COW: Challenge of the Week - Information

I would like to start this topic by saying how grateful I am to the members of this community who either supported the idea of starting a challenge of the day category or who participated in the challenges themselves or who did both! Thank you!

In the hopes to reach a wider audience, give challenges in a more timely manner (and a method in which is easier on my ridiculous work schedule), and entice even greater participation, I am announcing the transition from Challenges of the Day (COD) to Challeges of the Week (COW - that’s rise, there’s a new VGCF animal mascot, @Moose!)

COW will start with the Month of May, beginning on May 1st, 2019. COD will continue through the end of April as we determine our April Champion - it’s a close race! Can @Guest_78 make a come back defeat the evil overlord?

Here is how COWs will work:
*Challenges will be posted on Sunday mornings, between 7:00-9:00am US CDT.
*Challenges will expire on Saturday evenings at 11:59pm US CDT
*There will be a total of 8 challenges issued - 4 for 3v3/5v5 casual and ranked game modes, and 4 for ARAL, Blitz and rotating event mode brawl game modes
*Every challenge is worth one point - and there can be multiple completionists for each challenge.
*2 bonus points will be awarded to the first challenger who completes all the standard game mode challenges, and 2 bonus points will be awarded to the first challenger who completes all the brawl mode challenges (there is the potential to earn 8-12 points per week)
*You do not need to complete all challenges before you post screenshots, but you may do that if you prefer, as again, you’re guaranteed to get 1 point for every challenge you complete. Feel free to post screen shots of your completed challenges as you go.
*We will continue to have champions of each month.

I hope more forumers give these challenges a shot. There will be challenges that cater to all playing audiences. Good luck to all!

Champion of the Month

The champion of the month has the ability to message our lovely forum moderators to request a Vainglory themed forum background of their choice. This background option is available for other members to choose from if they like it as well! It will be available as a forum background for the duration of the following month (IE April Champion’s forum background will be available for all of May).

Here are some ideas/suggestions:
*Pick a skin that has been featured in the past from previous patch releases
*Pick from a skin card art work that we have access to
*Be flexible and work with the mods. If a high res artwork for your desired background doesn’t exist, switch. If you have access to a high res file, send it to them along with your request to aid in the process.


This is actually nicer to those that dont have enough time.

Having a week to do a challenge is really doable than having a day to complete a challenge. :astonished:

Plus if I were to be the monthly champion, I would rain down the wrath of Lyra on my fellow forumer through constant Lyra backgrounds :triumph::eyes:

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Very glad to hear you say that. This is the primary reason I am making this change. I believe it will entice greater participation. I look forward to seeing you climb the COW ranks!


Could we get this pinned instead of the old COD info? @hazeleyes @HipsterSkaarf


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