VGforums COD Week #16 Apr 28 - 30, 2019

Our final COD! We will be transitioning to COW beginning May 1st. For more information, click HERE

We’ve got a close race to determine April’s champion - bring it on, @Guest_78!

Sunday, April 28th 2019
Let’s keep it casual on this Sunday as we enjoy our last week of this format. Win a 3v3 Casual game (available in the event mode… and so is ARAM by the way… weird… two event modes at the same time. ARAM was supposed to have expired… not that I mind, I like ARAM… okay, end tangent thought) without dieing. Good luck to all!

Deadline extension: Monday, April 29th 5:00am US CDT


Dear God… Show some mercy on their poor souls, @VaKTaBi:skull_and_crossbones:

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This only happens when I use Kensei… I have tried some other heroes and… it’s really hard to hard carry with most of them. Ugh…

Gonna start copying @VaKTaBi, kensei works extremely well :slight_smile:


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Monday, April 29th 2019
Win a ranked match with over 50% kill participation and three or fewer deaths. Get involved in those team fights and leave them among the last standing!

Catherine strikes again! I believe this secures my victory as April’s Champion! Fitting, as the overlord. Although, I may, may let @Guest_78 choose the background for May… Unless his own brother, @VaKTaBi usurps him for 2nd place!

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Alas, our final COD. Thank you all for your amazing participation. I look forward to transitioning to COW tomorrow with the start of May.

Tuesday, April 30th 2019
We’ll finish it with the challenge that started it all back on January 18th…

Win a PvP ARAL match without dieing. Good luck to all!

Without buying items?! :scream: this is gonna be hard

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I tried several times, and just couldn’t complete the task. :sad:

No need to feel bad! I would argue that it was our toughest challenge of all. I believe only two people completed it.

I think it’s more about the enemy and how aggressive they are , because dying is part of the game mode , I think I did try not die in ARAL before but I failed fast because enemy just dive turrets no problem , getting ace in ARAL is very important and trying not die making you an ace target .

The best way to do it is idris, but the chances of getting him and then not dying are quite low.

I believe the two of us who completed it back in January had Grace and Samuel. Samuel’s rare gives his perk a significant boost to it’s healing. Grace’s rare just gives her such a passive boost in cp.

I mean, it’s extremely hard. You need to have less skilled opponents and need your teammates to do a pretty darn good job.