Chest keys are temporarily available for purchase

The in-game market just updated and chest keys are available for purchase at the moment. Bronze keys are available for 500 glory, silver for 1500, and gold for 250 ICE.

They’re not worth it, imo, but the option is temporarily there for those that really want to open some chests.

Wow something to spend glory on :^)


Smec again with the op marketing

looks at 278 bronze keys

I should buy more bronze keys.


Really. Bronze and Silver are purchasable with glory but not gold?

Atleast make it a 10000 glory purchase…

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Would’ve been cool if they offered chests for the same amount for players that are in folks like @5230984’s shoes. Some have all keys and no chests. This deal does nothing. Others have all chests and no keys.

They could’ve thought this through better. Still, a nice gesture.

Bronze chests aren’t worth much, if at all. I only open them if I’m in need of an emergency infusion of glory for talents on the market. Otherwise, I’m just stockpiling keys and chests because there’s not much else to do in the game. I would, however, like a way to exchange my keys for more valuable keys. There’s no way I’d realistically be able to use even half of my 278 keys, and given that I’ve essentially given money to SEMC by watching ads (mostly doing it for the ICE, but the ridiculous amount of keys I have are an amusing side effect) in exchange for more worthless currency, I think it’s a fair request.

I agree! I proposed that idea in another thread, can’t recall which. It’d be great to trade in general. Trade chests for keys, keys for chests toom

I know people are happy with this thing but it’s like what I said in the other thread they are planning on making buying glory a thing , so what you see is not for the glory whales , it’s for us who are keeping our glory to buy the new hero and other cheap heroes next update , so anyone buying the silver key or the bronze keys , remember that you giving 500 glory to a get key give about 70 glory back , and the silver key take 1500 glory to give you back 300 glory , be smart , let’s wait the whales buy the keys and see what they get from them.

The update delay is weird and the keys deal timing is with the update release , so they probably changed plans and made this deal to prepare for the glory changes next update and after , like imagine the heroes going to cost a lot of glory , I won’t be surprised if they going to make heroes cost 20k each and new hero more , it’s probably planned at 50 heroes they going to change things , make useless heroes cost 8k and the more popular heroes get high costs , but this is after 4.3 , 4.3 supposed to be the heroes cost heaven except the new hero .

I dunno if I missed something but aside this hero sale they have planned they didn’t mention anywhere that hero prices were going to change(increase by what you say) did they?

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They didn’t say it and they don’t have to say it , I said in another thread that this discounts remind me of the skin system rework when they got rid of cards and gave us full essence and blueprints which was a reward for long time players but bad for new players.

So here it’s the same they going to release a new hero with high cost and if you read what they said in the note they said new hero without saying only leo as exception so from that you can say newest heroes from now on cost glory and ice but cost higher amount of glory , comparing what happened to skins to what going happen to glory , I think we going to see something like the chest system with glory , they give you free chest but you need a key , the same thing here they going to allow you to buy the new hero but you need glory , and the goal is to make you buy glory with ice , it’s semi free new hero available to buy with a free currency but it’s valuable and cost more time than before .

Based on the new hero high cost , Iam predicting a hero price changes , and I think based on what semc doing next update with discounts and what they gave us like talents (glory sink) , they planning to play with glory and make it something you need to grind a lot to get and easier for you to buy it with ice and save time .

Why would they need to restrict glory even further? They’re effectively doing that by increasing the glory cost for new heroes. It is exactly what League of Legends does: Blue Essence costs are less cost-efficient for new champions than the Riot Point costs to encourage RP purchases. Pushing glory further into a paywall is going to discourage new players (suspending all disbelief for a moment here) from staying with the game. What is likely happening here is SEMC is realizing that nobody is spending ICE on older heroes, so they’re doubling down on the monetization of new hero releases by increasing the glory/ICE value asymmetry and throwing an olive branch to both new and older players by allowing veterans to purchase heroes on day one and reducing the barriers to gameplay for newer players. It’s not a bad strategy, since lowering the price should theoretically spur sales where none might have existed before.

Spend some time as I had almost 200k glory and 133 bronze/34 silver chests.

To sum it up: nothing. From 34 silver chest I got in around 85% of them glory/essence only. From there few duplicate pings and few duplicate blueprints. Few rare materials chest too and nothing in them.

From 133 bronze chests I got 95% glory and essence. Few duplicate blueprints (like 4), few duplicate pings and few rare/epic materials chests with nothing in them.

This goes to show what value those chests carry for the veteran players. Ofc the gold keys are 250 ice and I have none gold chests currently. From my memories before the bronze chest and silver chest had a better chance for blueprints and pings.

Why every time they make a glory sale you start saying it’s a conspiracy?
They’ve released those sales because people in reddit has been spamming that they want key sales, there is no master plan.

Just… why? The haven’t said anything about any cost changes. They just said there would be hero discounts.

They said new heroes would have higher cost during the first week.

No hero cost change was announced wtf. Everything they do doesn’t need to be a conspiracy, this is just seeing ghosts where there aren’t.


Maybe he likes being a Conspiracy Theorist :new_moon_with_face:


Randomness force you to be conspiracy theorists , like believing that the chests and keys something semc did because people requested it is funny , and even making it in the extra time after delaying the update makes it a goal , notice here we talking about keys were a bonus with ice offers they were part of selling plan they turned them to glory .

It’s like when they started selling 5v5 tickets some people said they are listening to the community ,while tickets were planned to be for lucky players not for who pays for them directly.

I would be honest 100% with you if they announced the keys sales before , not suddenly doing them , I would say they are for the players and good sale , but it was suddenly and after announcing hero sales so its probably something semc used to do , it’s like a pattern , do something good then hit them with the surprise and throw some words why you did this or don’t say anything and let the community deal with it , it could be something like @5230984 say , just new heroes or best heroes something like other mobas , remember that hats probably didn’t work for them so they ignored updating them , so the plan is the glory in my opinion and its not for us , it’s for new players , like the skin system we already got our good skins but the new players getting random blueprints and less essence .

The sales were done because of the delay in the update and the thousands and thousands of request.


That’s a possibility , the other possibility is that they delayed the update for a plan preparing for the update which is the glory sink , we need people to spend glory to sell glory next update with probably better offers than the current ones , spend your glory and buy glory , the whole point of my reply is don’t buy this limited offer unless you already have 100k+ glory , because you could spend it in something better the next or after update , I have no idea how much is the new hero , zero indication , they didn’t say a word you can assume by it the price change , except the hero dacounts they said some of them get 80% discounts , can I take this number and say that Leo max price going to be 80% more glory so he is going to cost 14400 glory maximum .

There we go again with the conspiracy theories. They’ve done bad things, but conspiring is not one of those, and right now there is no indication of any one. It’s not the first time they’ve delayed an update, idk why this time has to be part of a “master plan”.


You making them look good by saying master plan , it’s a bad and rushed plan that they had to delay the update for it , there is nothing in this update to tests, broken hero and few changes , they could released it after a week from last update , like even these small changes are good but it feels like they don’t want to change the meta and keep it the same to not break the game and make everyone questioning the balance changes , no API to judge , and they testing for bugs not for actually balancing heroes because they already realaesing broken heroes .