Can we please get a "stop over extending" ping?

A “stop dying” ping would be appropriate too.


As mentioned before and even in the stream yesterday SEMC Is focusing on communication in the upcoming patches as well as toxicity. They hear us players…

I’m not the smartest man in the world but I feel a voice chat coming on.

The danger ping and “be careful” + a target ping work fine enough to convey the the message of not overextending. “Stop overextending” and “stop dying” can easily be used toxicly, as well.

It doesn’t. People tend to think the be careful ping is play safer. I have to specifically target ping the area to convey the message.

Furthermore, a lot of people don’t understand there is a gold bounty and that frivolously dying empowers the other team.

Maybe putting tips in the load screen with that kind of information would be a good idea as well.

I’d like a “thank you” and “sorry” ping that we’re text, so I could be sincere or sarcastic using real words rather than emotes.

I’m dead serious

imo, over extending is a learning curve. it doesn’t come naturally. therefore this ping would be misunderstood.

they’ll request a “i dont understand” ping.

knowing the limits of the attack range, ability CD, vision range is all part of the learning curve.


Voice chat is useless in EU…

I’m sure alot of EU players would disagree with you… I prefer voice chat over pings which can be misunderstood anyday.

To hear angry germans polish dudes and russians… Yeah that will work. Lets add french and italian. Or one of the Scandinavian languages.

Europe officially has 24 languages…

NA has 2?

You know voice chat would be an option to turn on or off right? Also, i still stand by my statement… Alot of EU players would disagree with you.

You are from NA… The only people happy with VC would be nationalists in their own guilds… Horrible for soloque…

That’s nice, but no matter how you spin it the majority of the vg community wants voice chat.

Besides, we are talking about something that may or may not be implemented and if it was I’m sure it would be much later in the year.

We already got a “Thanks!” ping but was removed since it was easily abused since you could spam it sarcastically instead of doing the star faced ping. When I’m genuinely thankful for someone, I usually just do a single smiley emote.

And for sorry, I think the 2x sad faced emote works just as well if there was a text ping. Neither one can be used less sarcastically because if someone stole a treant by purpose, they can abuse either pings.

Besides, I think there might be too many text pings already and could only fit one or two more which I would really want a “Spread out!” ping as I sometimes see 3-4 people huddling around one lane when minions and singular enemy heroes are slowly destroying the turrets in the other lanes.

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I would prefer type chat over voice chat tbh.
I don’t want voice in soloQ, and those who want to duo, trio and stuff can just use discord.
Plus, I think voice chat might make the game more laggy, and I don’t want random people yelling at me.
Yes, I know it will have an “off” option, but so do pings.
Pings can be turned off, yet they had to remove “?” and “thanks!” because of toxicity.


Have fun getting ganked in the middle of typing a sentence with the keyboard taking up half the screen.

Also, there’s so many games out there who implemented voice chat without latency issues.

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Use it when you are recalling/walking towards your lane/are dead?
And I can already see people yelling all over the place just because their jungler didn’t help gank their lane or calling people noobs because they didn’t use FoR properly, etc

It might be a good way to communicate for some people, tho I would never talk myself, but I feel it’ll add more toxicity.

That doesn’t change the fact that you will need to type during movement to coordinate with your teammates, also the voice chat would feature an on or off button as well as a mute for individual players. Y’all will never convince me that typing while playing is the way to go.

Nah, I disagree. I have played lots of game with voicechats like Dota, Rules of Survival, etc. Yeah ofcourse they often uses their own language to shout, flame, swearing, etc. but in the end, there are still many people uses English and try to communicate with others to make the match better. The higher your rank / MMR / etc., the frequently voice chat is used with English as language!

And I am in Finland, so useless? Nah, not in EU!


Scandinavians and Dutch +Great Britain all use english.

Russians and Germans don’t use english much…

But that doesn’t mean they don’t learn English