COW week 16 5/1 - 5/4/19


:easter_sad_2: :spring_sad_2: :sunny_sad_2:

I’ve been neglecting Vainglory for my loved ones. I’ll reorder my priorities a bit next week. :sunny_happy_3:


HA! That’s my Skaarfy! :skaarf: blaarghh


Ranked 3v3 as a jungler with 5 or more hero kills.


:man_facepalming: and I forget my own rules. That COW had expired. Bad milk is bad milk. Apologies! Lost track of what day it is.

I’ll post our first standings for the month and issue a new COW!


I totally quit Vainglory and won’t come back unless they change almost everything. And we know they won’t change… :frowning: