Can we just nerf Alpha? She is just OP as ever

So lemme explain why I wanna nerf her. Last match I got an Alpha who just bought only a Spellsword and a Breaking Point and she just bursted everyone down with 3 hits each. WTF? 2 damage items but 3HK each hero? After that I checked her stats and holy mother of God it’s unreal. She has a perk that allows her to have 2 lives and you know what, her HP is 2400+. That is near as tough as Glaive who has 2500+ HP but now you have 2 lives instead of one. That’s a total of 4900+ HP for 2 lives. Well you can argue that she can be killed while she is rebooting so just attack and kill her. Yeah good luck doing that with a metric crap ton of rockets, mortars, arrows and ice spikes popping up around her. And she got 2800 HP while rebooting. That’s even tougher than Ardan. Furthermore her A has an 80% slow at level 5. You have barely made it out alive after an engagement and now she is coming for you witn an AOE attack with 80% slow? You just might as well buy a Frostburn and turn it into a root. And her B, you can spam it for days and it barely drains her health and deals tons of damage. Yeah, making a hero like that and you’ll just break the game.
Here are my suggested nerfs:
HP: reduced HP received per level by 12 HP
A: reduce the slow by 10% each level and the slow duration down from 1.5s to 1s.
B: Cooldown increased to 12s flat but each basic attack now will reduce its cooldown by 1.5s
However, her ult is kinda lackluster so I’m gonna give it a buff
CP ratio bumped up to 300%

Lol 12s cooldown on her B will make CP Alpha dead

Sure throw a hero who is 10% OP in the trash bin with a total rework that destroys the core hero.

Alpha is strong right now. She is not unbeatable though. CP users can burst her down hard. CC will shut down her entire kit.

Learn how to beat her instead of complain about her. Skaarf and Lance are both very strong against her.


lul did he say that her A plus FB makes it a root? slows don’t stack


Choose Krul = Win

Alpha is strong but she isn’t broken. Don’t tell me, she blew up your WP saw?


I do expect a nerf for her, but I mainly think her lifesteal from AS and WP should go down I just want aftershock nerfed already!!! Her lifesteal is just insane, especially in 1v1s.

Do u know what’s even more hilarious? I bought her, tried her out and got 2 giant killfeeds (in 5v5 PvP and Casual 3v3) though I’m inexperienced AF. Yeah. That’s enough proof for her OP-ness

It makes you so slow that you feel like it’s a root

Check my reply to Glowarm. It says it all

So what now? She is super sticky and that thing deals a crap ton of damage

Lol just because a hero is overpowered doesn’t mean we go stripping their kit. Alpha succeeds at assasinating squishies but is super vulnerable to fast assassins and kiters.

I think she’s strong but she still has good counters.

Besides, if she’s does need nerfs, it will happen.


In two horribly unbalanced unranked modes you killed low tier players? That is your big evidence.



Slows don’t stack building frostburn is wasting CP damage potential.

I suggest you read up on a lot of basic info. This will help improve you balance suggestions.

You do realize that that “thing” deals 2% max damage per stack to herself? So her third B activating deals 6% self damage…

That’s nothing of a proof.

Your proclaimed ‘OPness’ from being supposedly ‘inexperienced AF’ while using her have many variables. First, it’s a casual. The number of kills you get depends on multiple variables such as the skill level of the user you’re up against, snowballing factor and such.

You are playing unranked. You do understand the majority level of skill levels there, don’t you?

Second, her A only really hits if you’re ‘smart’ enough to just stay in the scanning site, and isn’t exactly a threat if you have reflex block at the ready, or your teammate backing you up. If you’re running from an Alpha, then chances are you dived against her alone and now you’re running away, at which point then will the slow become a threat. In this case, it’s you who made the mistake, buddy.

Third, her B drains 6% health per use at max stack, and not considering that it also causes basic attacks to drain her health during the overload stack.

Try to take in other people’s opinion, won’t you? Alpha can be shut down just as other heroes, only that she’s a bit tricky. She’s a pain, yes, but she’s balanced enough for me.

In my eyes, and I apologize beforehand, all I see is you ranting rather than trying to make an actual statement to claim that Alpha is overpowered. I see the words of an angry player, rather than one that’s writing logical proofs. If you want to take SEMC attention, you need to do better. Otherwise, this is going nowhere.


I rather face Alpha all day long than a Koshka.

P.S.: Just came back from 3 losing streaks of ranked and a few 5v5 casual losts, so I may appear a bit… angry myself. Sorry for that. Lul.


I think her main weakness, her lack of disengage options, is worth noting. Once she dives in, she MUST commit to it. All she can do to disengage is use boots or her A on a jungle creep, but they’re not really reliable, as boots have CD and jungle creeps might not always be available for her to use her A on.


Alpha is strong against carries, but a lot of other brawlers to well against her.

Late game you can burst her out of reboot in under 5 seconds so it’s all about surviving her mid game AS spike as CP or getting a PS/SF to negate her healing with Wp. If you get mortal wounds on a Wp alpha it reduces her healing and makes her manageable, get AP to stop her as she relies on attack speed. Her A deals mediocre damage as Wp and make use of that. The best way to face alpha is force engages with your whole team and delete her as a team

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I don’t think she’s that bad however I have noticed since 2.12 she is near impossible to kill in reboot in soloQ games. Some players could use education on “focus fire”

Skaarf with burning goop. Joule BRB as Cp or Celeste can all take her down fast.