Celeste now can spam her A and here's how to fix that

I’ve read the BM hero tier list and tried to figure out why Celeste is S-tier so I checked the in-game stats and found out one key thing that makes her OP: her A energy cost is only at 40 at all level. So my solution is pretty simple: give her energy cost scaling for her A. But now she’ll cost less energy early game which translates into more farming. Energy cost: 20/30/40/50/60

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Or increase her a time you pretty much cast it and already can start it back up

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Well, her A kinda is her main damaging spell and she basically spams the thing, so adding more energy cost to a spell that she relies on would honestly cause her to have some energy problems (mostly during the late game).

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Her build has 2 energy items already. Just look at Baron. She and Baron are quite simmilar to each other.

Celeste is fine atm there no reason to nerf her other than lower her helio range by 1


IMO Celeste is probably in a perfect spot balance wise.

Yes, when played well, she is a beast and will destroy you.

However she is very weak before level 8, and can be shut down with the right comp.

I think your changes would make her way too underpowered for what she is meant to do. Which is essentially to spam stars.


Yes you can spam stars but there must be a limit. Just like Baron.

And where is CP Baron in the meta right now?..
Also, Celeste pretty much never goes double energy right now, eve and HC are both underpowered

Actually, Baron CP top is quite OK. I used him and got success with him.

winning with him doesn’t make him good…
I’ve won with jungle cp ardan, but that doesn’t make it good


While we are at it then lets cap out basic attacks aswell! SAW should need to use energy per AA as he attacks too fast! He deals way too much damage and can just spam AAs! While we are at it lets just nerf the entire roster with insane energy costs as there are so many heroes who can just pump out the damage with 1 ability! Lets completely ignore any counter play, power spikes, or the importance of position!

To be less catty, comparing CP baron (who is a WP carry in the current meta; Reliance on AAs) to a CP mage who relies on abilities and range is not really making the point you want.

80 is not that much of a nerf. Baron can still spam Mortars like crazy with the changes and remember 1 thing: Celeste’s A has a higher impact velocity than Baron’s.

You are effectivly doubling her energy costs for her only reliable source of damage. Which would make her a complete potatoe as she can already run into energy problems in extended engages.


Remember she has a stun and a global ult that can wipe the entire enemy team out in 5s. She has more than enough utility to back it up.

I said reliable source of damage. Yes she has a stun and a global ult, but those are not primary or reliable sources of damage.

I might also add that with your energy changes she wouldnt be able to use either if she had been using stars in a teamfight.

But it is quite obvious you wont listen to reason, so good day to you.

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Nani man???

I’m sorry OP, but thread feels like borderline shitposting.

Just because a hero is strong doesn’t mean he needs to be nerfed immediately. Celste is strong, but she is definitely not OP. There are quite some meta assassin heroes that make Celeste’s life hard. She has energy problems, she is immobile, she is very hard to get last hits with and she’s just hard to play in general.

You’ve made quite a lot of these rework or balancing threads this last week, but frankly, I don’t think that you know what you are talking about. You’re suggesting a ridiculous nerf for no reason while ignoring many important factors like counterplay, hero difficulty, general amount of gold required for a core build, and so on. There’s just no point in it.


That would essentially kill off Celeste entirely.
No this nerf would make more sense.
Heliogenesis energy cost up to 50 to ALL levels.
Range down on overdrive from 9.5 to 9
Crystal ratio down on supernova down from 200 to 180%
Crystal ratio up on impact damage from 90 to 100%

This would make her supernovas hurt less but with the increased damage on impact would make up for the lost range.

I just redo the thing folks. Re-read it.

well, that makes more sense.
But don’t you realize that it will make Celeste sort of OP in the early game? This would mean that she could survive with only an energy battery until she reaches lv 7/8.
I think my nerf would be more reasonable, as to be fair, her supernovas and her range is sort of overpowered.

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