Arena of Valor on the Nintendo Switch

I don’t know if you already knew but Arena of Valor is going on the Nintendo Switch. What do you guys think this means for Vainglory?

VG Is dying faster. But AoV is a smart company and really take any chance to get a head of the game even if I don’t like the game I respect the devs.

I can’t wait – I’m signed up for the beta, but I don’t have high hopes of getting in. I can’t wait to try it with a real joystick.

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Weren’t you against joystick control in VG?

Yep. Still am. But AoV is a joystick game, and I’d rather use a real joystick than the stupid on-screen ones if I have to use one.


Real Joysticks are fine. They are everything the virtual joysticks are not. Precise and easy to use.

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hasn’t AoV been hyped up for Nintendo switch for a long time? when’s the release? no date yet?

They already had an early beta, I played. Not amazing tbh. The controls were muddled up, no clear Ability buttons, like they’d put the buttons into a randomizer and assigned abilities to buttons that way. Shopping was impossible, you had to basically rely on autobuy (recommended items). They did well with camera controls though. (not that that’s hard but still). They may have improved it for the second beta, but I doubt I’ll be playing it.

Then again, I will admit I’m biased, so maybe I’m being extra harsh. Or maybe mobas just aren’t suited for consoles.

I was in the first beta, it was pretty cool.
Home menu was buggy as hell but I’m confident they fixed that. Controls weren’t too great either, definitely inferior to VG on that point. No touch controls either.
Signed up the the newest beta, but I’m not so sure I’ll really play it once it’s fully released, as the Switch has a lot more interesting games.

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I’m not sure if it means anything for Vainglory, but it’ll certainly bring AoV front and center as the Mobile MOBA. Judging by the Nintendo E3 announcement, the brief screen they showed had vastly improved looking graphics over AoV’s current look. Could just be a render and not real gameplay, but it looked great. AoV already runs very nicely at 60fps.

What’s selling me is what @hazeleyes has mentioned, and that’s playing with real analog controls. It’s going to be a big deal.

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It’ll probably feel even better on a real physical controller. I wonder how VG would play on a physical controller I bet it’d feel real nice

I still prefer vainglory graphics, its much much better than aov… but I admit vainglory lack in matchmaking time, maybe lower active player?

AoV’s graphics are improving – a recent update brought “high frame rate” as an option, and it makes animations much better. Coupled with the high res graphics option, it makes the game very attractive – not as exquisite as Vainglory, to be sure, but comparable to League’s appearance on the desktop, imo.

Adding to this - isn’t AoV more or less a underhanded asset-rip of LoL?

You’re right though, it’s certainly beginning to look much better.

Well, since it’s from the company that owns Riot, it’s hardly a ripoff … lol

I didn’t say ripoff, though. They’re using assets from LoL, as far as I’m aware. I posed it as a question because I figured maybe you’d know better, you usually know quite a lot about these games.

Oh, lol, I misinterpreted your point.

I don’t believe they’re using League’s assets, though the game is obviously modeled on League. The heroes have some similarities, but they don’t correspond exactly, either graphics wise or kit-wise. (Not any more than some of the VG heroes resemble heroes from other MOBAs.) The development studios are completely separate, for one thing.

Aside: I just looked up the current numbers for AoV/KoG/HoK … they’re staggering – more than 160 million monthly active users, revenue of > $1.76 billion/quarter … :scream:


this game need many advs. In my country, the prizepool for vainglory tournament is higher than other moba mobile games, but aov now included in “asian games” as competitive esport, you can assume that this asian games is just like local world olympics

for high frame rate, i think it is maxed to 60 fps, while vainglory can be played up to 120 fps… for me, the quality of vainglory is not in par with any other moba mobile games :slight_smile: #cmiiw

The familiarities between AoV and League at times felt a bit too striking, and in a way I think I’m surprised either way; if you had assured me they were reused assets I’d still be a bit surprised, though hearing they’re likely not also comes as a shock. I also learned that Garena owns Frostburn, who are the dudes that publish League in SEA. Frostburn is the company that develops Heroes of Newerth, which is a MOBA I know of and know nothing about.