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Balance changes not implemented

Bigger Plot Twist

That wasn’t a plot twist


It’s mostly likely just a visual bug, simeone forgot to change it. Similar to “stealthy assassin who can heal while invisible” that couldn’t lul


No, it wasn’t implemented. We tested and SEMC themselves said it would in a hot fix, so it wasn’t.


On reddit the devs confirmed that the Lance and Idris changes didn’t make the update, but they are due for the next one. It’s fairly normal in game development that a build which is released to the public is not the absolute latest — we just didn’t get the build that included those changes.


That is NOT what happened here at all. This was a QA failure, pure and simple. Changes that were intended for this release were not included in the build that was released. No one noticed until the update was live … OTHERWISE THEY WOULD HAVE CHANGED THE UPDATE NOTES.

This is typical SEMC. They can’t own up to mistakes, so they pretend like it was the plan all along.


It’s really concerning now, to me at least. 4.1 is just a “maintainance” update, ChainSaw just left, no new heroes (which is lowkey a good thing), some changes are not even implemented,

Hope VG’s fate is not sealed just yet.


Thats what its shaping up to be.

No major changes that completely nerfs a hero or outrageously buffs a hero.

Pretty much the same as last patch.


They confirmed it was a mistake and should have been introduced.


On reddit they confirmed it to be a mistake and that would be implemented in a hot fix, not that it was for the next update.


Sonata said it would be server hotfixed but wolf_hands mentioned that it will be in next client side update in megathread i think.


Also typical that they can’t get their stories straight. Smh … this company :roll_eyes:


Patch notes was late and with mistakes it sound like they probably did different changes , I think there is something wrong , they probably tried to do the right changes but they missed something between what planned and what implemented , it could be a short changes patch but they added some buffs and nerfs to make it bigger .


Client side update = Hotfix…


Server is on their side, client side we have to download the update from appstore. Every update i have to redownload whole obb file so im unhappy with it possibly not being server side. I can live without seeing changes written in game right now.

You re right i could have written that better.


One of the devs posted a solution to the whole “Android has to download the entire game every update” problem. I know for iOS users delta updates are automatic beyond a certain version of iOS. But for Android it’s a little more manual

It was posted on Reddit by Tommy Krul if I recall, so go searching and see if it helps you.


We also need a new bugs topic as it’s horrible… two games I had sudden 80% of the sound effects removed (2 from 5-6 games)… only 20% of the things that should play - played. In one of the games another player from my team confirmed that for him it’s also like that.

Gfx dark line next to the mid lane bush, water side - still exist.

And the lag spikes + mis position are super bad.


P.S. Also I feel while most players should had dropped rank, that some didnt and I play with total noobs… like batiste bot and only WP item build almost up till the end of the game: :vgitem_poisonedshiv: … but don’t worry, he had :vgitem_journeyboots: to run into the enemy team to die or go and farm instead of participate in the team fight. I was 2475 elo before the update… so instead of positive exp with that tier drops, I got only frustration till I rank up in week or so. Also there is that, losing is -2 points, winning +25, every boosted t10 will reach if again easy.


Your wish is my command … :genie:


THIS. AMEN. This is my LEAST favorite thing in all of VG. Many of you know I always try to be the optimist for this game. I can’t stand this however. It literally rewards poor play. @HipsterSkaarf - any chance you have any insight as to why SEMC implemented this last season and what they’re hearing from the community? Should we start a separate thread regarding how the ranking system and progression (doesn’t) works?


Yup. I lost as much as I won the other day and I’m now halfway through PoA Silver from Bronze. It shouldn’t be this easy yikes :grimacing:


Are you talking about the rate of elo gain immediately after the season starts (i.e., after your VST has been dropped but your MMR is still high), or the rate that persists the whole season (i.e., when your VST and MMR are generally equal)?