BP DE hybrid build

Just a thought, havent actually tried it in game yet. At max stacks, BP DE gives you a total of 20% attack speed, 305 wp and 301 cp. Its simply a wp build but with DE as the last item. So like SSW BP DE or TB BP DE. Or a 4 item build like TB SSW BP DE. Both BP and DE will stack together, but BP requires you to do enough wp damage while DE just stacks every second in combat. The build will only work if:

  • Your hero relies on long, drawn out fights. (This build doubles the need to build up stacks)
  • Your hero goes well with wp and has good cp scaling or attributes.
  • You manage to get past the horrendous hybrid build path.

Main candidates:

  • Grumpjaw (Massive A damage)
  • Krul (Good barrier and smite)
  • Lance (Loads of utility from cp)

Some other possible candidates:

  • Idris (No sustain but unlocks both paths on his perk)
  • Joule (Might not sustain long enough to build stacks)
  • Baptiste (Same issue)
  • Ardan (70% cp ratio on B is eh)
  • Rona (Bad cp ratios also, good cp on A)
  • Alpha (Aftershock spam build probably better)
  • SAW (If you have 4 supports protecting you and allowing you to build stacks)

kestrel maybe? i know shes bursty but she does have hybrid attributes

Will be impossible to build stacks tho since she is so squishy
The build makes it a must to build up stacks before you can do damage

well probably any tank that goes WP could work… i think

you need a long teamfight for that build…

most people want to kill carry fast to reduce threat…

But why. Would not a sole weapon or crystal build be better?

I would say Grace but building attackspeed is heresy.

I played BP DE TT Krul when I was climbing t4 and t5… They did not expect that HUGE SMITE. The 4 sec before stacks drop thing in DE is really good since you can weave in and out of fights happening near a brush for getting your passive over and over.

His jungle clear speed will be shit tho.

Because 301 cp for one item is better than any other third single wp item when your hero is able to get those stacks and benefit alot from the cp. Also DE stacks a lot easier than BP, so you will get max DE stacks first before BP stacks.

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But by the time you even get near that much, 1) you’re dead 2) your team is dead 3) or the enemy team is dead, and in a 1v1 or even a 2v2, that damage stacks even slower. It’s just not worth running these items in a hybrid build when there are better options.

Krul works amazing I have tested it, add a SSW to it and your really a ramp monster

Wouldn’t Ringo and Gwen also be candidates since they can just poke or kite?
(Does resonance stack DE?)

It does stack dragons eye, I play hybrid Vox a little

No, they are better doing upfront damage with a crit build or something like that, especially against assassins where you cant tank them and have to burst them down.

Hell no her basics are aoe too.
Grace AS De tb BP JB aegis.

Say bye bye…

@Gatorrex but I play a burst focused GJ with TB SB TM.
Just gank and finish squishes in A+B combo.
What would the build for a more sustained fighter be?
I once went SB BP TM which kinda worked, but mostly either I got focused, or the enemy died before I could get a significant amount of bp stacks…

Interesting idea, can see why throwing in a DE onto a WP bruiser like Krul and Grumpjaw night work.

However your going to need another WP item to enable you to build up those BP stacks; not sure which item would be best, TB? SSW for cool-down?

Possible Krul build - Boots, BP,DE,SS,TB,defence your choice. Threw in shiversteel for the att speed utility and health buffs.

A month old pic from the Godly tier of Got Swagger.

It’s a fun build.

But I don’t think opponents would let you have your way when you’re building into it in later tiers…

Ehh i cant even test stuff properly because matchmaker keeps putting me against low tiers. Still 100% winrate on grumpjaw lol. Keep ending up winning the game before i could even build DE, but heres one game where i managed to build DE. It was useful in pretty much only 1 fight where i had 10 DE stacks and dealt like 800 damage with my A.
Overall i think its still not worth it on grumpjaw. Without SSW, your A cooldown is too high to use as a reliable source of damage. Without TB, you are missing out on your massive early game powerspike. With a 4 damage item build, you have to sacrifice a defence item so you wont be tanky enough to build up stacks.

Too little, too late.

DE has 18 freaking stacks, it’s the definition of potato. Maybe when it had 9 or 12 it could have worked but now, the ramp time would outweigh any benefits.