Assassins the best?

i recently matched against double assassins and i dont know what to do against them
in both matches they were last pick !

its ridiculous seeing them bursting me down as a tank
poison shiv and spellfire with aftershock , like this is super bad , too much tools for assassins to outplay tanks damage and mobility and outsustain !

i was trying to remember what pro players used to do , like i remember they were using rona and fortress or something like that , the problem is to beat double assassins you need coordination even if you have anti dive comp , they can disengage easy .

you support your own assassins, as a tank and pray to god that your assassins are better than theirs.

Being support / tank you really can’t do much if you’re alone, other than survive long enough for your own assassins to arrive in time.
But being a tank I would be questioning why you’re alone in the first place, if that is the case.

What were you and show us a pic of the actual game…

Which assassins are you complaining about and what did you build for defense…

We need info or its just a useless rant…

Anything with lane black feather
Jungler idris,koshka,Reza

But the nasty one is cp lane black feather and wp idris jungle
Then the wp lane black feather and cp Reza in jungle
I think if anka not banned she would make double assassin hard to defeat

The purpose of the thread is not about my matches , my matches made me wondering if double assassin going to spread in the 3v3 meta since the black feather buff .

What you saying is exactly what made me wondering why assassins so strong
As a tank you shouldn’t run from the assassin , the assassin should run from you ! , it’s like when the assassin running from Celeste , you not supposed to run , you supposed to kill her !

If assassins can burst me down as a tank with defense then the game not balanced ! , they should burst my laner then try to kill me , but they can burst me down easy , I remember once I snowballed a cp black feather as a reim and I was a head of items and level , but he was able to make our fights intense because of his burst damage , they can poke and run for days with the ability to burst and mortal wound !

Yeah my comment was a general guide to all “tanky” heroes. But if you want more specific advice on certain match ups, it would be helpful to mention the particular scenario, like riem vs blackfeather.

Blackfeather wins that, being more mobile and poke damage. Riem’s abilities are quite easy to dodge being a blackfeather.

You saying black feather wins that like its a normal thing , he shouldn’t win that , because tanks supposed to counter assassins , and reim supposed to counter all Melee except krul , what you see especially in 5v5 people pick roam heroes and play them as a tank , because they can survive against assassins , so the assassins counters according to the 5v5 meta are roam heroes not the real warrior tanks .

How about you stop saying what is “supposed” to be happening and just look at the cold hard facts. Look at stats. Look at game play videos. Etc.

A certain Riem user would even argue that he even counters krul.( I’m looking at you @dienubs) So that blows your theory out of the water.

Just figure out why you’re not winning and correct it, rather than wish what is “supposed” to be.

My wp blackfeather is good enough to counter krul and Rona (when I’m at my best). My saw can take out skaarf and celeste easy. It’s all about counter play and tactics.

What are you suggesting? That there’s a fatal flaw in the hero design? Because that’s what is sounds like to me.

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The sad truth is Reim gets bursted down by almost all melees


Cath the tank can handle assassins easily. I have no issues with them.

CP BF is a joke to be honest… Can’t imagine anyone struggling vs CP BF…

Koshka needs to be stunlocked much like Idris.

You need a CC comp.

You haven’t answered the question which tank. Churnwalker and cath can handle assassins easily.

Bruisers counter assassins, no doubt about it. Assassins are best at 1v1s, if you 1v1 a bruiser and an assassin the bruiser should win. A tank can survive an assassin for wayyyyy too long to be worth it, you could literally walk from one side of the map whilst running away as ardan and still not be dead by the assassin chasing you.
Assassins are only good at killing squishies, (other assassins or laners). Even then a SH counters the assassins + kiting,

Thats not true. Idris easly outdamages every tank, BF can easly defeat any bruiser, reza has enough mobility to kill any bruiser too. Rn bruiser dont defeat assassins by any means.


:joy: This reminded of a match last night. While not an assassin, I was jungling CP Cath and snagged a triple at our armory. It was just me and their roam Fort left. We ran all the way to their vain before I was able to kill him to get the Ace. I stunned him RIGHT in front of his spawn and hit my ult. One of the funniest moments I’ve had in VG recently

Hmm… that reminds me of a double, double that i got after they took our turret. it was so weird that it din’t go triple and quadra… it went double… then double… the time frame was really short, so it couldn’t been that.

I think if dienubs join the forum he would say wp reim get destroyed by krul , krul right now so strong , reim is so weak even against his counters .

I agreeeeeeeeeee

I think against one assassin cc comp works , but double assassins is too much honestly , especially if you talking about by BF Reza Idris , they all have blocks in their kit they can dodge the heavy cc .

I think roam tanks are good because they can survive as I mentioned , like you can survive a bit to let your team deal damage , while bruisers like krul and reim or glaive get burst end down very easy !.

I agree , what do you think the solution for that , what counters double assassins , or what to pick in A side to counter a predictable double assassins in B side , or is it about communication so no hope !

The problem comes to the own design of assassins: they are mobile bruisers (reza used to use 2 offensive items, koshka same…), they arent encouradged to build offensive (AS OP+horrible CP ratios). They are just a better version of bruisers… With the difference of Anka, who is killed easly by bruisers as she has no scape once she doesnt kill her target. The rest of the assassins may fail in killing their targets, but they can easly scape and out trade bruisers (more damage + enough mobility to scape everything), reason why assassins are constantly nerfed: they have no real counter when used right. This leds to ranged carries being stronger that they should (their counters, assassins being nerfed), and bruisers struggle against range heroes (as they should) but cant do their job of stopping assassins, reason why bruisers in this game are aither op, when they just destroy everything as they dont café about counters un that state, or Up fue to not being able to do their job and having counters. In general, as i said before, its a problem of design whose reason is the heros being designed for a 3v3 mode.


I don’t know about now, but back in 3v3 Idris lane was usually countered by glaive or rona, both bruisers. In general bruisers should counter assassins cause they don’t get bursted down and since assassins are squishy they can die easily after their inital burst.

I agree, you said It: they should. But truth is they dont. They no longer counter them (i mean, they give assassins some troubles, but can be defeat easier than normal counters. rn Idris can defeat rona in early too. The only mediocre counter is Baptiste against reza, thanks to his CC, but reza can also burst him easly.

I played against double assassins recently , and my team comp was actually good , like lane glaive and jungle petal , letting petal poke if they dive glaive jump on them then petal send ults to heal glaive and damage assassins , I was surprised how good this comp against assassins !

Against what assassins? And the enemy seems bad, idk, its quite easy to defeat that comp IMO.