Balance wishes?

Anyone have any specific balance wishes? I want turrets to be tankier in 5v5 and want nerfs on both Aftershock and Alpha.


Reduce minion damage to turrets, nerf reza fortress krul gwen samuel and catherine


Nerf taka. Too much damage,limited vision and movt speed boosts make him deadly. Nerf movt speed buffs in general as it makes the meta revolve around fast mobile heroes.

Maybe they could buff 5v5 vision and nerf aftershock

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Catherine? Why? Her stun was already nerfed , the best part in her kit now is her ult

Reduce “Surrender” option first available time based on number of afks on team.

Nerf Koshka’s perk or early lvl ability cooldowns.

Nerf something about Gwen. Maybe fix her ult hitbox? It feels frikkin huge…

Make turrets tankier till Ghostwing spawns.

Minion waves with a Captain minion must be slightly differentiated someway on the minimap. Pleaaaaase.

Mandatory nerf Ozo heals (Coz of salt, no argument)

Alpha’s lifesteal or base defense needs some kind of hit. She is impossible to kill and all she needs is aftershock to deal loads of damage

Reduce minion damage so they tear through turrets less.
Increase Baron’s AA range.
Nerf WP Alpha.
Decrease SAW’s AA range slighty.
Increase Phinn’s HP.
Increase Lance’s A base damage at level 1 from 80 to 100.
Buff CP Varya slightly.
Lower Flicker’s A damage slightly.
Increase Adagio’s heal power slightly.
Decrease Grace’s A weapon ratio.
Cause Petal’s exploding munion to heal by one basic attack upon ult use.
Decrease the time between Grumpjaw’s stack loss.
Lower Teleport Boots cooldown.
Bring back Rose Trail.



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What? I only touched her WP side.

I know lol, I am simply warning u to stay back from my waifu cause that’s all u finna get >:^)


I really miss it.


Shes cancer at its finest. Id say koshka grace and gwen are all on the same boat right now

No. Grace is on a different boat.

She’s holy. And hotter than the others.

But yeah, she hits pretty damn hard, I agree with Nerf some wp path posts here

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No only WP Grace is cancer. The rest of her is perfection. Leave my waifu alone


I want Koshka, Krul, Alpha, Taka get a nerf into oblivion

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Lower Flicker’s A damage lol what

It’s a stun that you’re guaranteed to land, you just have to activate her A choose a target and it gets stunned its huge ganking potential for an ability so easy to land and on a spammable cooldown. And they changed her B its basically up all the time now catherine fucks up any mage/aoe burst hero she’s considered by many pros the best captain this patch.

800 potential damage every 5 seconds on A.
900 potential damage on top of that from B.
When someone is trapped in his B it is easy to get the full damage out of his A.

It’s also AoE. See it yet?

I believe other captains do more damage than him