Complain all u want, Monster Heros arent popular according to two games


I think this is the write-up that SurpriseBirthday is referencing: Champ Popularity: Mixing Math & Art

It’s an interesting read - they’re looking at the number of players picking certain heroes, and also the average number of games that players are playing those heroes.


I’m going to move this out of “Off Topic” because … it’s not exactly “off topic” :ringo:


Y E S !
I don’t know why players asked for monster heroes in the first place. Anyone has a clue?

i am no monster !

glory to humanoid race!
glory to humanoid race!

fight the abomination!!


Monster heroes don’t fit this lore. Lore is one of the biggest reasons why I am still here.

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Let me guess. Did players pick sexy heroes that showed cleavage more hmm

but… the churn seems to make a bunch of cool monsters, grumpjaw is the reason tony’s fighting, and phinn is qt
not saying heroes > humanoids, humans and monsters r both cool, but imo the reason people want monster heroes is because it’s a fantasy game and we already have some species known, and we know the churn can corrupt creatures and people.
i think churn is the closest to being a cool ‘monster’ (still human tho), grumpy, phinn, skaarf, n the others are just too qt to be seen as monsters, what i want is someone in the game that i take one look at and think “YIKES that is scary/evil looking”

Churnwalker does look cool af. I just hate his clown skin but ironically im using his clown skin alot lmao

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based on vgpro, top 3 global pick is vox ardan and ringo…
so, cleavage lost

sexy win. because male biceps is sexy…
vox’s biceps for us. ardan’s biceps for everyone. ringo’s bicep for our future…


WE NEED A GNAR! GNAR IS THE CUTEST MONSTER BOI AND HE WILL GET TONS OF PLAY (I know I would main him cause GNAR is my favorite LoL champ as well as Bard)

WE DO NEED A GNAR. And a Kha’zix while we’re at it.

The only truly monster/animal heroes we have are Fort, Skaarf, and Grump. Phinn I’d consider more of a humanoid than a complete monster/animal.

“A small vocal minority can really make a lot of noise, and generate the illusion of a majority.”
I could not find a way to describe politics and this just solved my issue. I was looking for a way to sum up that exactly.

More on topic, I usually don’t care what hero I use, but I do love Samuel’s model. I know a solution to this issue though:

Make Ozo meta

I was talking about the other game lol

They really dont draw biceps well, its only the abs that they do the most cuz why not. Which brings me into,I want a summer bikini Varya rn so ill make a concept later

Add Bard to Vg, at least my teammates would actually have a legitimate reason to be running halfway across the map during a team fight.

I really want a ChurnWalker cthulhu skin because that would be BEAST

Even though I like beautiful human characters and think that they’re overall always gonna be more popular because people can relate to them more and is one of the reasons I believe in diverse backgrounds in characters I do still enjoy monster characters.

Petal is one of my favorite characters I think SEMC just need to learn to put a little more personality into these characters. Grumpjaw’s whole thing is that he’s hungry and that’s it, Churnwalker and Skaarf have no personality, and you can barely hear what Phinn says. Even though a character’s viability is always gonna triumph their personality I think the lack of characterization also contributes to it.

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Phinn is just a super calm river troll. Churnwalker is a demented freak who got infected as the churn and if you understand what he says hes mostly tormented by stuff but at the same time enjoying it? Hes like alpha where she has the robot personality of being an obedient machine but at the same time she has that human personality thats afraid. Skaarf is just a little dragon who stumbled across the halcyon fold and wants to have “fun”. I really like his taunt because he looks like a cute little devil laughing as fire spreads around. And GRUMPJAW my doggo is just a cute loyal monster whose always hungry but still loves you if you give him cheese cake ;-;