ARAL ... again


We had ARAL all last week … and it’s back again, it seems. So much for rotating the game modes: we’ve had ARAL twice in 3 weeks, and now … another week.


Let’s be honest,

Does anyone really miss joule for all?


what happened to ARAM? haven’t seen that mode in a while.


ARAL without any Event or rewards = Nope, not gonna play it.

Give me ARAM damn it!


I mean is there actually any reason to play it this time? There’s no sinlight anymore…


hahah yeah, they removed all the initiative to play more frequently and diverse modes. Was nice to have some progression… keys, chests, skin, hero, etc… but they removed the battlepass, the sunlight wheel, the sunlight altogether.


They should make ARAM permanent. It os a really good brawl mode especially with the lack of talents


I think it’s because of the talents , they probably making Aram a talent mode to replace ARAL .


No, adding talents in ARAM will defeat the purpose of having a brawl mode that everyone could play. I will be really disappoint of SEMC if they really do it


I agree but they going to do it , like this shop pop deal with hero discount or skin or talents is just showing how talents part of the game and they can’t make it for one mode only , I personally think talents ruin the game and hard to balance but that’s the purpose of them , making them broken so people get them and max them , Iam not sure if I read talents changes this patch , they barely did the balance changes to heroes and got problems need to hotfix .


I am not sure on what you’re basing that opinion. In the 2+ years since Blitz came out, they’ve introduced several new game modes – and not one of them* has included Talents. I think that says something.

* Yes, Onlaught featured Talents. But Onslaught was a complete and utter failure: deeply flawed and unpopular, SEMC never mentioned it again after removing it. So like them, I shall never speak of it again.


That’s a good point , when I played rumble I thought that mode would be a mess with talents , so it could be the same for ARAM , I would say the talents aren’t balanced the (broken balance) to feel good in 5v5 , it’s like they designed for 3v3 , 3 spitfire , 3 aces Gwen , 3 ult taka , I think they working on make them work for 5v5 , or like you said they let them blitz only until thy die .


If that happens then Blitz would die.

Balance team decided to balance all hero according to 5v5 and that harshely impacted 3v3 as a result.

So imagine balancing all talents to suit 5v5 needs. Blitz would indirectly hurt. Also most of the current talents are already balance in the sense of being 3v3 or 5v5. Such as Inaras Epic “Banishing Kick”.

Only a handful (and I mean small) of talents could use some reworking.


Best possible way to rework Talents :point_up:


Majority of players hate the talents because it P2W and unbalanced, their current goal is raise the DAU/MAU which mean a brawl mode without talents is needed.

In my opionion:

-Bring back the ARAL as permanent mode since they removed BP, locking a mode in event only is pointless now

-Replace the Rumble with ARAM, although I have a lot of fun time in Rumble but people have slowly realize picking early game hero could snowball really easily and 9/10 of the match have Magnus -_-

I think nobody would complain about this change but i was kinda looking forward of Blitz Classic…Well not really, I could tell everyone will pick jungle hero build SC and rush objective anyway -_-


My thoughts would be:

  • ARAM should be a permanent brawl mode (and remain talent-free)
  • Blitz Classic, ARAL, and Rumble should be the rotating modes
  • Blitz with talents should not be a ranked mode, as it IS in fact P2W, just as you say


The reason why I think they going to make Aram talent mode is because I think talents fits ARAL more than blitz , and ARAM is a better version of ARAL , blitz should be classic and about objective , while I think all game modes should be talent free but if you going to add talents or remove them do it right , so rumble is the same like blitz talents not good for it .


Well, another weekend is here and our new event mode is …

… ARAL. Again.

That’s 4 weeks in a row now. So much for rotating the “event modes.” (In other news, there’s also no event to go with the “event mode.”)

SEMC really killing it lately.


Tbh really how hard is it to set/change a game mode…


I wonder if there’s anyone actually working there anymore. Maybe they just kind of set the game on autopilot and fled for the islands.