Bye Bye amigo 👋 @Battlepass

I wonder what direction they plan on taking it to :thinking:


Sweet god I still cant one box :sweat:

Edit: I finally figured it out :sleepy::sneezing_face:

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Never felt like it was part of VG so I can’t say I’ll miss it. All the BPs were worth 10 dollars, as in combined, if you saved your ICE from the previous one.

You basically forget about it when you are done and have nothing else to do in the game if you aren’t interested in ranking.

They do have some stuff about adding a progression system that can be done as many times as need be so that sounds nice and long term.

Also, I basically watched this post be edited the entire time while typing this lol.

:clown_face: How ashamed I feel rn makes me want to instant delete this whole post.

Don’t worry, I’ve edited reply’s before constantly cuz of spelling and knowing someone is seeing my effort to cover up my bad spelling skills

They’ve changed stuff in their market section so much and added new things constantly, it’s honestly really funny to see them still change things so much like 5 years later and not settle on something decent


Well that was 60 seconds of my life I’ll never get back. :unamused: What a stupid post – it says absolutely nothing except “we’re dumping the Battle Pass because not enough people bought it.”


I mean, this is a pretty significant change. They remove 3v3 casual, now BP? I feel the ultimate reason is obvious: it was too good of a deal for the consumer. $10 that could potentially last you infinite seasons. Dang.

I’ll remain watchful and optimistic that what they have next to replace it is both A) unique to VG and B) a great deal for the customer to keep them happy and engaged.

A happy customer is a spending customer. I’m an example. I felt the BP was such a good deal for me personally, that I was more inclined to spend money on said company (ie Catherine’s dragon skin).

If this goes in a less favorable direction for the customer, I’d be less likely to spend money again on SEMC. Time will tell soon enough!

You don’t know SEMC very well, I’m afraid.


I wish there was a sad option instead of a heart to a post, lol. While you’re likely correct, and I am aware of SEMC’s history (doesn’t take much research to find out), I’m a naive optimist at times.


I thought it was a rushed product that they attempted to replace the seasonal rewards, but in the end failed to do so.

We need some optimists here to balance out the hardened criminals cynics like me. :wink:


I’m honestly really confused as to why they’re doing this. :oops: The “players didn’t find much value in it” part isn’t really good reasoning, as the BP was pretty much unanimously liked by the community since it’s release and is considered the best use of ICE, by far. In addition, it did a decent enough job to fix the lack of meaningful progression systems. Guess they don’t want anyone actively playing throughout the next season because of how there won’t be any progression systems at all. Pretty bad decision to make right after the PC launch, imo. I feel like all they really had to do was add small rewards for levels gained past 100.
I honestly regret spending the cash on mine now. I actually liked finishing it, but I feel like I would have been pretty fine if I hadn’t bought it had I known this. Guess I have a lot of ICE to spend now.


That’s okay. I hope majority of the people (especially new ones) were like you. You’re always optimistic and enthusiastic about the game and its community while not just blindly praising SEMC for things they do not deserve. My point is community needs more people like you.


I think you’re describing first and second battle pass. This season I don’t understand it at all. I LOVED it at first because it gave incentive to people to play in a time when everyone was kinda inactive (at least my experience) and found VG boring. Fast forward to this battle pass I just don’t see it. How does it make you play the game when it doesn’t reward time spent? I’ve played so much this season and I got to level 30 on the accounts I play the most and 20 something on the 3rd I used. I haven’t done any events (that’s kinda obvious) but that’s the problem. Why do I need to do events? The very reason I liked the battle pass for (incentive to play) is now gone. No matter how much you play you don’t get rewarded. All that without counting the blitz-rewarding prizes of course lol but at least you get your ice back.


I would respond in a negative manner but honestly, after maxing sunlight and BP every season I’ve played, I only got to level 47. It’s not like I even made my ICE back.

I’m waiting for SEMC to just do something that will make the game click for me again. Sadly, hasn’t happened yet


I think everyone and their family neighbors classmates coworkers bought it , I didn’t buy it , are they talking about me , is this whole rework to make me buy it ?! , hehehehe man semc is bad at excuses it obvious the rewards were too good for the price and time for a rework and the edit reason (not good enough) , even if you rework it people who didn’t buy it like me not going to buy it , so you just stopping your current customers from buying the new one .

I don’t know how much you play but i think I’ve maxed every sunlight level and battle pass so far except for last season because I was so damn bored I nearly quit. BUT this season I love VG again. I like where they’re going with meta. I played so much. If I can’t get to level 50 just by playing how is that supposed to make me play? I mean honestly I don’t care for myself that much. All I care about is game play. But I am thinking of all the other people including many people from the forum. I play if I like it, I don’t care for much else but they need a reason to play it. And that’s why I don’t understand this battle pass. SEMC gave that reason to the people with the old battle pass then took it away and now completely removed it officially. Why did they force people to play random brawl modes which you might like or might not like at all to get the levels. Just don’t understand.


Ayy lol I’m sorry but this is hilarious, this was bound to happen, sunlight was alright, battle pass started good and they ruined both things with their questionable decisions.
Battle pass was trash and that’s why nobody bought it. At least they realized it was a failure… Yay!

Honestly they need to start firing some peeps (mainly the ones behind all the dumb and unnecesary decisions) unless they want to stay as a meme.

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The main thing I did not like is the fact that most chests is the battle pass are talents chests (Coming from someone who abhors talents) and honestly the system they had prior to this season’s BP was a ton better as it felt like you were progressing much faster due to the lower level requirement at low sunlight levels. I hole SEMC has a good replacement for the BP, but I’d prefer that it just stay in the game tbh…


For me the biggest shock was coming back to this game and there being a BP. I know it’s a hype train, but for a game that doesn’t churn out skins as quickly as say fortnite (understandable due to model scaling and detail etc), giving skins away doesn’t seem to provide longevity. Plus people have favourite characters so it not being a “one skin for all” means people may be disuaded by certain drops