Bug: Heroes will not basic attack after blinking/dashing

Hi, I would like to report a bug, which has been out there for a while now (around 3 patches old), but recently with Anka, this bug has become more noticeable.

Heroes like Blackfeather, Vox, Anka, etc… will not basic attacking pre-selected targets after blinking to them or dashing a certain distant. Re-selecting a target by tapping or pressing [Basic Attack] using joystick control prove to be no use. In order for the hero to attack again, the played needs to move or select another target, only then, the hero would basic attack as normal.

This bug is irritating, just why!? In the mist of a team fight, heroes will just be standing still. I hope this will get fixed ASAP. This bug aside, other graphic bugs like Anka’s blade (omg, how can this slipped through???), School Day Taka skin’s Blade,… needs to be fixed also.


At least with Anka, this is confirmed to be intentional behavior by SEMC.

Intentional that she camnot attack?

yes. nightwalker (one of the pbe devs) said that it was intentional for anka to be unable to attack after using her teleport. she alsosaid it would be changed if it became too problemmatic. right now it is a part of mastering anka

She has to kill a target to survive longer than 1.5 seconds in a teamfight and they mess up her attack pathing? No way is that intentional… She already has to preserve that auto attack and time it right.
Now when the timing is right it just doesn’t proc and it feels like the game froze…

Yay for in game experience…

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Her AA is definitely not key to her success, though – not based on my (very brief so far) experience as well as what I’m reading from others.

She has missing health damage on her AA!
If you port to the target and then want to finish that target she will stand still as if stunned instead of finishing the target. This can and will get you killed.

Her AA is part of her power and it is vital in the damage chain since her missing health damage scales with CP.

Sorry but your statement is misinformed on this part.

Does It affect Idris too?
Rip Vox :frowning:

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yeah i noticed it a little too much when i tried wp anka. I just couldnt basic attack n my friend who was playing cp anka easily killed me with his B.

lol this is ridiculous. I guess it has to do with mastering retargetting after ‘dashing’ in any form but it can be really problematic if you don’t realize that that your hero has just stopped attacking out of nowhere, especially in the heat of team fights. You can die quite easily just from this alone.

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Only Idris rare skin. Its been a problem for such a long time. The Ult on that skin is buggy af. Not too sure about Horus since I don’t have that skin. I believe SE is good too. So its either use base or SE.

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To me, this (coupled with your other post where you said you find her underpowered) indicates to me that you’re playing her very differently from the way I have been – and from the way that she seems to be intended to be played. Her major sources of damage are her abilities. Period. If you’re relying on her auto attacks to do damage, it’s no wonder you think she’s underpowered.

Really? Ive never got problems with that skin.

Maybe its just me then. That skin always makes me suffer and I can’t chain anything together so I just stick to the base.

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Her passive deals a lot of damage (35% of targets missing health) so its an important part of her combos as her final strike.

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Have you read her perk?
Its easy to dismiss facts because you don’t agree with my opinion. I might play her wrong sure.
But missing health damage 35% is no joke.
Lets take an Ardan with 3k hp who is down to his last 800 hp.

2200 hp missing health would be 770 missing health damage from a single basic attack. Which is more than her A or B in most cases…

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That’s a good point, and I admit I haven’t been taking that into account. (Still learning her, ofc, like everyone else.) How would you suggest maximizing that?

It would be awesome if you’d stop taking everything personally.

Well its an execute. You shouldn’t be using that in between your abilities unlike SAW where you can shank, B, and shank again. Executes are executes for a reason and with a refresh being guaranteed you can do it someone else again. I hate calculations especially for a game unless they are like item calcs because it somewhat feels pointless to do. You should just try to recognize that if a hero is like “X” amount in there health bar, they will die.

Who said anything about attacks in between? At the end of a combo the darn hero refuses to attack!