Assassins the best?

Wp idris , cp bf , well if they went Reza it would be difficult ?! I agree

I dont consider CP BF an assassin, he is more like mage (poking).

Same for Reza , anka too , they can poke , which is annoying mobility and poke doesn’t mix . , like bf and idris if they land their B at the same time that’s a lot of damage , they can outpoke petal but she can burst them down .

Its different, the whole kit of CP BF is his B, neither reza or Anka play poking.

Can we call Malene anti assassin with her cooldown build , or is she weak against them , I noticed that she good against anka , she can get marked and go in the shadows which makes her hard target for anka .

BF is really good into Malene, so is Reza, Anka… You can just force her invulnerability though i agree she can give her problems, but not too many. Idris is bad into her, and i would say koshka too. About Taka… Idk, havent tested It.

She has the root and the invulnerability. She has the best kit against Assassins… I only use my B when my enemy overextends… In a normal fight I will root and run before using B…

This topic has been discussed enough, do i need to repeat everything? Summary: 3 dashes, lower cooldowns, barrier, range, speed boost, 3 Reflex block, execution.

BF is not good into Malene. Maybe surviving against her yeah, but killing her, no. Nothing is good into Malene. That B ability is so broken lmfao Idris and Reza have invulnerability too but at least there’s makes sense. It just feels that ability was slapped on her when she didn’t even need it because of all those roots and slows she has already. Literally nothing can kill a Malene that boots when invulnerable… They should have made her ult her A and her B her Ult and then her A her B. It would have been somewhat balanced because you can kill Malene pre-level 6 given how squishy she is without obviously a SH.


During her B she cant attack either. Doesnt Matter if she has that, BF has too many gap closers, reflex blocks and speed boost.

BF has gap closers. One which is targeted which becomes very useless against a good Malene who will root you as you dash in. Having two dashes that makes you have RB is good and all but leaves you vulnerable as you move in one direction. Malene V. BF is all about outplay potential.

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BF will win against Malene at the highest level, where players are good enough to block the root and dodge things, until then, Malene will win so basically, if you block the root you win (as BF).

What do you call the highest level of play?

VG Silver/gold + pros

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The problem is that most tanks have little killing power. They’re not really meant to kill anything on their own but minions or structures. It’s sorta like rock paper scissors, where assassins best carries, carries best bruisers, bruisers best assassins. Tanks don’t fit into that rock paper scissors trio, but they do fall into a different balance trio: they don’t best anything offensively by themselves, but they soak damage for and can provide fight swaying skills to the three main damaging categories. Then you have ranged heroes: there’s no counter defensively against them except captains shutting them down, another ranged hero, or high mobility assassins, and then you have mages (full mages, not the cp users with wp AAs or a non cp AA perk), which don’t usually have serious defense capabilities without the help of a tank, but can counter just about everyone offensively if they’ve got help.

So as you can see, there’s a certain structure involved and if you’re playing tanks to get kills by yourself then you shouldn’t be playing a tank, unless you’re a hybrid build, and that means trading some of your tankyness and going outside your intended role, which means you really gotta understand the tank you’re playing and the items they need to make yourself effective, or else you’re going to lose anyway.

Just remember that almost every hero in Vainglory is built leaning toward an intended path or paths, and that you can build outside of that and find success, maybe even better success than the basic path outlined, but usually it comes with a lot of game understanding and it’s usually not easy to pull off without a lot of risk and reward, like not coming online until late game or requiring optimal timing and positioning to be effective.

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What do you mean with Tank? Vainglory has no traditional tanks nor builds to make a real tank compared to other games.

Tony Phinn Catherine and Ardan are probably the tankiest heroes. 3 of which are heavy CC heroes and all of those 4 can pack a heavy punch.

Weapon scaling. Health scaling. Cooldown scaling and energy scaling on these heroes.

Only Phinn has defense scaling like a regular tank. All others benefit from different types of scaling to get the semblance of what you call a tank.

Lance and Grace are somewhat Tanky but again they don’t have defense scaling but something different CP scaling into defense…

There are no traditional tanks and that is why your analogy doesn’t add up.

The whole rock paper scissors Analogy gets smashed by so many heroes!

Churnwalker is tanky as hell. Like seriously hes annoying with his chains sometimes

Churnwalker is not Tanky. Churnwalker is a healer and he heals when his allies damage his hooked enemies. This makes him a situational sustain hero that can act as a serious frontliner. 1v1 CW isn’t tanky at all compared to other heroes because he has no scaling at all…

By tank I mean anyone who it would make sense to build defense on and who would be put into roles to soak up damage rather than simply support from the backlines or otherwise.

And the analogy still holds because despite there being no traditional tanks in the sense of what you might consider a tank, that’s exactly how those kind of fights play out between the respective roles in most situations.

Side note: Churnwalker is tanky, because he can soak up damage and re-heal it. It has nothing to do with literal defense but he can build defense and do it even better, and in 1v1 fights if you build a churnwalker right he will still be tanky but he’s not doing much damage back so he’s a whipping post at that point. This idea that as a tank you need to have some epic defense is meaningless. As long as you can take damage in place of your allies and do it well in any capacity, you are a tank, which is why we consider someone like Alpha tanky even though she’s not a ‘tank’.