COW week 16 5/1 - 5/4/19

Mooooo! Our first COW. It’s labeled week 16 to continue where we left off from the overall effort of challenges for the community.

Due to abbreviated week, only 6 challenges will be issued.

*Win an ARAL match without selecting a talent
*Win a casual 3v3 match without dieing
*Win a rumble match with 10 or more hero kills

*Win a ranked match as the team’s captain/support with 60% or more kill participation
*Win a 5v5 casual match as CP Caine
*Win a ranked match as the team’s jungler with 5 or more hero kills

EDIT (notes): some reminders:
*You have until Saturday, May 4th 11:59pm US CDT to complete any/all challenges
*You get a point for each challenge, no matter when completed. The bonus points/competitive side comes from being the first to complete all for each category.


Lane WP Lance in Casual 3v3
Edit: you see? I can play something else than Kensei :stuck_out_tongue:

ARAL without talents


Casual without dying.
Edit: ARAL without talents added.

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Good idea editing the post @Guest_78. Due to these forums being awesome, it displays how long ago a post was edited. This allows me to know if someone added a challenge completion in time. It also creates less clutter.

For me, ARAL without talents. Tuesday, May 1st 3:40pm US CDT.

Edit: Thursday, May 2nd 2:29pm US CDT: Casual without dieing. Hilarious. Lunch break was over. Only enemy vain was left. We couldn’t finish. I hid in the top brush in their lane. Waited for three waves to pass (bell for my next group of kids to enter is one minute away). See the enemy heroes pass, and once their out of my screen, I active :vgitem_journeyboots: and floor it for vain. (30 seconds until I need to leave the office). Enemy engages allies in jungle. Celeste sees me and tps back. Vain at half hp. I Dodge her stun, move out of a second blast from her A, all the while spamming the crystal with my A. Bell rings. 4th graders are in the gym! Enemy vain explodes and I drop the :new_poop: and screen shot the scoreboard as my colleague comes in and says “we need you out here.” I close the app, and proceed with my day. Awesome.

The one thing I don’t like about editing posts is that it doesn’t provide a notification to users watching or tracking the topic. This is my shameless plug for my storytale of the day with my 3v3 casual no death completion.

Just to point one thing: Rumble is not active, and seems like the event calendar is wrong (ARAM and Casual 3v3 shouldn’t be live at the same time), Rumble was meant to be live today and it’s not, so you may consider changing that challenge.


Events begin at 4pm PDT US. So about 73 minutes from now. We’ll see if it happens on time. I do have my eye on that.

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Completed the 5v5 casual Caine CP challenge. Literally my first time playing him. Felt quite weak as a CP hero. Got the job done though.

Also - @VaKTaBi, I logged in briefly to check… And Rumble is up and ready to play!

Wooooooooo rumble!!! Good match with CP Caine XD I think @Guest_78 and I will do in party, someone with Caine and other one with any hero able to do hard carry (Baron, Kensei)

Do you see the background? :blush:

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Well done. As the first to complete all the brawl mode challenges this week, that’s two bonus points!

And yes, congrats to your brother on being named April’s Champion!

EDIT: sorry - you were just excited for rumble. You haven’t completed it yet. Those two bonus points are still up for grabs between the three of us!

Rumble with more than 10 kills.

Now I am first :smiley:


According to what I’m seeing, you edited the post 12 minutes ago. @Guest_78 made his rumble post 12 minutes ago. I’m going to give you guys a tie. You’ll each get one bonus point. That’s 4 points so far. Well done!


Same match and roughly as fast to post it XD

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Finished the rumble challenge as well. I’ve now completed all brawl challenges and have two standard challenges to go!

@Geenmen, @SeRAPHiM1, @DIMTI, @RiseChu, @Imanoob, @hazeleyes, @HipsterSkaarf, @Leohert123, @TheInterpreter and all new forum members. Where you all at!? Get your dairy on!

Oof Ive been called out, I havent even touched the app this whole week but Ill do some of the challenges :cowboy_hat_face:

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Publicly shamed :worried:

I’ve been working 14 hr days this week — next week should be better!


I don’t think you considered the possibility of lactose intolerance :pouting_cat:

I actually haven’t been at home too much this week so I haven’t really had much of a chance to play. I have been meaning to though because playing Ozo with the new skin is fun


Nvm I remembered why I stopped playing due to lag on SEMCs part. East Coast :crazy_face:

Sorry @EdAWACSdenyY for being a bad player :pensive:

And sorry @Lebatron for not being able to play :weary:

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