I’m mildly excited, at best, but curious to see how this turns out in-game. 'might make for some cool replays. :zombie:

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I hopr he gets a cynernetic bubble when using his A

Looks really sick. I’m getting Cho’Gath vibes from this.

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Krul has some of the best skins, it’s a shame I can’t play him at all. I love the cyber skins.

Initiate Smite.exe

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Even though it sucks that some heroes still don’t even have an epic skin this skin is cool

Why does this dead guy keeps getting skin… when will Lorelai or malene…


Lorelai and Malene are perfectionist. So they’ve rejected all the clothes that’s been suggested to them by the wardrobe department.

It’s not that they don’t have other things to wear. It’s just not in fashion. That was so last year.

Princesses will be fussy, Ya know.


I cant wait to see the animation changes, if they are good this can be one of the best skins in the game.

It depends on the artists inspiration, not in what hero has more skins, if It was like that Samuel should get one, its been a year and a half since his last skin, far more than Lorelai or Malene. And also Ringo (please, stop with the Rare skins).

hahaha. True true. Malene skins is prolly the hardest honestly.

Actually not, the hardest are Ozo and Samuel: Ozo for already known reasons and Samuel because its very hard to make a different skin from his default without destroying what he is: a dark mage, you cant make him a Nether mage as he is not a diré mage and that would destroy Who he is.
For Malene imagine an ice-fire skin.

I don’t think changing personality in a skin is a problem. Look at Phinn, Lance for example.

i don’t see what makes it difficult to give Samuel skins? the skins were meant to be an alternate lore. you could give him a steamknight skin. or a clown skin. or even a seraphim skin. samuels base lore showed him motivated to destroy cities and governments. his apprentice skin showed him manipulating the emotions of dead people to get power. his evolution skin was lacking in lore but i think it was him improving the world. lets says he decided to get some friends; he might become protective and they could give him light magic. they could even make him the witch in the wizard of oz skin series (using poppies for his ult :smirk_cat: )

malene would be the harder because of the 2 models required for a single hero. they could use anything playing on the theme of duality and opposites.

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not really, Samual can go with any skin since skin sometimes it can be off lore wise. Alternate lore. Samual doesn’t have to be dark and mysterious in alternate lore. Like Grace who has tea party or Cath with Summer Party…

As a artist myself, Malene concept is difficult, since she has two skins within one concept. Her default skin is normal and dark. If artist wants to give her a new skin, they have to create 1 more additional skin for her when she swaps example, Angel Malene when swaps becomes a demon malene maybe with horns etc.



thanks for saying that

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