Black Friday

So … it’s Black Friday in the States, and because many of us shop online these days, deals abound outside the US as well. Anyone find anything particularly good? Or buy something you shouldn’t have but the sale price was too tempting?

It’s entirely possible that I bought this.


Here I don’t have anything… but I will be seeing what people bought in this thread. :slight_smile:


Haven’t bought anything and probably won’t, but I’d have loved to pick up some Voltron merch. I’ve been seeing a bunch of stores stocking both new and old Voltron stuff, I’m sure there’d be sales somewhere.

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Bought a Nintendo switch Mario kart bundle for $299 while also getting $50 GameStop card which I used to help buy Mario Odyssey, then I plan on getting Celeste, Undertale (both 20% off) and Sonic forces (50% off). I’m getting an 128 gb micro SD card for only $20 on Best buy too for my switch.


Nice! Mario Kart 8 is super fun! If you haven’t played it, I utterly and completely recommend Zelda: BoTW – simply an incredible game.

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Galaxy Note 9 for less than half price so I’m pretty set :smile:


I stopped myself from buying a brand-new gaming PC because I didn’t have a reason to replace my dying computer yet.

Guess what died today.

Guess what I ordered today.


Luck, or fate?


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Ehhh got most of my electronics years earlier, so I typically focus clothes. Yea, got some good deals on clothes

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It was likely fate that I’d have this luck


Not to derail the thread but did anyone did the whole “Wait outside the store till it opens” type of black friday?

I never even did that back when it was a thing. Lol

It sounds painful to suffer just for some discounted items.

So I havent done that as well. Just curious if others thought it was a good idea💁‍♂️

I waited outside for 30 mins of a GameStop in line with like 20 people if that counts. To be fair all the Spiderman PS4 bundles were literally out before we even got in the doors. Luckily what I wanted wasn’t sold out but literally everyone behind me wanted the same switch bundle so I pray for them lol.

@hazeleyes Dude Mario kart 8 is so fun. I’ve been playing it with my little siblings and it’s been crazy, I’m considering getting more controllers just for them. I was never a big fan of Mario kart because the tracks were often linear in the sense there weren’t many shortcuts that didn’t require a mushroom or options to really do better then others. But the spin-hops, anti-gravity spins and improved maps really added the little extra flavor it needed IMO. I just wish we could active and deactivate the paragliders whenever we wanted, the insane tricks I could do with it. Also turning off the motion controls would be nice.

Always been a fan of Sonic Riders(especially zero gravity) and Sega All-stars(especially transformed) so Mario kart 8 was honestly the best surprise since I love racing games.

Edit: also Celeste is awesome and I hope it wins goty


You can do so, if it’s the switch one when your picking your kart out and in the pause menu while in game is where you can turn it on/off, as well as the other two option of auto accelerate and dunno what to call it but it keeps you from going off road( guess auto drive)

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Oh cool, can I turn off computers and pick exclusive items? Cuz if I could turn my items exclusively into mushrooms that would be so much fun.

Yea in vs, you can have coms or not and change their difficulty, teams or solo, different item modes, more courses in a play through, different cc speeds even mirror.

I’ve had it be on the fastest with only mushrooms and it is awesome, also bob ombs only in high speed is funny

Ordered this on Black Friday, showed up last night – it’s fantastic, the picture hardly does it justice! (I ordered Weiss also, but she hasn’t made it to my house yet …)


Meanwhile, I’m eyeing up your coffee machine

Do you have a case for your figurines? I have always debated dabbling in collecting some but I am really not a fan of holding onto trinkets like that, so it would need to be a serious investment if I did


Have been thinking of making this my first purchase

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