Current Status of Official Reddit

Reddit are the old VG forums 2.0 right now, there too much negative in it. Yes we all know SEMC make alot of mistake here and there but seeing how people attack Sonata just make me sad seriously


Not surprising when you have poor moderation/less active moderators.

I really don’t see why SEMC doesn’t throw us a little more love. Good rules and guidelines. While we’ll never be run by/affiliated with SEMC, this site is in overall support of their lone game! We share useful ideas and have constructive debates. Don’t see how it could hurt them to show us some love and perhaps have a dev or two show their face here.

Would we critique them? Sure! But they’d find us far more polite and structured.


They prefer reddit/twitter for I assume how easy info just cycles and dies down: remove something people really liked and you know there would be outcry, but at least on reddit that would disappear behind memes and various other discussion in just a day - 3 days tops. I doubt they’re looking for community ideas much now so reddit is good for them there cuz of how fast stuff comes and goes, plus it’s got a far bigger community, so they just support/use those platforms


I just checked out Reddit.

The memes are on point. XD

din’t even notice that it’s negative.

Well this forum is full of negativity as well, can’t remember the last time something positive was said (not saying that there hasn’t been something positive said recently). Reddit used to be full of white knights who would crucify you if you criticize the game/semc (some still exist), but with the current state of the game its hard for anyone not to be negative.


That toxic post got removed, not long after I make this post

It’s fine to criticism, but that post is next level toxic. It just there to roast Sonata

Edit: I’m glad that post got removed, before more people jump into the bandwagon

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I don’t know which post you’re talking about btw, you should provide a link or a screenshot of it for better context. And i agree criticism is fine, mocking someone and therefore totally embarrassing them isn’t.

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Vainglory, the game we love to hate.

If they promote us though, we’ll end up with all the idiots from reddit here

Its still full of them dont worry. I feel part of the current state of the he is their fault for sending to hell every criticism, even if constructive. Now they act like if all the problems have suddenly appeared.

I always felt sorry for the devs comming to reddit because its not like people try to discuss with them, they attack them.

I left Reddit because of this: each time I criticised SEMC in a good way, especially in balance changes were I used to give my opinion and why I do or don’t agree, people just destroyed the thread. However, right now white knights are not as powerful as they used to be, so is hard for them to delete every post criticising SEMC.

TBH the devs themself will feel a lot better here + receive a lot more understanding vs what they end up getting on reddit. On top of that there is constructive criticism here and some really good ideas from veterans + it’s structured better + it’s moderated. It’s a lot better place for them to promote and even instead of “stats” to open the forum within the game so people can read or even post while waiting their game to start.


At this point it’s clear that SEMC doesn’t know what is better for them.


Reddit community: Devs never communicate with us!

Devs show up and reply

Reddit community: Let’s roast him!!

Repeat step one


I do wish more people were here in the forum. I think it has the best structure of any VG community spot, and a great balance of usability, features, memory, customization, emojis! :skaarfneon: :sunny_happy_1: , and community standards that really make it great to use.

The best way to get people here is to be an active part of it - add to the Vainglory Heroes Voice Lines - Wiki, add your tips to our hero #guides, stuff like that. When there are useful resources for the community to use, more people will visit.

Reminder: we have a handful of guide threads set up that haven’t been touched much - Magnus, Grumpjaw, Warhawk, Leo, Skaarf :new_heart: :sunny_happy_3:


I think they always ask about the game status and if it’s dying , I didn’t join Reddit because I don’t like fast discussions and downvotes , forums like this is better to discuss the game , and I think they are too late , like Reddit started being negative when the Devs started killing their own game not by seeing the game getting killed , like they didn’t think the game going that way until the Devs made it obvious , it’s a fake community just to please new players and hide the game mistakes .

Like what sonata said is true , the vainglory community in Reddit and this forum represent a very low percentage of the whole player base , so their goal of checking Reddit is to see good feedback praising their mistakes and see the bright side because as he said that they know the bad side and they working on improving it , well that’s funny , we all know the game is not improving , you just want positive vibes anyway without doing something positive.

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They never deleted posts criticizing SEMC. Toxic threads that went against the rules yes, but the there was never any reddit bias towards SEMC

I said destroyed not meaning deleted but downvoted to oblivion.

But without the elaborate shitposting. That was the best part :cry: