Can we talk about Ambient Gold?

Also known as FREE GOLD when you’re in the same area. Please folks, Don’t be jungling alone. it sets the team SO FAR behind.

Duo jungling, duo lane’ing is the META. I’m so sick of chasing Ambient gold because the jungler decides solo is better.

watch the MAP people. see that team mate RUNNING THEIR HEART OUT… to reach the jungle before you last hit the creep to death… JUST WAIT about 2 seconds, so your team can get ambient. Pro’s do it ALL THE TIME.

Just in case the term is TOO advanced to be understood. Let me break it down for you:

You kill gold treant alone: you get 150 gold.

You kill the gold treant with ANY TEAM near you, just standing there and NOT EVEN DOING ANYTHING TO TRY AND STEAL IT… - it’s 150 gold for you, and 136 FREE GOLD for your team.

150 + 136 = 286 gold. If you’re good enough, you can even share the damage input to kill the creep. (god i say this like it’s a hard thing, but seriously the number of times I see players mess up, it just boggles my mind)… if you’re REALLY good enough, you can even time your attacks so either you or your team mate gets the last hit. :exploding_head::scream: amazing right?

Just incase it still hasn’t sunk into that skull of yours. Ya’noe that magic yellow number that appears above your head when you DIDN’T even kill anything? that’s ambient gold. and it makes a HUGE difference.

ok. One more thing i need to clarify. DUO means 2 players together. 1 + 1 = 2.
A third (3) player joining in won’t earn anything.

And please, please… Be kind to your fellow team mates. The gift of FREE GOLD is much appreciated.

Peace out doodes and doodettes.


They should get rid of ambient gold by now like seriously its the reason why 9 games out 10 are one sided (besides matchmaking) and no don’t be that guy it might an innovative and unique but its the reason why the meta is so unhealthy. A carry that shares ambient gold properly with his jungler can get fed out of control, he can get like 3 and half items and level 12 in 10 minutes but if he doesn’t he insanely far behind. Like you could be playing just fine, didn’t die yet and farming properly but your jungler has messed up somehow and now the enemy has control of both jungles so now their carry’s gold income has doubled trough ambient gold while yours has been cut in half cause he’s getting no ambient at all. Jungler falls behind in another moba and that’s 1 player of out 5 who’s behind the other 4 have everything to play for, jungler falls behind in vainglory and that’s 3 players on your team that are behind (jungler, bot and mid) and it also means 3 players on the enemy are fed so you basically lose the game from their. They won’t get rid of ambient gold sadly, they introduced it because of supports who would last hit creeps which was very tilting not gonna lie but whether you wanna admit or not ambient gold is a very unhealthy mechanic.

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the opposite effect of no ambient gold would be 30+ minute games, due to a slow level progression.

is that what you want?


And if y’all are confused or didn’t get my point this is how it goes when you play the game at a high level where people capitalize on their advantages. Your jungler messes up somehow so he either dies or is very low and forced to recall or he’s is jerking in top lane for some reason and jungle camps are about to spawn or already spawned, the enemy jungler and mid laner move in and get your Blue side jungle, they take the cp buff, they take the double and then they go to their own blue side jungle and do the same. After both blue sides jungles are cleared, the mid laner goes back to his lane and the jungler goes to bot lane and helps his bot laner get the enemy healer and then share the ambient of his red side jungle. Now the bot laner is always gonna get ahead thats just a given even with a mediocre jungler but the repercussions on mid lane are huge, their mid laner is now 400 gold ahead on yours (ambient one blue jungle is 200 gold so ×2 cause they secured both), an entire level worth of xp ahead and he has cp buff advantage so when the next blue jungle spawn they gonna secure it as well, they should cause they’re way stronger and now its an 800 gold lead, even more xp and obviously cp buff advantage. We’re 10 minutes in and its now a full tier 3 item lead, 3 levels and again no cp buff vs cp buff, their jungler and mid laner are out control now while yours are miserable, their bot laner is huge as well while yours is doing alright and both top laners are per usual trying to hang in there. So one member got 3 member of their team huge while one member got 2 of your players a handicap.


They can find other ways generate gold, ones that doesn’t involve one member getting his entire team fed. Remember before iron guard contract got reworked (which lead to the creation of ambient gold) games were not any longer.

other ways to generate gold? do you mean the gold miner?

I really don’t see one without a complete change to the map, jungle creeps and minions. pretty much an entire overhaul of 5v5.

Please suggest one if you got a good idea to share.

make lane minions worth more gold and xp, a little amount would be enough to compensate for what a jungle rotation would give you since lane minions spawn more frenquetly than jungle camps and the lane would actually be won based on how you played it not based on jungle impact. Remove ambient gold, increase lane minions gold and xp, create an item similar to old iron guard contract so that support can get gold and create an item that allows you to farm the jungle that only junglers would buy and you have a much healthier meta were each individual player has way more control of his own fate.

The danger of that strategy is the one - trick - push that plagues all MOBA’s. i’ve seen it in so many moba’s.

all you need is 2 or 3 capable laner’s to keep rotating and push all the way to the enemy base, without even needing to jungle.

it’s the one thing i was worried about when 5v5 first came out and they managed to not have that strat be OP thus far.

the exp and gold is enough to sustain each hero in lane… and TADA… the poop strat is born.

what does that even mean… 30

you’ve never heard of a one trick push? it’s where all 5 players just push mid. get kill after kill after kill. turret after turret after turret.

and because gold and exp are plenty, they don’t have to jungle.

it forces the side lanes to go help mid, or whichever lane they decide to push.

there isn’t really a name for it. it’s just a poop strat that i see way too often in other moba’s.

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Realistically. if you want to get rid of ambient gold and still keep the game balanced:

it’ll be a 30+ minute game as the norm. it will be long, but it will be balanced. I don’t even know how to explain it in simple terms…

there is no other way around it. items, gold and exp changes just won’t work. Sorry, it’s a picture in my head that i just can’t seem to put words to.

that doesn’t happen lol what kind of mobas are playing… you’re splitting the ressources of one lane into 5 members which will lead to all 5 members having no gold. No offense but that’s some strategies i encountered on my new account when it was unranked its never gonna be a thing

well, they could just change the way leveling works i guess. that could work, maybe.

it’s hard to explain… sorry dude… essentially, the meta will change as well.

Sorry, my brain is fried thinking about this. Where’s all the Dev’s with the smooth explainations…

Nah y’all can’t even say ambient gold is the problem. In LoL they level up faster then heroes in VG. The problem is the lack of map objectives, how easy it is to gank characters, and the lack of comeback mechanics. DOTA, LoL, HoTs, and Smite all have plenty of map objectives and have many different towers that protect the base while having big spacious maps.

How easy it is to gank and harass players in this carry fed meta because when you have a 2v1 in lane the laners really can’t do anything back. The one laners step out of their turret slightly the get a guarentee of half of their health gone and often just killed. There’s no room for them to farm and harass back.

The lack of map objectives allow these junglers and laners to farm together completely because they’re not worried about anything else. They clear those 3 or 4 jungle camps together and go back to harassing the other laner.

Finally the lack of comeback mechanics only just gives more reason to feed the carry once one person gets ridiculously fed there’s nothing you can do about it. What kill them? Good luck with that and the funniest part is if you do so guess what? They can be 3000 gold ahead of you you’ll only get 600 gold at maximum with whatever teammate(s) who helped you getting a 100 maximum then none of y’all is gonna any reasonable amount of XP. So when these players get fed they don’t have to think about being over aggressive or not because if they die it won’t even hurt their team that much. But like I said even that is unlikely. And it’s not the fact that fed carries shouldn’t be stronger it’s how ridiculously stronger they’re.

At least this is my opinion, SEMC should test many things for why we have this awful meta. But my first desire would be for them to change the map a lot because we need it.


are all PC moba’s and for the likes of VG to achieve the same level of MAP objectives would require the same level of processing power.

I find it much more helpful to compare to similar mobile moba’s. The 5v5 map is already pushing the boundaries. they even needed to make it a mirror map, to reduce the sheer amount of processing power needed.

For the sake of a constructive argument, can we please stick to the current map and how that can be improved on, without drastic change.

how about increasing the ambient gold circle? sometimes i’m so damn close to the objective thinking i’ll get the ambient, but i don’t. i think it’s like turret range and i’m just outside the turret, missing out.

Another idea could be global ambient gold, but that would encourage afk’s and solo suicide missions.

Lower solo gold gain on all jungle creeps.

Make it 80% gold for solo and 100% for duo last hitter and 60-80% for ambient.

Make solo jungling worse. Just increasing the jungle difficulty doesn’t work.

Most people playing don’t have a clue and thats at high poa level. Don’t get me started on T5-7…

The game lacks proper intel which creates problems…

Other games suggest team comps. AOV suggests how your team comp looks and what you are lacking. (Low team hp/lack of range/no tank)

Vainglory is the most complex game and most of its players aren’t hardcore enough to understand how to play properly. This creates Toxicity on both ends of the spectrum for the clueless noob and the experienced player alike. Both get frustrated and act out which isn’t their fault but the games’ and the matchmaker for putting those people together.

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You realize League of Legends is mirrored the exact same way as Vainglory? And it’s not entirely symetrical so it’s still rendered separately. It doesn’t reduce processing power and isn’t a compromise.

They mirrored the map mostly because its awkward to play from top to bottom.

how so? I play LoL and if you’re top side, you start at top side. how is this “mirrored”? am I missing something? what part of the map is mirrored in LoL? or is this an added option?