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Balance changes not implemented


Some balance notes are not implemented, like Idris and Lance changes

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Welp SEMC at their best. Would be interesting to know if the changes have been done but the text hasn’t been updated, or they haven’t even bothered with the changes.


They though the idris buff was so insignificant that wasnt needed to be implemented.


Idris I tested and no, is not implemented, Lance I have to see


Lance tested, isnt implemented as the damage reduction still scales.


Welp SEMC really have reached a new low. “Priorities” according to EdTheShred… He practically straight up told me (via twitter) last patch the reason a lot of bugs hadn’t been fixed was because they were focusing on PC release… make of that what you want.

tbf it was partly also Excoundrel’s statements, Click the link to get the full thread.


Honestly I like your tone in the replys, very neutral.

But anyways, based on this patch, I REALLY haven’t seen any bugs occurring to my favorite heros.

Idk if the fixed the Skye A bug or the melee not targeting enemy bug but I havent seen it since last time I complained about and ill be optimistic that they did indeed fixed it. :ok_hand:


Haven’t been on 4.1 yet but when I do get the chance I’ll be checking for A) the Skye bug, B) the Skaarf bug and C) the basic attacking when near a wall bug.

I’m glad they fixed the two bugs they did though. Especially the scout cam one it kinda ruined the game.


If this is true, this is a whole new level of rofl… forgetting the balance changes is $$$.

Serious: How is this possible? They f up so many times in the last year that most dev companies with a lot of games didn’t in 20 years.


How so? I mean yes, it’s pretty useless of them, but it won’t make them money…


This means that it’s pure gold, i.e. super funny.


This company constantly finds new ways to amaze me. (And not in a good way.)


Well… skin is what matters this patch


For real? I haven’t had a chance to download the update. Hero changes aren’t being implemented!? That’s unbelievably sloppy. I try to always be positive, buy goodness gracious. I hope they release a hotfix ASAP. I hope good folks who are taking the time to test these heroes are immediately reporting to SEMC these issues.


They are already aware of this :slight_smile:


I would LOVE to see their source code management process.

Plot twist

There isn’t one.


Source codes are for the weak!


Just…how? This is the smallest patch as of recently. How did they forget to implement some of the changes?


Answer: SEMC. Enough explained.


They have a few code bases they work from

You will have noticed that bugs come and go. They seem solved and then appear next patch.

That’s having two / three code bases without proper unification through source control

Wouldn’t surprise me if they simply compiled the wrong code and the balance changes are all in place, just in another code base.

It’s child like levels of incompetence for a dev team