CP Lyra in 3.7

Is it just me or that CP Lyra seems to be creeping in slightly to the meta, especially in higher tiers. Her A and B high base damage and decent cp ratios are making her quite the monster. She counters Malene, can play against a Celeste and a Samuel, Defeat Varya in the Early game, and is a quite even matchup vs. Skaarf in terms of poke.

Her Base damage in her A is way too high. Even Celeste’s supernova has a lower base damage. Though her CP ratio is lower compared to Celeste’s super nova, Lyra spikes earlier and harder due to her base damage at lv 8 and her 12 range + her decent Cp ratio of 100%.

She fits the current 5v5 meta in where Mid Laners that spike very hard and not too late are very viable, such as Malene, Samuel and Varya. Celeste doesn’t do as well as she could in this update because of her range nerf but she still is extremely viable.

Though you can argue her A still has a 7 second cooldown, it turns into 5 with clock work and her base attack speed and her range on her basic attack at lv 12 hits extremely hard AND has an extreme range of 7.1.

Honestly CP Lyra is still a beast. It is funny on how excoundrel doesn’t put her on the list for best mid laners this update. Not to mention that she is a great flex pick into captain and top laner too.

What are your thoughts?


She has scaled that much because she fits the triple tank meta extremely good: she has the damage to be the hypercarry while offering herself even more CC.
She is also good into the meta mages right now (Malene and skaarf). Can rotate quickly and when use right its very safe (B+C and you are untouchable).
She cant beat Samuel early on.


They need to take away some of the power from her A and transfer it to her perk. Make her like Cp Varya, AA dependent.

Rn she has the best of both worlds. Her A shouldnt be allowed to apply frostburn either.

5v5 on the verge of ruining another hero I see.

I mean she was ban worthy in 3s most of the time since her release. The release of 5v5 was terrible especially the way they execute it. When searching up MOBA or even VG there’s always a sponsor of MLBB. Not too sure what’s up with that but meh. The balance of 5v5 isn’t killing 3s the playerbase being split apart is. For example when CP Vox returned he was basically op in both modes. Now for the past couple of months he’s just been a good offmeta pick for 5s but still somewhat strong in 3s (after his last nerf). It’s because CP Vox is just a broken concept in 3s. A hero who can bounce clustered enemies in a small map. And Baron was good in 5s and still is but complete doodoo in 3s because of his get to late game play style.

At the moment the two modes are only different because of the map and how it interacts with the heroes. Is this really 5v5s fault? Not really. One mode is snowball driven while the other is slowly becoming much more rotation and lane phase heavy. The mode is honestly great and the balance and graphics are probably the only thing SEMC can ever do right.

Baron is not doodoo in 3v3, he is actually one of the strongest carries.

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lyra can beat samual easily… EASILY… LOL

and also, I prefer playing Lyra in midlane and she is easily the strongest against most carries…
wp carries ate her weakness by she still can defeat them with A if placed properly as it detonates half of enemies’s health and with extra AA… + burst damage… she can take down most enemies…

she is a monster in late game but squishy if team focus
on her

Not in my experience, his early is far stronger and the he can snowball easily.

well, if the person who uses Lyra is in open space or in front or within his sight obviously are dumb… he can be kill easily in early game too if you place her A to where he is going … it clearly prevents him follow his B. and in early game, fight behind minions until you unlock your ult.

If it was that easy he would never be played lol, but clearly it isn’t that easy as he is still top tier, one thing is theory and the other thing is reality. He can clear quicker than Lyra, meaning that strategy doesn’t work that well. Your argument is basically not even appearing in his screen lol, that can be said for every other hero.
Lyra destroys Samuel late game though, as any other late game hero.

Baron is like Fort. You have to be good at the game and have some form of early game aggression knowledge going on to win the match. He’s doodoo if he doesn’t make it to late game with at least three damage items. Good players can shut him down easily.

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i mean… i main lyra and samual… so I know how samual playstyle is… and AGAIN I main lyra… in my experience, early or late game. it is easy to take him down

I main Samuel too, and for me Lyra in early is near a joke against him, but that’s just my experience, yours may be different, so we should agree to disagree.

Lyra is definitely more aggressive than Samuel in the early and late game.

Its just the players skill who uses her effectively.

Most of my matches put Lyra in higher priority than Samuel so for once I disagree with you.

CP Lyra is most definitely getting a nerf than Samuel

Because she is stronger overall. But that doesn’t mean she can beat him in early.

Not if she knows what shes doing. :potoo:

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Same for Samuel. All of your arguments (yours and @TadashiN) are just “don’t get hit” well, that applies for everyone. Samuel’s A when empowered are one of the quickest skill shots in the game, so doing so it’s just not viable enough. If it was that easy, why was he top tier in al, the patches? Because it’s easy to just dodge everything? No, he is classified as one of the strongest heroes in the early game, he is picked because it’s capable of bulling all mid laners and from that snowball. I’m not saying he is stronger than Lyra in general, I’m saying that in EARLY, when he is strongest, he can beat Lyra, as the rest of the mid laners.

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Then I should rephrase my statement to “One of the best mid laners in the early game if you dont get hit” :ok_hand::relieved:

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personally i don’t think that Lyra will become top tier simply because her kit arguably isn’t designed towards kills. There’s always the fact that she can use it for her advantage and skilled people will be able to get kills with it but then compare it with Samuels, Celeste and the other rated top tier picks and you see their skills are designed for basic damage.

It’s just character 101.