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Bye Bye amigo 👋 @Battlepass


Wow, what an interesting decision and one I see is creating a lot of debate.

I definitely think the BP is great (you do get a lot from it) but i certainly didn’t have to worry about not getting it. Even if i didn’t play the events they do (which give an incredible amount of sunlight) I would still have no trouble getting max.

Psychologically though i feel it isn’t that rewarding. I feel that you get a lot of good stuff pretty early on, but when you are getting 50 essence and 200 glory at levels 90+ there is balance issues.

I only have Mobile Legends to compare this style of reward to and i would say this is infinitely better than theirs and at least it’s clear what you will achieve so you do have something to strive for.

What comes to my mind is maybe dwindling revenue. Those that play the game frequently will have most of the characters, skins, talents, etc and ultimately will be able to save the ICE and use it to purchase the next BP. New players will find it difficult to achieve, will probably use the ICE they are rewarded with and then have to buy more ICE to purchase the BP again and may be put off about the fairness. This kind of reward system IMO should be cheaper and need to be purchased every season with relatively decent rewards in order to get the whole playerbase on board.


This. BP should encourage players to play the game, not force people to do events that may like or may not. If you don’t do events, you can’t get the max levels, and this shouldn’t be how it works.


I read this as: “we gave too much even with the filled with talents battle pass, let’s remove it and fill the market with lootboxes for more profits… and ofc we will not return the sunlight wheel nor the free rewards for end of season… or if the backlash is too high, we will return 50% of the end of season rewards”

I mean, every time when I read “you, the players” from SEMC post in the last few years, especially the last one - it was an anti players decision. Hope I am wrong, but… yeah. :slight_smile:


Rip progression system. Here we are again, with no meaningful progression system. Hey, at least we will have a coherent market (hopefully), because the current one is a disaster.


For me also the sunlight wheel was peeeerfect… the season changing the background, the effects, the feel of progression in it. The only thing that should had be done was twice the levels and more awards in it, like skin for level 100, the new hero for level 50, blueprints here and there and so on. And everyone that really plays the game a lot and enjoys it - to reach that level 100, no matter what game modes he is playing. Events bonus sunlight would be cool too, just not over do it (etc. if you don’t play them, you surely won’t reach level 100). That was all needed to give the people more reasons to play + visually appealing. Ofc guilds rework as one great thread in this forums greatly show how much potential it got: [VISUAL] An Attempt at Improving Guilds #2

Also the thing you describe is how most of the not “brawl die hard talents only game modes” players are seeing the situation - the first two battle pass were great in value… then the next 2 2/3 talents as rewards just killed it. Still, I would prefer from visual and progression point the above with the sunlight wheel. They could even keep the levels 50, just fill them with rewards like for 100 levels + adjust how much you should play to gain level with worthy awards… + bonus awards above level 100, you know, for the really dedicated people and continued great feel of progression that adds to one great and bug free gameplay. :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, the last reason for me to play this game is now gone. Thanks SEMC. FInally I can start studying.


If they toned down the talent rewards for the Battle Pass it would feel so much better to grind for. I’d rather get silver/gold keys rather than epic talent chests.


Talents are like an infection you can’t get rid of. They’re everywhere in the game, despite the fact that you can only use them in one mode now. Lol


Also just started reading up on that guilds post. I can totally get behind everything I read so far. Fantastic ideas and cod totally bolster guild activity


Do you mean the one by @Xhaos?


SEMC needs to lower the influence of talents lol. They’re not really popular and only serve to make the game look bad to PC players


Yep! There are some really good ideas there and the visuals look great

EDIT: Mb they’re ALL good ideas


Sadly, he originally posted many of those ideas (in similar, brilliant fashion) more than 2 years ago on the old forums. I personally brought it to the attention of the devs, and it was shared internally.

And look what’s happened with guilds since then.

SEMC just doesn’t see guilds as valuable to the game.


Yeah that needs to change. Additions like that could really bring back the guild community we had back then and would only serve to increase VG’s playerbase cause everyone likes to flex


And with the steam release and extremely critical PC players (Even if a good number of them unfairly review the game) change needs to happen NOW cause the PC playerbase is a whole other beast compared to the mobile playerbase


I don’t think it will end up with a lot of PC exclusive players. Most likely mobile players that plays it here and there on their PC, mainly. After all as said a lot of times, why playing VG when you can play lol and dota 2? Even the low PC specs argument won’t hold as lol require not much to run great. :slight_smile:


I mean VG has more accessibility for new players than LoL and DOTA and even then I think people have to realize that you can still play multiple games even if VG is not ur main game lol. Like I plan on learning DOTA, but Imma still main VG


I disagree, lol is pretty easy to get into and dota 2 (at low skill level) is not that hard either. Dota 2 is hard when you start to get better and needs to learn a lot of things. VG as a MOBA for mobile i… was great, but for PC? Played on decent level both dota 2 and lol + dota, tried heroes of the storm, i.e. I have quite some experience with PC mobas and VG is not on their level, period. Won’t even get into discussion about why as it’s silly/biased from someone to think otherwise.


Hm ig I am seeing it more with a competitive mind set, but I do think VG can definitely fit into PC if SEMC gets theiract together. The game deserves so much more than it has atm…


Well, lol and dota 2 have a really high skill ceiling, but also got easy “get into” and so big player bases that you will have a lot of fun competitively in the lower skill tiers too. The game won’t match you in your 15th match vs pro players. The higher learning curve to be a pro is something I like, I love choice, deeper mechanics, complexity, but then again - I am 31 years old and I come from the times when games were not easy (bot strategically and mechanically).

As @hazeleyes said and I will steal it (tho not quoting): “VG was the moba perfected for touch, now it’s moba perfected for nothing.”

They try to “sell” a mobile game into PC players that got two wonderful MOBAs that are deep, with big community, big player base, big competitive scene to follow and enjoy watching/learning/cheering + a lot of tournaments, a lot of high skilled players, more mature players overall… how exactly VG will fit next to them and some other good PC mobas? VG was great and nowdays is good mobile MOBA game, but this is the truth - mobile game. Scaling it up to fit a 24inch monitor + adding keyboard/mouse support won’t change that.