Celeste deserves her upcoming nerf

Having a 63% win rate with the best mid laner in game right now isn’t much to speak about but I am on a huge loss streak with her and used to have 80%+ win rate with her in 3.1. She is stupid op to the point where I am sure of winning the match if there is no bf/reza/idris drafted in the enemy team and it honestly sucked all the fun out of playing her.


She is quite stronger compared to any other mage in 5vs5 - totally true. Dunno why they didn’t nerf her at all.


erm, can we agree to giver celeste an indirect nerf, by giving those dive heroes a buff?

where’s your source?


I still hold that she doesn’t deserve a Nerf. People who want her nerfed either can’t play her, against her or both tbh.


Who’s the next nerf victim? We just love to complain don’t we.
nerf alpha and Taka more. nerf krul. nerf fortress. nerf Samuel again. nerf Reza. nerf Ardan. nerf Grumpjaw. nerf Malene. nerf Baron. nerf Flicker. nerf Ringo. nerf SAW. nerf Tony. nerf Varya. DID I MISS ANYONE???

nerf Lyra. ner Glaive. nerf idris. nerf kestrel. nerf koshka to the ground.

Meanwhile, nerf BF as well by bringing back rose trail. (yes its a nerf).

Buff LANCE because he’s got a low win rate. and buff OZO.

All I gotta say is, WE ASKED FOR IT, so when Celeste becomes a potato, DON’T BE SURPRISED WHY.


And why so? I can play both against her and as her. I am just looking for a different opinion

No one becomes potato/op in the span of a single buff/nerf ,most of the times it is small buffs/nerfs over a few patches and indirect nerfs to counters which make someone meta. Celeste is Op partly because of SF where she can apply teamwide MW and her spammable A with high ratios and how diving in 5v5 teamfights sucks

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You can play against her till she is paired with a decent roam who babysits her. GL then :wink:

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It doesn’t matter much if you have her counters get through the draft. People are facing Celeste in the meta after possibly a very long time and are just clueless on how to face her. I personally would like a nerf to her because of her damage output, not because she is uncounterable or something like that. Even with an aegis her ult can chunk like 50% of your health and that is a problem because her major damage output is supposed to be her 1 sec A and her ult is to pick off low health targets and not make full health targets disappear


Pair her with churn that goes full support build and gl. He can stop diving like no tomorrow with his slow on chains, pull and stun + he will got crucible for her, boots for her, fountain for her, she will have reflex block and boots and so on. I am talking about really good players, not some noobs that don’t know what they are doing. Also she is a beast in lane too (teamfights are obvious). I have 100% win rate with her on my all accounts (so that’s around 20 games atleast) and I am not even that good with her or in general.

Discussion about if nerfing her is needed is pointless as it’s obvious and was surprise for all of us that they didn’t do it in 3.2. The other way around that will be to buff a lot of heroes, I would prefer it but it’s always harder to pull as it’s a big balance change that will need a lot of testing/rebalancing.

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And assasins destroy churn. GL landing hooks on reza/idris/bf/koshka/taka. Having a Crucible is of no use as they don’t have big cc, they have the mobility to evade cc and stick to her like glue. They can just ignore churn and dive backline with all their anti cc(not including koshka) capabilities and he will be helpless watching his hypercarry die


taka and koshka are banned all the time. You end up only with reza, idris and bf - bf is potato now, reza is still not that good for me(never had problems dealing with him to protect my allies, I main captain), idris is ok. While having whole team to deal with, not only celeste. Also destroys churn? Yeah, while celeste A and supernovas rain on you trying to destroy him. WIll not argue, if she is so balanced why it’s first pick or banned almost every high tier game? First pick means you are so confident that you don’t care about your “counters”. Not to mention that almost every balanced game I see with her she is the top dmg dealer with quite a diff from the second in that game.

Edit: poa gold/VG playing churn will land his hooks more times on hard targets that you would think he will. Ofc I mean players with experience with churn, not just good in general lacking exp with him.


Destroys churn in the sense that they can completely ignore him. Idris and reza can remove his chains with their ults , bf isn’t potato now he is just harder to play and weaker but by no means useless. He can save up 2 ult charges for teamfights and blow up everything he has and will definitely take down Celeste in such an attempt even if he goes down. It’s very difficult landing CW chains on koshka who is a speed demon and can juke it out making him useless for the next 3 seconds. Like I said I do have a problem with her damage output but she is by no means uncounterable like you are portraying her to be.

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Counterable is not equal to balanced. Also your ult will bypass the chain, but guess what? As he landed the first + low cooldown in general - he can throw a new one and use B to pull. Also celeste has her B.

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i’d rather have a patch with celeste weak than have her continue her op streak for another patch.

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Well, I hope Nivmett has learnt from his past mistakes and is making small changes over several patches. I only said that because of past history of OP/UP needing several patches.

Baron is a classic example, adjusting his WP ratio as I recall… a total of 4 times, somebody correct me if i’m wrong.

Only half of that number. First it was down from 130 to 120 in patch I don’t remember then back from 120 to 130 in 2.9 hotfix

it was 130 down to 125, but it didn’t happen. 1 time.

second time, they made it 125. and it actually happened. 2 times.

third they made it 120.

fourth, it went back to 130.

This will be the first time that I haven’t seen a “Nerf Vox”


Idris and malene are even stronger…